Test Update Notes: Friday January 15, 2021

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  1. Asterix Developer

    • Corrected an issue the prevented eligible characters from being granted Sprocket's Blueprint Constructor upon login.
    • Reforging
      • Fixed an issue related reforging items with infused stats.

    • Lakosha Maera in Qeynos Capitol District will no longer offer Kerra racial quests to Vah Shir.

    • Savage Weald: Chaotic Caverns [Solo]
      • Forblarg the Foul's spell, Shadow Shackles, now inflicts percent damage to health over time.
    • Shadeweaver's Thicket: Loda Kai Isle [Heroic and Solo]
      • Killing Taja Verath's tigers before she enters combat will reduce increments of her Master Tiger Style.
      • Nimble Rodderick's loot hoarders will appear slightly more frequently.
    • Vex Thal: Shadow Citadel [Solo]
      • A revive location has been added to the room holding Aten Ha Ra.
    • Vex Thal: Shadow Citadel [Advanced Solo]
      • Zone name and mission rewards have been updated to be in line with the difficulty of the encounters.
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