Test Update Notes: Friday August 24, 2018

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Bunji, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Bunji Developer

    • Increased the drop count of The Shadow Odyssey raid armor patterns to 2 in most cases.

    The Fabled Ykesha's Inner Stronghold [Raid]
    • Ykeshan footsoldiers should no longer take as long to defeat and the number of members per encounter has been reduced from 7 to 5.
    • Added some extra time between spawns of ykeshan footsoldier adds in Ykesha and Field General Uktap encounters.
    • Ykesha will now end the encounter if too many ykeshan footsoliders are present.

    Shard of Hate: Reignited Hatred [Raid]
    • The Avatar of Bone should now wait to apply his "Curse of Calcification" spell until enough time has passed to be able to counter them correctly.
    • The Avatar of Bone should now reduce incoming damage to him while the discarded bonepiles are present.
    • Byzola should now wait longer between summoning far away players.

    Zraxth's Fabled Unseen Arcanum [Heroic]
    • Treskar Throatpuncher's buff, Temperance of Wraith, will trigger its mana drain less often.

    The Fabled Ruins of Guk: Ykesha's Outer Stronghold [Heroic]
    • Ykeshan stormwarders' Temperance of Wraith will trigger its mana drain less often and they will no longer cast it immediately after they enter combat.
    • Overpower drains less mana.

    • Corrected a bug that prevented Bolstered Blessing from modifying the maximum health granted by Marisha Kur's Blessing.
    • Enhanced Repairs now has a single tier and increases the effectiveness of Slot 1 and Slot 2 Conduits by 20%,
    • Corrected a bug that prevented Enhanced Dissipation from modifying the dissipation restored by Dissipate.
    • Corrected an issue that caused Reaper's Mist to set the cooldown of Harm Touch and vice versa.

    • Planar Mastery: Fighter's taunt damage component will now only be granted in defensive stance.
    • Restored several The Shadow Odyssey collection rewards to equip level 80.
    • Players above level 100 can once again see the 2017 days of summer equipment on Pas Yu.
    • Removed the 1h weapon requriement of One Handed Rune: Power of Greenmist and Power of the Planes so that they can be applied to shields and symbols.
    • Corrected an issue that prevented the Shadowknight Planar Mastery effect from displaying on Pledge of Armament.
  2. Alway Active Member

    Uhm, what about SK's..and there 2.0 buff....? ....
    . ?
  3. Priority Active Member

    It's a good question. I recommended to Caith in Discord as well as a feedback form to make the rune proc only on Rescue/Sneering Assault/2 taunts.

    Probably go unheard, but It's worth a shot. At least that way you can balance it by Pot/Fervor. Instead of the damage being directly related to being able to proc it 350 times in a 4 minute fight by turning on autoattack.
  4. Raenius Well-Known Member

    Planar Mastery: Fighter's taunt damage component will now only be granted in defensive stance.


    This is not enough of a change - tanks will only swap to defstance and continue to mash those 5 buttons in total all the time since the difference is too small.

    If you want to have a good rune for all fighters, provide an extra taunt amount if both taunts are being used after one another and/or the next 3 combat arts/spells will deal additional hategain.
    Tying huge damage to defstance feels wrong.
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  5. Earar Well-Known Member

    and where is the correction in planar mastery: bruiser that will actually increase the damage of savage assault and not decrease it ?
  6. Mermut Well-Known Member

    This change makes the Sk epic 2.0 ability completely obsolete.. I wonder if that was by design or by accident :(
  7. Pioneer Member

    So what should I do as an SK? Betray to Pally?
    All other tanks obtain a little weaker but same damage effect and I have to throw out epic 2.0 or rune that tooks me 2 months of game?
    Could you make your updates in other forms than those who are unfair beforehand and deprive me of part of the game?
  8. Earar Well-Known Member

    only 1 class can remain

    the devs chose pally
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  9. Chubby New Member

    Just change the sk buff then
  10. Legionair Member

    They should just keep the damage amount the same but only allow it on the 2 or 3 regular taunts. I totally understand if it was removed from taunt procs, etc, including spells that make all attacks taunt, I totally get it.

    Now I will really be annoyed if they keep it the same, but only works in def stance, offensive stance is supposed to DPS more On general, but not with this change. Also just on sheer principal it defeats the purpose of even going for the epic which was great to be able to use offensive stance and use death prevents. I hope that's not final. Just lessen the damage and or limit what taunts proc the damage. Jebus

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