Test Update Notes: Friday August 12, 2022

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  1. Thordalf Developer

    • Corrected a stacking issue that was preventing deity pets that grant both Fervor, and Fervor Overcap from the Pet of the Gods alternate advancement, from not granting both at the same time.

    • The "Fabled Veeshan's Peak: Third Wing Complete" achievement no longer requires flawless kills for Silverwing and Phara Dar.
    • The "Fabled Veeshan's Peak: Clear!" achievement no longer requires flawless kills for Silverwing and Phara Dar.

    • All Visions of Vetrovia Spellscrolls that can be transmuted will now return the correct products
    • Fixed an issue where an expendable entering your inventory may not display correct information, like cooldown timers, until you zone, etc.
    • Kyrcel D'Lan's Chain Hauberk of Fortitude - Item name typo fixed.
    • Most Legends of Norrath loot is now Heirloom
    • Corrected an issue that caused some variables to be displayed in chat, instead of the data that the variable represents, such as when a guild rally banner is placed in the world.
    • Energy Inverters are no longer Stack Lore
    • Dashing items that are dropped by Maitre d' Rixrir in Sebilis are no longer set Appearance Only and will benefit from their assigned stats
      • Dashing Gloves
      • Dashing Pantaloons
      • Dashing Shouldercuffs
      • Dashing Tunic
    • The following appearance-only Dashing items have been renamed to Formal Dashing and will no longer erroneously display stats
      • Formal Dashing Gloves
      • Formal Dashing Pantaloons
      • Formal Dashing Shouldercuffs
      • Formal Dashing Tunic
    • Certain items found in Veeshan's Peak have been adjusted to have the expected adornment slots available
      • Quickened Pulse of Power
      • Fabled Soulshattering Band
      • Fabled Eye of Ashenclaw
      • Fabled Mark of Scaled Rage
      • Fabled Ring of Dark Intent
      • Fabled Mark of Scaled Devotion
      • Fabled Negative Energy Channeler
      • Twists of Khalan
      • Fabled Ring of the Skygazer
      • Signet of the Silver Scale
      • Silvered Link of the Dragon Lords
      • Dar Dragonslayer's Medal
      • Fabled Ring of Scale General's Cloak
      • Fabled Ring of Scale Elder's Cloak

    Savage Weald
    • A typo in the Cral Legi faction description has been fixed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.