Test Update: May 2nd, 2017

Discussion in 'In Testing & Test Server Updates' started by Jamiss, May 2, 2017.

  1. Jamiss Developer

    Test will be coming down for an update at some point today. Relevant notes to be posted soon.
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  2. Heck62 Active Member

    What is the command to copy to test?
  3. Jamiss Developer

    Test environment cannot be copied to. You would have to make your own character there. When we have beta up and running it can be copied to, but we are not utilizing beta at this time.
  4. Kasa Active Member

    Kunzar Jungle Sokokar Posts - sokotar tamers are MIA.
  5. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Jumped on test.
    Custom UI crashes, expected though.
    Try loading Default UI...also crashes.

    Had to edit the eq2.ini and change it to default first, then it worked fine.
  6. Bunji Developer

    Looking into the custom UI crash.
  7. Uncle Active Member

    id assume it the persona window change to show fimalirs delete yourr custum ui persona window should be fine
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  8. Finora Well-Known Member

    I was on Test earlier today with my custom UI and did not crash. However, my custom ui is really mostly just a self-modded default UI, with things made smaller and some colors/backgrounds removed/added to things. So it's not all custom UIs incase that helps you.

    I would have to see a side by side comparison, but I don't think I'm using the modded version of my persona window anymore so that could be the key to the crashing as Uncle said.
  9. harvash Active Member

    I tried just wiping out persona window, but that didn't work. Did indeed have to set eq2.ini to use Default ui.

    I second the thinking that it is familars tab.
  10. Tkia Active Member

    Persona window is definitely a problem. I can log in fine but go straight to desktop when I open persona. Would be nice if it would be less particular about the familiar tab being missing as my UI piece is no longer maintained and I don't particularly want to lose it as I've never found any other that had the particular feature I use it for :(
  11. Lisiana New Member

    want to buy a hint re familiars!! we are all chasing our tails :)
  12. Uncle Active Member

    which ui are you using
  13. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Producer's Letter said KA missions, Proving Grounds and PQ's.

    (Mind you, I've not had any luck with KA advanced solo mission crates yet, but ...)
  14. Lisiana New Member

    thanks niami
  15. Uncle Active Member

    notes just said you can see via persona didnt say anything about being dropped on test yet
  16. Dyeana Active Member

    Got my first familure - from the OF PQ mission. So yes they do drop. Did a couple daily missions (adv solo) with no further luck. Will try tomorrow for a second one then test the other features on the familure tab.

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  17. Jasym Member

    I got a familiar tonight from the solo mission in Kunzar Jungle - Spectral Market. I ran all the solo missions today and it was the last one for me that it finally dropped in. I'm guessing they are random drops. I added my familiar to my familiar collection and equipped. When I sell at the vendor he shows that I can sell him for 66g. Should I be able to sell him if I've added him to my collection?

    I think it's already been mentioned here, but in case it was missed, you need to negotiate a new contract with the sokakar in Kunzar Jungle. They seem to be on strike or someone kidnapped them - they're missing.
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  18. harvash Active Member

  19. Uncle Active Member

    ok im using drums over there wanted to ensure to tell guild what happening and to expect on tuesday
  20. Uncle Active Member

    nice any pic of the ones you got to drop

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