Test Update 18 OMG!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-soulraiser, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-El Chupacabras Guest

    Usually the Thursday after the patch goes to test (typically a week and a half later).
  2. ARCHIVED-Elveira Guest

    So nobody has seen a Nightshade yet on Test?
  3. ARCHIVED-rusty0007 Guest

    Agreed... Grimwire.

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  4. ARCHIVED-Mageless Guest

    Ok...so the scheduled downtime indicates the last patch of Dec. 13th.

    Is this not updated frequently? /confused
  5. ARCHIVED-Elikai Guest

    "Next patch is due Friday for the US servers and Satuerday morning for the EU servers, which is more then likely the next LU."
  6. ARCHIVED-Signal9 Guest

    [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn]. I've never liked Sony doing patches on Fridays. I've lost too many weekends worth of playtime during the repatching.
  7. ARCHIVED-Mageless Guest

    How now brown cow?
    Where do you find this information? I'd like to be able to acquire it on my own so I won't have to bother people with asking each time:smileyhappy:
  8. ARCHIVED-Boran Guest

    It appears in the top right of the new forum.
  9. ARCHIVED-Mageless Guest

    Wasn't LU #18 scheduled for today?

    That new side window indicating the next scheduled update is great...just wish it wasn't incorrect...
  10. ARCHIVED-Elveira Guest

    I just logged onto test a little while ago and a fairly large patch came across the wire. My guess is the devs didn't feel comfortable putting it out to production yet and needed to work out a few kinks.
  11. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    how was it wrong? that is the scheduled server downtime not a date for live update
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  12. ARCHIVED-Leawyn Guest

    So like now that we're still waiting for this LU18, anyone got a picture of Nightshade yet?!
  13. ARCHIVED-Elikai Guest

    Well maybe not today then......
    Raijinn Thunderguard wrote:
    There was a quick hotfix that was pushed at the slight downtime at 7AM PST from what I understand. LU18 is coming along and we hope to get it out ASAP.
    I can only be vague in saying sometime before December 25th as we definately want to get this going before the holiday.
  14. ARCHIVED-Vortec32 Guest

    Hope they fix the zombie animation and other pets animation as well.

    Reminds me of old Atari games.

    Looks horrid.
  15. ARCHIVED-Mystafet Guest

    OMG....if they don't make my Master I Grim Terror something badass I'm gonna be so upset that everyone has a hawt Lamia and not just me...I mean she needs to be nude or have another pet with her or something fierce....stupid game
    other pet graphics i can't wait to see though =)
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  16. ARCHIVED-Playcrazy Guest

    Nice new graphics, I can't wait to see my Diseased Servant Master pet now. Having it look like a patchwork man, or the strangely stitched zombie didn't seem all that Necro like. He was more fun to watch fight than a Zombie though (assuming it's model is changed). Looking forward to seeing my adept 3 nightshade too. I'm kinda hoping it's not a spectre pet myself, I wasn't all that fond of the old ones, they made too much noise standing still.
  17. ARCHIVED-Elveira Guest

    Actually, that's one of the things I like about spectres... they're wonderfully creepy. Plus it's always great to have the Paladin in the group asking if you can shut the thing up (yes this has happened to me with a charmed spectre).
  18. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Like I said, Grim Terror Master I keeps the white skin. Non-Master ranks look fugly by comparison, and it will be blatantly obvious that they are not Master rank. If that ain't enough, I dunno what is.
  19. ARCHIVED-hammong Guest

    Mystafet parks his hottie pet right there on the EFP dock, I know cause I see her and get all hot and bothered. *grin*
  20. ARCHIVED-Trulaf Guest

    Anyone have a picture of an Adept 1 Grim Spellbinder?

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