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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-soulraiser, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    Posted by Farley:

    Oh it's so good to see you spending time on the pet classes. Since they can already solo zones intended for groups they can't possibly be powerful enough. I am so glad to see these classes get their needed attention so they can be that much better than say assassains, templar/inquisitor, coercers, guardians or any class that has actual problems in game right now.
    I love when people talk about what they DON'T know. I've been playing my necro since day one, and we had serious problems since day one. Tank pet was best DPS and it was a fact, no one used the other ones. Controlling pets were a pain especially when trying to get them to back off or focus on attacking one target, horrible pathing(can still be an issue). Not even being able to finish casting a spell on a mob in a full group because everyone else would kill it faster then i could cast. I could barely cast spells when soloing because the pet didn't hold aggro.

    That grass is always greener on the other side is false my friend. A majority of these changes are to give the pets themselves more DISTINCT and UNIQUE looks(Hardly making us more uber). From 20-60 pets looked THE SAME with little difference, ive been using the same [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] pet since day one. Sure i got mad the last patch when they made nice looking crafted T6 plate armor, and i'm still stuck with the dinky over used robes, but it sure as hell didn't make plate wearers a more fixed class.

    All they did was some cosmetic changes, and some UI changes, we always needed our combat spam to show "other's hits" to see what our pet's are doing. These changes affect other classes besides just Conjuror And Necromancer's, as logic would have it. The other change is changing the attacks, or giving more purpose to using different pets. Soloing what zones? Specify please, the time it takes to clear anything solo like that(if you can) is a moot point because it's always quicker with more people. And uh what ever uber instance you are talking about i doubt any summoner has soloed since pet's don't mitigate anywhere near what they did before. If you stopped to realize every class(including this one) still has it's problems. Maybe you would stop sounding like a nihilist(lol the big lebowski).

    I have yet to see someone say: hey dude get that necro or conj they so own assassins at dmg, guardians at tanking, coercers at crowd control/buffing or templar/inquisitor at healing. 90% of these changes are cosmetic and affect other people(helllllooo other classes with temporary pet's) too. I raid allot and I've yet to have someone ask my pet to replace the guardian tanking a epic(LOL as if). Our real pet's(IE: not the ones that stay up only during a fight) are 50% of what are class is/does/and can do. Nor do my pet's replace actual people. Bah why am i wasting my time, god forbid that some of the things that were said during the revamp about certain characters soloing things be true. But soloing anything strong intended for a group takes up more time then with out a group.

    K thx bai.

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  2. ARCHIVED-Nosewarts Guest

    Let me guess... Whiny enchanter or whiny templar? Summoners are a large slice of the EQ2 population. Majority rules. That's how the cookie crumbles.
  3. ARCHIVED-Qandor Guest

    Wonder if they will ever do that for players.
  4. ARCHIVED-Lovelessangel Guest

    You whine alot.

    Go play World of Warcraft, you'd fit right in.
  5. ARCHIVED-Lodor Guest

    The person above was prolly talking about how half the classes can solo roost and some classes can solo all of poets palace with luck.
    Idoubt they are a enchanter since both subclasses of it can solo all of poets palace. Summoners can do roost with good luck as can both sorc, both enchanters, some scouts, and some bards.
    People just dont play creatively enough and when they hear someone does something solo they cry on the forums for a nerf when they dont got a clue how to play themselves.
  6. ARCHIVED-PotatoeGuru Guest

    Looks great and kudos for the change.

    My only disappointment is that I'll still be stuck with the generic zombie model for a while. /grin

    Any chance at all of Rotting thrall at least getting a different tint, particle effect or something? Size aside, it still looks like the Stench of the Grave...
  7. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    I couldn't tell you what differences, if any, Rotting Thrall will get with different ranks. Thus far, Adept III on Test looks identical to Adept III on Live, save maybe a size difference which I didn't check for.
  8. ARCHIVED-StueyMonster Guest

    "the Necromancer ability Rotting Thrall is the only spell that will summon the previously overused zombie"

    Think that explains that one.
  9. ARCHIVED-PotatoeGuru Guest

    Yeah I just wish since it *WAS* overused so much, it would be relegated to earlier levels.

    Really I welcome the changes, I just have to kvetch about sumtin'! :smileyvery-happy:
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  10. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    Qandor wrote:
    Wonder if they will ever do that for players.

    Believe you me, i want that just as much as anyone else does. At least now i have a pet that shows my level, just like plate wearers have armor that shows that they are of higher level. Splitting the models up and using pre existing models is allot easier then trying to make more armor, and there are armor changes in this patch as well that take steps in making players look more unique. Watch next patch they will make some very unique armors but people will complain they didn't fix bugs and expect them to be able to do everything at once.

    This is one of many thing's people have been asking for since launch, at least give them credit for constantly adding new stuff...
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  11. ARCHIVED-quamdar Guest

    i am hoping for a spectre for 60 assassin pet, maybe like the spectral assassin arena champion. i am really really interested in the new abilities the pets get though since two of the three top pet spells (grim terror and diseased servant) are master quality. looking forward to seeing the armored skelly at master too.
  12. ARCHIVED-Solaran_X Guest

    Is the Grim Terror at Adept III a lamia also like the Adept I version?
  13. ARCHIVED-Elveira Guest

    Probably so. Definitely hope so. According to the notes the models are similar, just slightly more tricked out the higher the level.
  14. ARCHIVED-Dunkeltraene Guest

    Yeah! Cast-Time decreasing! Woohoo! Why do I cheer?

    My twink is a Summoner and I played FF for one year now. I have the bad feeling that with the decreased cast time it will be able to kite a mob to death.
    I did the tactic in FF as well. Let pet attack, run of a bit so you can easily resummon, wait till the pet dies, resummon and run back to the starting position.
    Do this till the mob is dead. In FF you had a cast time on pets... here you don't have, so it doesn't matter if the pet only lives for 10 secs till you're out of range.
    It coul be easy to solo green^^^ mobs that way... not sure yet, we'll see.
  15. ARCHIVED-slyfer Guest

    If the Lamia is Adpet 1 now I wonder what the Master version looks like. Maybe even more scantily clad.
  16. ARCHIVED-Solaran_X Guest

    I'd like to see the DoT durations of Necromancer DoTs increased, and the snare component of the Darkness line unbreakable by damage (like it was in EQLive).
    I loved aggro kiting in EQLive.
  17. ARCHIVED-dom420 Guest

    Being a former FF summoner, I know exactly what you mean. The old summon and run tactics might just become useful in eq2. But about your comment on soloing green heroics... You meant blue right? If the mob is alone, I can solo green ^^^ heroics with my eyes closed and without the need to re-summon in the middle of the fight. But woohoo! Now those stupid lizards in stormhold's basement can finaly be exterminated!
  18. ARCHIVED-Selene1 Guest

    dont know if the sunmmon and run strategy will work, when your pet dies its hate transfers to you so the pet you summon next will have a hard time pulling it off you, and if its another pet after that, well, good luck.
  19. ARCHIVED-Magus` Guest

    Er, the reduced cast times are on the mage pets, not OUR spells...
  20. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Yes. All versions of Grim Terror are lamia in appearance.

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