Test Update 18 OMG!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-soulraiser, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Elikai Guest

    Lovly FINALLY some diversity. Ty.
  2. ARCHIVED-Nosewarts Guest

    I hope they brought the Spectre back somewhere in there... ;)
  3. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    Those are cool, i was hoping for a spectre for the lvl 60 pet :(
  4. ARCHIVED-Elikai Guest

    So when is LU18 scheduled?
  5. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Unless they decided to make Nightshade into a spectre (which I cannot check either way, unfortunately), you won't be seeing it this time.
  6. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    *prays to innorruuk and cazic-thule that it is a spectre*
  7. ARCHIVED-Nosewarts Guest

    Heh, that's why I said somewhere in there. Very easily and very logically the spectre could be the 48 Grim Terror Master. And it would make a heck of lot more sense than that tailed stripper.
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  8. ARCHIVED-StueyMonster Guest

    The only reason I purchased Grim Terror (Master I) was becasue she was a "tailed stripper". I sure hope the new model does my expenditure justice!

  9. ARCHIVED-Elveira Guest

    The screenies look pretty nice. Also I've been praying for spectre ever since I got into the habit of charming them in SS/LT. If that isn't the definitive necro pet then I haven't seen one. GOD I love those things.
    The one thing I'm not too thrilled with though is the increase in the rates of AoE for dumbfire pets. Especially in raid situations this can really ruin a lot of folks' day. :smileysad:
  10. ARCHIVED-Lockeye Guest

    Level 48 is a little too early to be controlling spectres ;)
  11. ARCHIVED-Sonic X Guest

    Stop taunting me lockeye, i'll implode soon.
  12. ARCHIVED-soulraiser Guest

    humm sounds like lvl 60 pet may be something to look forward to

    thow not sure specter is best mob for a scout class but who cares ... i want a specter pet )
  13. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    Sweeeet, love the new pet graphics!
    I sure hope Santa brings us specter pets for Christmas :smileyhappy:
  14. ARCHIVED-Nosewarts Guest

    Ah-ha! That is a clear implication that spectres are coming for the 62 mage pet in the next expansion! I shall bookmark this post for future reference when I hold you to it. ;)
  15. ARCHIVED-soulraiser Guest

    your prob right malignant ...

    cant wait to see some more pics thow off differnt lvls of pets .... esp a few MASTER pet pics ))
  16. ARCHIVED-Leawyn Guest

    OMG does no one have a picture of the nightshade yet?! I'm DYING to see it!

    Also, anyone parsing the new warlock pets? are they doing better dps now that they've had their spells reworked?
  17. ARCHIVED-bcbroom Guest

    I've heard (not seen myself) that these were even coming from the permanent summoned pets. My personal opinion is that these AoE should be encounter locked. I know thats a design trade off (damage/effect vs chance of adds) but this is a pet ability that you cannot control.
  18. ARCHIVED-Etayn Guest

    Good to see all the pet changes!
    (ps please take the concentration cost off of the FLUFF pet for Inquisitors)
  19. ARCHIVED-Farley Guest

    Oh it's so good to see you spending time on the pet classes. Since they can already solo zones intended for groups they can't possibly be powerful enough. I am so glad to see these classes get their needed attention so they can be that much better than say assassains, templar/inquisitor, coercers, guardians or any class that has actual problems in game right now.
  20. ARCHIVED-Leawyn Guest

    I'm sorry... um... making our pets look different is making us more powerful how?

    If you look at the rest of the changes, they clearly state that the dps will be similar to what we see now, just coming in a different way. Maybe now we can use our caster pets instead of only bringing em out to look cool.

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