Test Update 18 OMG!!!!!!

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  1. ARCHIVED-soulraiser Guest

    i about passed out when i read this ..........

    *** Summoned Pets ***
    - Summoned pets now have consistent and distinct appearances at each spell level. For example, the level 52 Conjurer ability Tellurian Myrmidon is the only spell that will summon a rock elemental pet; the Necromancer ability Rotting Thrall is the only spell that will summon the previously overused zombie. Other levels will summon different creature types.
    - Summoned pets in a given spell line have a distinct look at each quality tier. For example, the Necromancer's Diseased Servant spell summons a skeleton warrior. As the spell is increased in quality tier (Apprentice I, Adept I, etc.), the skeleton looks more impressive.
    - Temporary pets also have new appearances. For example, the Shadowknight's Tainted Sacrament line will change in appearance with upgrades.
    - Persistent summoned pets start out with a base number of abilities. An additional ability is granted to the pet at each spell level upgrade. Pet spells in the level 52 to 60 spell range now have an additional ability that they did not have before.
    - Temporary Pets (e.g. Conjurer's Roaring Flames and Necromancer's Ghastly Stench) will now cast their close-range AoE spell more often.
    - Pets will no longer inherit abilities based on their creature type.
    - Temporary Pets now display their owner's name.
    - Fighter and Scout pets now use their combat arts more often.
    - Fighter pets now taunt more often, and their taunts have a lower chance of being resisted. Their taunt effectiveness should now scale properly with level.
    - Some Conjurer Fighter pets now have interrupt/knock-down effects, while some Necromancer Fighter pets now have root/stifle effects.
    - Scout pets had their damage adjusted based on the reuse timer of the combat art. Slower combat arts now do increased damage, while faster combat arts now do less damage. Overall, Scout pets should deal about the same amount of damage they did before.
    - Mage pets focus more on AoE spells than they used to. These spells have generally been made more effective.
    - Mage pets are much more resistant to spell damage than they were before, and the size of their power pool has been increased. Casting times on their spells were generally decreased, and their single-target spells will land more often than they did before.
    - The Illusionist pet spell list now also includes Stunning Array, Lock Mind, and a direct damage/mez spell. They no longer try to cast DoT spells on their target.
    - Summoned pets now have the same base run speed as their owners.

    Summoner changes:
    - Call Servant is a new level 15 spell that will teleport a summoned pet to the Summoner

    OMG OMG OMG is all i can say .....
  2. ARCHIVED-Eriol Guest

    We finally get Summon Companion back. Woot.

    I wonder about the change from knockdown to stifle though. Didn't our tank pet always knockdown before? So I would guess stifle is better, but I dunno. AE? Interesting to see how that pans out.

    Also I'm miffed on the pet graphics. I was hoping the zombie would be the bottom-teir one, as I'm 48, and so I don't want to look at the god-forsaken zombie any longer. All the more incentive to grind to 52 quickly I guess...

    I wonder about the assassin. "Overall, Scout pets should deal about the same amount of damage they did before." means to me: "We're nerfing them a bit, since if the damage was increased, we'd say that, but we didn't, so it's a nerf."

    Will also be interesting to see what "Additional" abilities the pets get, though I mourn for lower-levels, as it seems to be saying the ONLY additional one is for the 52+, and so for the teir below would be what we have now, and the teir below that would be NERFED, since if they GAIN something going to what is now, then logically that means they LOST something to be able to gain back to current status. Doesn't affect me, but still, sucks to be lower if that's true.

    I also wonder about "Casting times on their spells were generally decreased" for Mage pets. Hopefully that means "some were decreased, some are unchanged," but it could also mean "most decreased, some increased", though I'll admit that seems unlikely. But preparing for that, does anybody have any semi-exact cast times as of RIGHT NOW for them, so we can make the comparisons?
  3. ARCHIVED-Deson Guest

    I'm waiting and seeing but right now I'd much prefer Snare/stifle to Root/stifle.
  4. ARCHIVED-Zaveng Guest

    this is definately nice, i just hope that mana regen cap wont affect Lich in any way
  5. ARCHIVED-Leawyn Guest

    I love it, i love it i love it!!! WEEEEE :smileyvery-happy:
  6. ARCHIVED-Gravewolf Guest

    No pictures yet?!?
  7. ARCHIVED-Elikai Guest

    God i love this, lets hope it all turns out well.
  8. ARCHIVED-soulraiser Guest

    its already 5 am ... come on guys wake up want to see them pics )))) heheh
  9. ARCHIVED-Nosewarts Guest

    SOE? I love you. That is all.

  10. ARCHIVED-SpineDoc Guest

    WOW! This is quite awesome, I cannot imagine something more exciting. Someone post nec pics PLZ!!!!!!!!! The only downfall is at 41 I am stuck with the [expletive haxx0red by Raijinn] zombie look for another 11 levels, sigh.

    When is LU18 supposed to be live?
  11. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Pictures of the new Conjuror pet graphics here, if interested. The only one that Necros will receive is Tellurian Recruit, though.
  12. ARCHIVED-SpineDoc Guest

    Hmm, it mentions diseased servant being a skeleton as an example. Is this change only for conj?
  13. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    All pets are receiving graphical facelifts, per the patch message. I just only have pictures of the Conjuror ones.
  14. ARCHIVED-MrGrimm999 Guest

    Jesus those look like the best changes EVER. Lets hope they are as good as they sound.
  15. ARCHIVED-Elikai Guest

    Come on people, pics please... :smileytongue:
  16. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Many thanks to Aleyssha on the Test server for these pictures.

    Diseased Servant Adept 3

    Grim Spellbinder Adept 3

    Undying Adherent Adept 3

    Shadowy Stalker Apprentice 2

    Grim Thulian (I think Adept rank)

    Rotting Thrall Adept 3

    Shadowy Assassin Adept 3

    Grim Terror Adept 1

    Blighted Pack Adept 3

    Stench of the Grave

    Swarm of Rats

    Plague of Rats

    Ghastly Stenct Apprentice 4

    Rank of the individual spell changes the tint and/or texture of the pet. For example, Grim Spellbinder's Apprentice clothes are different than the Adept clothes.
  17. ARCHIVED-Eesti Guest

    Thanks alot for the images, i love the new look of the Diseased Servant and the Grim Spellbinder ! :)
  18. ARCHIVED-Gravewolf Guest

    Awesome! Thanks to both of you for taking/posting them!
  19. ARCHIVED-Eriol Guest

    Thanks to Aleyssha for the pics, and Xalmat for posting them.

    Also seems like there are problems with the new owner tag on swarm pets.
  20. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Yup, i expect that to get resolved before it hits Live servers.