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  1. Gediva Senior Guide

    What is a good time, say this Saturday or Sunday for a repeat for the later coasters?
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  2. Babicka New Member

    I hope it's sunday, missed thursday, teach me for not checking this forum every day.
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  3. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    lol , missed the twenty-second Sunday sounds good to me because it's Sunday today lol.
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  4. TwoDeadly Member

    Hoping for today as well.
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  5. The Martian Member

    Did it happen?

    My bro needs a few more things as well (newsies, and thalumbra, but mostly newsies)..

    Thanks again :)
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  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Never got a conformation so I don't know , fell asleep
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  7. Babicka New Member

    Stayed logged in all day, never saw any notice.... bummer
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  8. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Folks sort of didn't give her times that would be good, like she asked. So, here's a nudge {nudge} to actually list out good weekend times for future ones. (My folks have them all, but I'll continue to rabble-rouse to help others get what they need.)
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  9. Babicka New Member

    I need Nebules Newsies, Thalumbria, Blinding, and the Library on all my characters, I live in the central time zone, and usually play 9am - 4pm, but with warning would be around any time for any guide quests. I try to check this site every day, just in case.
    BTW I have 32 toons
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  10. The Martian Member

    My Bro needs Newsies, and Talumbria (and maybe the blinding). on his toons (about 12)

    My hours are odd.. Mostly during the day 9am - 5pm PDT, and from 7 pm PDT to 1 am PDT (I have a 16 year old with a very odd school schedule).. I can log into my bro's account to move them through if He can't himself.

    Thanks again for your effort!
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  11. Gediva Senior Guide

    Greetings Pathfinders of Test!
    • Friday, May 7th, around 9am PDT - Someone in the Obol Plains is looking for a little good news about some missing friends!
    • Friday, May 7th, around 10am PDT (following the previous quest if running long) - If spelunking in caves is your thing, head to Kelethin to meet a Dhalgar about a trip.
    • Friday, May 7th, around 11am PDT (following the previous quest if running long) - Those with their sights on more celestial elemental adventures, should stop by the Ulteran Spires in the Kylong Plains.
    • Friday, May 7th, around 12pm PDT (following the previous quest if running long) - And for those who seek a slightly closer heavenly body, set your sights for Kylong Plains.
    • Friday, May 7th, around 1pm PDT (following the previous quest) - For those that missed it last time, if seeing the dark side of the moon is your thing, then hang around the Kylong Plains.
    (Remember, these aren't a repeatable task, so bring your friends and family! All are welcome! I hope this time arrangement helps those that missed the ones that were much later in the evening last time.)

    We can work around any downtime today as well.
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  12. The Martian Member

    Thank you Soo Very Very Very much... :) :) :) :)

    You are a Goddess Guidess!!

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  13. Babicka New Member

    Thank you so much for your patience and spending the day with us, I will be sooo busy, Yes! You're the best :)
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  14. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    I can't believe I missed this. I thought there was just not going to be any on test. I feel so silly. lol.
  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    hi Soara , yes we do get Guide quests but you have to pay attention when they come , they even try to make sure to match the time most people can be on , sometimes they give us more than one quest on a given day .
    So if you want to get an idea when guides visit , look up the page for eq2 guides , there is a link on the Forum .
    But some of them like Gediva give us notice on the Test server forum , even ask what kind of quest we would like .
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  16. Gediva Senior Guide

    I am on it!

    Which ones you looking for or do you need all the status quests? And what is a good time and day, give me a little range and a few options. (I am not free Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings and afternoons PST).

    And that goes for everyone! If there is something you all are looking for, let me know! =)

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  17. Gerak Well-Known Member

    Thank you for thinking of us. My gang of alts need the BOL and the ROS quests.
    Could you please give us at least a couple days advance notice.
    We understand that real life affects you and it also affects us.
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  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    gosh I will have to find out what new high level toons I got .

    Just a dumm question am I doing something wrong ? or can the mushroom hat really not be worn in the appearance slot ?
    and if that is so , why not ?
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  19. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    I would like all the status quests, but mostly after the Travels to Luclin.
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  20. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    What happened to the guide?