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  1. Elyshka Senior Guide

    My pleasure! I hope you enjoy it!

    *raises eyebrow*

    I hope your body is kind to you today. Otuno will be around for about an hour if you can make it but, if not, there's always next time!

    Excellent reminder! You can pick up Otuno's task at any level, but you've gotta earn your stripes before you can go venturing where he recommends.
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  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Given that this is Test, would simply getting Tokened count (and while we have the Level 100 unlock Tokens for adventuring, do we have it up to 110 yet)? ;->

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  3. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    No, we do not have 110 tokens for Test. But if you have unclaimed xp potions, 110 crafting is pretty fast to get, especially with the Test server xp bonus going.
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  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    This is true. :)

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  5. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Hark the Herald Halflings Sing, Glory to the Burger King!

    But nevermind all that now... I have an important announcement to make! *stands very tall and shouts so everyone can hear*
    • Sunday, December 22nd around Noon PST (3 pm EST / 8 pm UTC / 7 am [23 Dec] AEDT)- A new scholar from the Grand Library approaches! What strange news does she bring? Be in Kylong Plains if you want to find out. (Note: This quest is not repeatable)
    If you miss her arrival on Saturday, be sure to watch here for future announcements in the coming days.
  6. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    New? Grand Library? Are we talking about Myrist, or did I miss some new library somewhere?
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  7. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Same library, new scholar. Otuno is still busy compiling his notes on the Celestial Realms and is buried under some scrolls some place, but this new one keeps muttering something about the moon. You might want to keep an eye on her.
  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ah, a loony! :D

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  9. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Fly Me to the Moon / Let Me Play Among the Stars
    • Saturday, January 18th around Noon PST (3 pm EST / 8 pm UTC / 7 am [19 Jan] AEDT) - The first trip to a new land can be a Blinding experience. Don't get lost! Visit with a loony friendly scholar in Kylong Plains to help guide you on your way! (Note: This quest is not repeatable)
  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    cool good thing I looking at posts on the forum :D
    Do I have to be level 110 to get this quest ?
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  11. Elyshka Senior Guide

    Not at all, although to be able to complete the quest, you'll need to meet any zone requirements. Fortunately, our scholarly friend's task will remain in your journal until such time as you are ready to undertake the challenge. :)
  12. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for bringing this guide to us again!
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  13. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    One of my horde apparently slept through the last visit, so she'll be very happy to learn about the looney ... um ... lunar ... exploration!
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    yay I just stash the quest together with all the others I am still to little for
    O yea I better start moving my girls there so I don't have to bring them from far away and let you wait
    And yes I still am interested in that cheese , do loony scholars have cheese ?
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  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    thank you very much for bringing the chance to do this quest and thanks for waiting for all those people who loved to see you . Elyshka ah I mean your lunar friend .
  16. Elyshka Senior Guide

    If you're looking to be a gouda sport and help out a little bard in need, bries on over to the Isle of Mara on Saturday, January 25th around Noon PST (3 pm EST / 8 pm UTC / 7 am [26 Jan] AEDT). She seems like such a nice girl... You guys cheddar help her out!

    (Note: This is not a status quest but I bet our little bard would love to see you anyway! <3)
  17. Kasa Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much Elyshka for handing out the quests today! :)
  18. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Sounds nicely cheese-y. I'm sure the wee Deermouse won't be the only one interested in this! I'll try to keep this in my brain long enough to rabble-rouse closer to the date to remind folks. Sometimes I feel like I have swiss cheese for brains, though!
  19. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

  20. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Sorry, the kids were a pain and I ended up not being around. Next time for me!