Test / Beta Update Notes: Wednesday August 3, 2016

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    • You’ll find new limited time Public Quests throughout Norrath. Just check your map for these unique battle regions!
    • Damage inflicted against public quest encounters scales to allow public quest fights to be relevant for players of all gear levels.
    New Fabled content to explore from The Fallen Dynasty!
    • The Fabled Nizara, City of the Nayad [Heroic]
    • The Fabled Nizara, City of the Nayad [Advanced Solo]
    • The Fabled Cavern of the Crustaceans [Raid] x2
    • The Fabled Xux'laio's Roost [Raid] x4
    • The Fabled Antechamber of Fate [Raid] x4
    These new Fabled dungeons can be accessed through a portal just off the docks in The Village of Shin. Good luck!

    • Newly created Heroic Characters now begin their adventuring career in the Tranquil Seas, as level 95 adventurers!
    • Advancement Counsel and Achievement Counselor NPCs have been disabled. Players may now reset their character development traits via a button in the character development window. Guild Hall Achievement Counselors will remove themselves and fully refund any pre-paid rent.
    You can now remove your own access from another character’s house.

    Agnostic Zones
    Agnostic versions of The Crypt of Agony, Crypt of Valdoon, Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted, Guk: Halls of the Fallen and Kael Drakkel: Iceshard Keep have been added to the dungeon finder and Agnostic Portal, and these dungeons scale from level 10 to level 100.

    • Some encounters now have the ability to have a percentage of the damage they inflict bypass Wards. The amount of damage that bleeds through Wards if reflected in combat logs similar to “YOUR Ancient Shroud absorbs 2529 points of damage from being done to YOURSELF with 281 points of damage bleeding through.” The amount of damage that bleeds through is based on the individual encounter.
    • Fervor now applies to Wards.
    • Most new encounters utilize mitigation, the amount of mitigation a specific encounter has can be seen via the detect weakness ability.
    • Cinnamon Infused Rum - Is now spelled correctly.
    • Northweave Ashen Vest is now named appropriately.
    • Gnomish Collection Goggles - "Odyssey" is now spelled correctly in the item description.
    • Farseas Express Mailbox guild hall amenity can now be changed to use the Cardin Ward, Maldura, or New Halas style appearances.
    • The Concordium's Delivery - If the mages are spawned, a text message will now remind the player to use the Voice Modulator on approach.
    • The Concordium's Delivery - Completion and deletion of the quest will now remove the Voice Modulator from the player's inventory.
    • Bixie Distraction - The scrap heaps (oil cans and gears) no longer have a chance of spawning below the world in Steamfont.
    • Shards of Frost & Fire - You may now use mercenaries in your battle with Sumarvaldr.
    • Shards of Frost & Fire - Sumarvaldr is now an appropriate challenge for the quest (level 45 solo).
    • Vida Needs a New Broom - Quest now rewards intended coin.
    • These boots were made for... - The Blackburrow Stout can be poured from both barrels now.
    • Training a Menace - Destroying the sokokar training supplies now updates for the entire group.
    • Nothing To Waste - Thirin Veliumdelver will now accept as many Ry'Gorr Warhammers as the player has upon quest completion.
    • Sundered Simulacrum - Finding a location within the Hua Mein Village to use Geographic Sumulacrumator should be much easier now, even if you are on a mount.
    • Ro's Vessel - The Constructs of Ro now properly show the quest target icon.
    • In His Name - Gerun Pontian will now respond properly, even if you have fulfilled any of his quests.
    • Speckled Rattler Venom - Gerun Pontian will no longer attempt to offer this quest if you already have it.
    • Monitoring Maldura - Monitors will only allow you to replace their batteries if they are in need of it. (You can no longer click on the same monitor expecting it to update your quest when it won't.)
    • Proving Your Worth - Has been renamed "Proving Your Worth in Skyshrine" to stop confusion with a quest of the same name in The Commonlands.
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