Terrors of Thalumbra Expansion Pre-Orders AVAILABLE NOW!

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  1. Malvolio Member

    So they cant program a cross server DF, fail at making a new server merger system and then say "Nevermind going with the old system" but still have time to pop out an expansion. Heres a crazy idea before expanding the game live up to the promises you have been making for years.
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  2. Wulphzlayre New Member

    what's up with there being no painting for the SE??? there's always a painting for us poor folk... WTF
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  3. Jamis New Member

    All SE paintings went to McScroogle Corp as stocking stuffers! :D
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  4. Gigv Member

    Everything should have been claimable once per character for the prices you are charging!
  5. Gigv Member

    Well my post did not show up everything should be claimable per character for the prices you are charging!
  6. Gramma Active Member

    Your post showed up in white font. Right click and drag over it and it's highlighted. I thought you were posting it in white to be witty, myself, until I read the repost.
  7. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    I really want to know if there will be an upgrade option as last time should I find some extra cash further down the line (maybe from Xmas or my birthday) and decide to upgrade the SE to CE. If not, I certainly won't be buying a whole other copy to get the CE version and will stick with the SE.

    Wish someone would officially answer this - it's been asked so many times now. /sigh
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  8. azcn2503 Active Member

    I preordered when I saw those new dungeons during the livestream. I'm so stoked about them. Also I think this is the cheapest expansion yet? I only paid £24.54 for it! Plus I get an item I can use right now, so I'm pretty happy. Great work Daybreak :)
  9. Madat New Member

    The reason for premium is the same as for first class on airlines - it make the high cost of business class look reasonable. Premium is not meant to be taken seriosly, its there to make the CE edition look cheap.
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  10. grumbledrore New Member

    My biggest concern is that even if they did do the merges (which seems like its being delayed until they make enough money from over priced half expansions.) is that there still wont be enough people to play with on the new servers.
    I dont know why they dont put everyone on one or 2 servers and get rid of the rest.
    Better that, scrap the "merge" and just give everyone free server transfer tokens and limit which servers can be transferee too.

    Probabbly find out that everyone will move to 1 or 2 servers and they can shut the rest down.

    As for the expansion, i think its over priced and im dissapointed there is no new lvl cap. IF anyone has sense they will wait and not pre order at all.
    Wait for the "merges" and then wait a few months after the update expansion and then they will drop the price.
  11. Ratza Well-Known Member

    1 per toon....not 1 per account. See the difference? The new pack in xpac is 1 per account which is LAME!
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  12. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    Food for thought... The article below is not specific to EQ2, just the overall industry itself. However, it is easy to apply some of the points being made to EQ2.


    Why You Shouldn’t Pre-Order Games in 2015

    By Thomas Ella on January 1, 2015

    It’s a sentiment that came up time and time again in 2014, but it’s worth repeating now that we’ve started a new year: stop pre-ordering games.

    Last year should mark the absolute breaking point for several trends that have gotten worse in recent years. Games are releasing early and broken at an alarming rate, requiring months of patching and increasingly condescending apologies as developers like Ubisoft claimed that “rigorous quality control is of paramount importance to us” even as they delayed the fourth patch for Assassin’s Creed Unity, a game mostly notable at this point for how buggy it was upon release. From Unity to Driveclub to The Crew to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, a game that straight-up didn’t work for weeks and is still barely functional, there were far too many games that had no business being sold as a finished product, and that is a trend that consumers need to push back on by refusing to plunk down cash months in advance when games aren’t even guaranteed to work on launch anymore.

    Broken games have been the most high-profile reason in recent months to stop pre-ordering games, but even though a lot of games released last year worked just fine, they were a shadow of the game advertised. Games like Watch Dogs and Destiny were disappointing to many for a variety of reasons that had nothing to do with their technical state; some games, like Assassin’s Creed Unity, even included review embargoes beyond the game’s release date. Dark Souls II had an entire lighting engine that was supposed to affect gameplay and level design ripped out late in development with no notice until people actually played the retail copies. These days, every game is sold as being “the next big thing” with heavy investment, console bundles, $250 limited editions, and season passes that ask you to pre-order the game’s add-ons before they’ve even been announced and before you’ve even had a chance to play the main game. That’s a ridiculous proposition when you consider how many games last year were overhyped and under-delivered.

    Speaking of limited editions, the splintering of content between editions, consoles and even retailers has been getting worse for years — do you remember the insane pre-order guide that Warner Bros. put out for Batman: Arkham City? It’s already annoying that fun cosmetic items like extra skins for my character that used to be free are now reserved for paid downloadable content or pre-order bonuses, but it’s extra annoying when I have to actually research which retailer I’m going to buy from to ensure I get the best pre-order bonus. It looks like that’s only going to get worse in 2015: Resident Evil HD is actually going to hold back its cross-buy promotion between its PS3 and PS4 versions as a pre-order bonus. Are you kidding me? How about instead I just don’t buy it at all? That sounds way better.

    Pre-ordering games used to be a result of limited quantities of games being available at specific retailers, a way for the store to get an idea of how many copies it needed to order. The benefit of pre-ordering was that you got a copy, period; that’s not a problem anymore. These days, pre-ordering is about the publisher guaranteeing your money by holding something hostage: a bit of content that would’ve been free years ago is skimmed off the top of the game as a pre-order incentive here, a review copy is held until release to prevent early reviews there. Pre-ordering should be mutually beneficial to consumers and publishers alike, but instead it’s become yet another source of corporate greed.
    Take a stand. Don’t pre-order games in 2015.
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  13. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Still no answer to my question? Come on, how difficult is it to answer this question? All we need is a simple 'yes' or 'no'. :/

    With that, I will repeat my question yet once again...Will there be an option to upgrade to the CE later on, if we pre-order the basic expac now?

    I am not the only person seeking this answer, so please don't ignore this question any longer. Thank you!
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  14. Csipi Active Member

    Since it isn't on the first post, can a dev please tell me how long the pre-sale will last for?
  15. Nero Active Member

    I'm going to start off by saying that I am 100% on your side on this, and that as a consumer, I NEED to know this information ahead of time to be able to make a good decision.

    Having said that, are you guys seriously having a hard time wrapping your head around the whole pre-order concept? DBG will NEVER, i repeat NEVER, give you this info, mainly because it's a lose lose situation for them if they do. Let me explain.

    In the current system, (us currently not knowing any better) we will only get to buy one of the options (Regular, CE, or Premium). Also assuming that if you decide to upgrade at a later date, you will have to pay the full price of whatever option you chose. So of course, being the horrible decision making consumer that most are, your brain will tell you: "Go for broke! If you don't get the most expensive one now, you may regret it, and then you will end up buying it anyways" in which case you end up wasting your original investment of $35 or whatever. Easy enough to understand, your incentive to buy more expensive option now is to not waste your initial investment.

    Now, imagine if DBG came out and said, "Hey guys! Pre Orders are open! Buy whatever now, and all you get is the altar for all 3 packages, you can upgrade at any time, and you only have to pay the difference between what you paid for and the more expensive edition." Well, what is your incentive to shell out an additional $105 today? Especially if you have the faintest grip on economics, and you know that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.

    My overall point is that if DBG comes out and tells you that you can upgrade later on, no one in their right mind would purchase the CE right now. There is LITERALLY NO BENEFIT to doing so, as we all get the same crappy altar until the expansion launches. They are clearly hurting for some cash right now, and all this is doing is providing some early cash flow for them, at your expense.
  16. oldskool Active Member

    IIRC, in the past, preorders ended when the expac went live. At that point you could upgrade for the full price difference.
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  17. Regolas Well-Known Member

    But, as there is no price difference between pre-order and an order, you should in theory be able to upgrade later on at no difference in price.

    Ie buy SE now, upgrade to CE or PE in six months time for the difference.
  18. Merriel Well-Known Member

    In theory, your concept may be what they are going for, but in actuality, there are some who simply will not purchase at all unless given the option to upgrade later. They could be losing out on profits on the pre-order standard edition price, simply because they refuse to step forward and give us this answer, thereby losing out on the profits from the CE later on as well, because those who were not able to spread the payment out won't buy either one. I know from past experience, however, it seems marketing teams this day don't look at the big picture, and that's why things have landed this game where it is today, which is really sad because this game has so very much potential. Not everyone has an endless cash flow to spend, but are willing to spend what they have, given some choices to do so.
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  19. Nunya New Member

    With the little amount of content, this seems more like an adventure pack. Seems like back in the day Splitpaw or Bloodline had about that same amount of content and those only cost like 7 bucks at the time. Could be way off, just doesn't seem like much of an expansion!
  20. Alphonsus Well-Known Member

    Bloodline: 5 Zones (All basically the same zone) ~ 30 Quests
    Splitpaw : 12 Zones (All basically the same zone) ~ 12 Quests
    Fallen Dynasty: 7 Zones (All basically the same zone) ~ 30 Quests (half of them being Trial of somebody a.k.a enter 1 room zone)

    Bridge to Teribithia or w/e it's called:
    1 Overland Zone
    13 Heroics
    6 Adv Solo's
    1 Contested
    5 Agnostics
    3 X4 Raids (pretty sure Sharknado is the final boss)
    1 X2 Raid
    New Diety system
    New item Upgrade system
    New BIS items: Relics
    About 80 quests
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