Terrors of Thalumbra Expansion Pre-Orders AVAILABLE NOW!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Belenos Well-Known Member


    You know it will happen--and now that name is stuck in your mind forever!

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  2. Pipsissiwa Well-Known Member

    I'm a little disappointed in the number of quests for one simple reason. Unlike some, I am a confirmed questaholic and I'm only 130 away from completing 6000 unique (non-repeat) quests over the last 11 years. Was really hoping this expac would get me there. Guess I'll be betraying to Qeynos (and back - not staying there, it's all clean and people are nice to each other :) ) for a second time and running the questline from the revamp there after all. :/
  3. Kickya Active Member

    if you buy the cheapest preorder then want to get the top end preorder can you upgrade and pay the difference or would you end up having to pay for Both in full
  4. Awkk Well-Known Member

    I kind of feel for the devs. This year they really went all out. All the items were on the CE! A house! A merc! A mount, 2 mounts! and other stuff, then I saw an 88 slot bag, wow! oh, but wait, only 1 per account? Now I'm so disappointed, I almost don't care about the house, merc and mounts anymore. All my toons need bags, how could I chose just one?

    So I waited a few days and didn't buy anything, hoping a change might be made and I could get the CE with bags for all. I just now realized that this change will not happen. The bag is one per account because of the funny goblin animation that comes with it. It is a cute fluff thing like the burbur, so it won't be offered to all chars on the account.

    I'd rather it was a plain, no appearance, utility large bag, one per toon, but it isn't going to be. But isn't it silly that I was so enthusiastic about all the items on the the CE, until I saw that an 88 slot bag was possible, but I couldn't get it on all of the toons, so now I don't want the CE as much anymore? I was going to buy the CE until I got disappointed over the bag. I mean, the bag is something that I could actually use, every time I play. I would have turned off the appearance on it anyway, after the first minute or two.

    So now, I can either go on waiting, and buying nothing, and hoping for a change on the bags, or I can buy the standard. But there is no upgrade option, and sounds like there are no refunds or exchanges, either, even if it is to upgrade from standard to CE. So if I buy the standard and there is a change on the bags, I won't be able to upgrade to it, so I will be disappointed again, and Daybreak won't be able to sell me the upgrade.
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  5. Kurisutaru Active Member

    Well, I pre-ordered the Collectors Edition (what can I say.. I like fluff ;)) and might upgrade to premium later on, if the option is available. That is my birthday (expansions always go live around that time) gift to myself. That's what I tell hubby anyways.. :D. As feedback, and in hopes someone's taking notes, perhaps those one per account items could be part of the Standard Edition. And then make them one per character for Collectors and/or Premium? :oops: Overall, happy and can't wait for Terrors of Thalumbra to go live! Thanks to the Developers for their hard work and always aiming to keep us entertained.. :)

    ps- (Terros of Thumbelina, rofl. That was a good one, Belenos. And now very stuck in my mind, thanks.. :p)
  6. Survior New Member

    On the mount that comes with the Premium Addition, the one that levels as you do content. Will that mount become useless if you are a raider, meaning are you going to provided a raid mount that ends up with better stats. If so it seems crazy to spend the extra money for that mount (and some other items) when I will end up getting a raid mount that will be better.
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  7. Kelvmor Active Member

    "Dhalgar Precipice House - Dwarven Precipice Prestige House"

    CE - $89.99

    *scratches at beard, looks into dwindling coffers. Sighs.* It's gonna be a tough Frostfell this year. I need that ****ing house.

    Dare I say this expansion may have a dwarven theme, or at least touch on the Great March of the Dwarves from Kaladim? Pleasegodyes.
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  8. Darln Active Member

    I, too, would love to see the goblin bag be per character instead of per account.
  9. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    Seems we will be going to the EQOA city Moradhim in some form lol; however if it's still called Moradhim is beyond me.
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  10. Terabethia New Member

    While the burbur isn't necessarily a huge deal, the bag should be one per character.

    For how much they are expecting us to pay, EVERYTHING should be one per character.
  11. Terabethia New Member

    EXACTLY my point!!!

    In a game that's been out at long as this, I would say almost all players have alts. Some have a couple, some have tons. But we all have them.

    This game is way too old and the expansion is WAY too expensive to be making things one-per-character anymore. It's just flat out ridiculous.
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  12. Noguchi Member

    Hope you all that knows how marketing strategy is what organizes Daybreak there. Many will bring the CE version because the premium is too expensive, and already the deal goes on to make money. Think Standart reached for most and rest you can earn in the game or learn. For a 12years old game these prices are just too high or to get new people.

    The people from the company will never learn what the community wants or would like to have seen. Daybreaks marketing department is known money laundering this art.

    Is a Pay to Win Situation....
  13. Deathstorm Member

    These prices on the collectors and premium are just flat out ridiculous. I just don't get it, limit items to one per account at these prices? Day Break you should be throwing the farm in on this small expansion to ask these prices, not to mention this is an aging game. Sorry, and good luck as this has become appalling trend with EQ2.
  14. Naramsin Well-Known Member

    I would also like to see this, and though I am not particular about Glint, it would be nice to get the Equipment Upgrade and Weapon Adjustment bundles on a once per character basis as well under the PE (Premium Edition).

    I know it seems like alot, but hopefully they will lower the prices of CEs ans PEs in the future with more revenue coming in. I do agree with what others have previously said though, that EQ and EQ2 need to advertise more.
  15. Noizette Active Member

    Please can we see an option for gifting on the expansion page, as with the Rum Cellar Campaign?
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  16. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Still waiting for an answer to my question, which is now back on page 4, Holly or Roshen or whomever knows the answer, please. Thank you!
  17. michael baker Active Member

    sadly I will not be pre ordering and also doubt I will buy the expac on release. My annual sub expires on the 6th Nov and I do not see me renewing. While I appreciate the work put into such a expansive expansion I do query a few things about it, firstly the cost of the CE and Premium sets, WOW. Also it seems as if the premium is taking one giant leap down the buy to win avenue which EQ2 had been threatening to wander. I find this direction of travel worrying, to put it mildly.

    Add to this having to buy campaigns during the year, suddenly the cost of playing EQ2 at the end game has shot through the roof, I know you have free to play, although the penalties of that (no grandmasters for one) mean you will always be a step behind others, and I know the basic expac is no terribly priced, but it is the constant pushing after my money which has finally made me say enough.

    Expansions with over priced stuff which improves your end game setup, Campaigns which are needed to continue to end game raiding and the ever growing list of stuff on the marketplace.. in the end one has to say enough, and that is where I am now.. so enough.
  18. Tylia Well-Known Member

    IMO, it would have been nice if you would have at least included the painting in the SE. :(
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  19. dkpc1983 Member

    Yes, I'd like to see option for gift too.
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  20. Jamis New Member

    I have been looking into the stuff available in the 3 packages and the reason the PE is so much more expensive is because the PE mount does scale with content where as the other does not. While both are usable at 35 only the PE mount will last the whole life of a toon, and because it is NOT 1 per Account, we can claim it on every alt. But I do agree with everyone else about the fact that the 88 slot bag is not 1 per character.

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