Termagore the Butcher (Challenge) Needs Adjustment.. Again

Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Slowin, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Slowin Guest

    I'll preface this by saying that our group has no raid gear, but we are almost fully kitted out in heroic fabled. Everyone of us has over 300 crit chance. Crit bonus and potency are around 220 avg. for our group. Group makeup is SK/Dirge/Inq/Mystic/Brigand/Illy... have also dabbled with 1 healer and an extra dps to no avail. I thought this zone was intended to be cleared by non-raiders without raid gear.. but i don't really see how this is possible.
    I know this fight was previously changed so that the slugs would spawn less frequently, but even with this change this fight is extremely irritating and seems buggy to me still for a number of reasons, but the following are the main two.
    1.) Multiple slugs will spawn in a single round... and it seems random. We'll go 3 rounds with 1 slug per round, then a couple rounds in a row with 2 slugs. This by itself might be okay except for the second problem.. vile prisons.
    2.) Vile Prisons. These can be prevented if you kill the slugs fast enough but the timer is too unforgiving. Its possible to prevent them if the slug positions itself just perfectly for your group to kill it but if not.. you get a vile prison. Again, this we could deal with if we only got ONE slug per round. But half the time we end up getting two slugs.. and 2 vile prisons.
    Ensure that only 1 slug can spawn at a time
    Increase the timer (by like at least 10 seconds) on the vile prisons spawning so that it is more forgiving.
    The closest we've ever come to beating this fight has been to completely ignore the script and try burning the named. We got it down to 20%.
    Also curious what others' experiences are on this fight .. especially if you don't have any raid gear.
  2. ARCHIVED-Kunaak Guest

    honestly, just do something else.
    the gear in that zone is so bad, your better off just doing dozekar runs, or CM convent. even EM convent fabled items are better then most of whats in Lyceum HM.
    the CM progression is really messed up right now.
    do convent - do 2 names in dracur - repeat.
    the 3 names thing, and the golem in DP are so infuriating that its simply better to do something else.
    lyceum is better to just avoid completly - not cause of the difficulty - though I agree that particular name can be incredibly frustrating sometimes.
  3. ARCHIVED-Slowin Guest

    *shrug -- I just hoping they will get the challenge mode content tuned and working properly. I liked the idea of the heroic progression but it's pretty messed up past easymode (and covenant district) as you stated :(
    Doubt we'll be returning to this zone anytime soon since the named we can kill drop bugged loot that is on par/worse than ezmode gear.. and seeing links from termagore and the boss it looks like the trend of bugged gear continues.
  4. ARCHIVED-Gaarysal Guest

    IMO the mob is appropriately challenging. My group (sk, illy, inq, mystic, troub (boxed), brig) usually 1-2 pulls it also with no raid gear just SS heroic. The adds spawn in multiples after a certain percent (not sure exactly when its like 50-70%) and it is scripted to do so, meaning if you pass the threshold right after 1 add spawns it will force spawn a set of 2 immediately. Also at 10-15% the adds swarm continuously and you must burn named. Prioritize the cages and maximize ae dps on adds, everyone switches including myself, the tank, except the box troub that I leave on the name for my own convienience.

    Edit: just realized our groups are almost the exact same, kinda ironic :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Kunaak Guest

    wow, you might be right on this.... been doing this zone a few times a day recently, and termagore seems to be about 10 times harder then anything else in the zone.
    even at 1.2 million DPS for the group, we're finding it extremely hard to deal with the adds or the prisons on this, and there seems to be a issue where occassionally he just starts spamming everything at once, uncurable fear, 90% power drain, over and over....
    I've cleared this zone about 20 times, and I've never seen it this bad.
  6. ARCHIVED-Kunaak Guest

    we've cleared this zone about 20 times before - but then ignored if for awhile - and recently went back.
    now it just seems impossible to kill. I cant explain it, its like no matter how you try the fight you die.
    kill the adds, and vile prisons, you get no burn time on the name.
    burn the name, the adds pile up and almost always do the 90% power drain, and uncuable fear over at the same time, at 15% when 10 adds are already on you, and more a incoming.... and no one has power and even if they did, they are feared for 10 seconds.
    this fight is simply infuriating right now.
  7. ARCHIVED-Slowin Guest

    We killed it for the first time yesterday night with about 700k dps. The fight is still way out of line for the zone.. especially considering they are taking their time fixing itemization here.
    The way we did it was to burn the first 3-4 sets of adds + prisons.. which put the named at around 40%. Then ignore slugs and kill only prisons till about 15%... then just burn the named. We had the luxury of death march.. so got it down to about 7%.. hit death march to give group fear immunity for 10 seconds and were able to finish it off just barely in time. Fight was 4 mins 30 seconds.
    We then proceeded to first pull Ovilas and the Boss of the zone.
    Bottom line: this fight is out of place here. It still needs to be tuned down because frankly I think the stars may have aligned perfectly for our kill pull hehe.. we'll find out later today sometime if we can replicate it.

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