Temple Street F.M. is silent instead of music

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  1. WhysperWynde Active Member

    I believe I am reposting this Request = Could you please FIX TEMPLE STREET FM & make it really play music as it's supposed to but doesn't? It is such a great item visually & I've been in contact with Help Function on why it has NO SOUND but no satisfaction so far forthcoming. And yet I don't give up because I love the looks of Temple Street FM. Temple Street FM is an item sold on the EQ Marketplace and it seems that for that reason alone, that we spend separate money to acquire it, that it should work properly. I am very curious as to what sound/song it plays. I'd really like to hear it as I have several Temple Street FMs among my various 20 characters. Well 18 really because my 2 on Kaladim only fight not decorate like the toons on Skyfire with their many & multiple houses and apartments each.
  2. Svenone Well-Known Member

    Temple Street has a frequency modulated radio station? Cool! No static at all! :p

    But seriously, if this is a bug it probably doesn't belong here.

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