Templar rotation?

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  1. rattz New Member

    Hi guys,

    Started playing EQ2 about a week or so ago, last time i played was just after original release so was many moons ago & ive pretty much forgotten everything!

    Anyway ive rolled a templar who is low 50s at the mo but im not sure what the best rotation is when in a party for healing?

    im using a mixture & also throwing in some debuffs when possible but it just seems we have ALOT of spells when im guessing in reality we will only be using a fraction of what we have for end game healing etc?

    Any info/tips on rotation would be great as like i say atm my hotbars are just full of spells & it can get a little confusing at times :(

  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I put my spells in groups on my hot bars , for attacks ,cures , heals , buffs , and debuffs , that makes it a little less confusing .
    I will not try to explain a Templar to you here , there are better people than me to do that
    It can be good to have this many spells and abilities , because the reuse speed is so slow .
    It is a good thing your here on the TLE server , because on the regular servers it's a lot more confusing .
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  3. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    In a party? Just keep reactive up on tank and use your normal aoe heal and just dps to not fall asleep. If the tank is about get smacked slap focused intervention on him too.

    In raid? Keep both reactives up, keep the Involuntary Gift and Mark of Divinity up on the raid boss. If its an arcane damage fight also keep shield of faith up. Keep Rebuke active. Then dps. If group takes more damage than that can keep up, use normal heals.

    Once level 80 unlock do above and keep repent up on tank and use mana cure on a wizard/warlock (depending on detriment they spam) if you ever try avatars.

    Templar might be the easiest class to play without prestige tree and even then its pretty darn easy. Get a 3rd part UI to track the duration of them all.
  4. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Dirgenoob isn't far off but,

    Maintain both reactives, cast them even if they're at a relatively high amount of triggers left.

    Also don't forget you can maintain reactives on multiple players, I'm the only cleric in our raid, so I maintain them on all three tanks basically the entire raid, and precast them onto myself, the tank, and the scout in case he takes agro, or the off tank/SK. It's really a varying decision.

    If you have a custom UI put single reactive, your two hand heals and rezzes on the quick clicks so you can rez/heal/reactive anyone who randomly takes damage.

    Other than maintaining reactives casting meliorate and restoration in preparation for incoming damage is one of the best things that you can do.

    The most important idea to really any healer is just constantly casting heals in preparation of inevitably taking damage, I'd at least in any heroic/raid situation advise against pressing any damage buttons, if you heal more the tank can dual wield or spec a little bit more offensively based.

    Your debuffs provide a large amount of healing and also debuff combat mitigation, which is one the of the most important things.

    Your damage is pretty moot with the exception of the hammer and auto attacking. I'd cast the hammer to pump a little bit more out and cast your two dots as they're the most efficient.

    Shield of Faith not only provides an arcane ward but also procs things onto the group like the mitigation increase proc items, and soulfire when you obtain that. It also basically instantly procs any kind of +% heal increase like claymore, you can use that then repent right after.

    Holy Shield I typically put on on myself and also on the scout in a macro, so I can use both depending on what situation I need, if I need to be in to Shield Ally the tank. For example on avatars I would cast it on myself between the tank's temp durations so he has my avoidance when he doesn't have a temp up to reduce his incoming.

    Shield ally is basically the best button that you have. Find the highest protection shield you have, and stand within 15 meters and face the tank and you can avoid hits for him.

    Sanctuary and Holy Shield are the two buttons I typically cycle through to keep myself from ever being stunned from anything the game throws at me.

    If you have any questions i'm on Adoninilol, feel free to check out my spec as well.
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  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    o my dear lord I still have to learn a lot
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  6. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    Years ago I was level locked to run all the raids in Sinking sands and KoS. Back then I had a series of macros for each person in the group. Once I had it set up it was a breeze. But it takes knowing who your group will contain or you'll be there for half an hour saying, "Hold on... almost ready...'

    Assuming it's an "anyone who shows up" group, you would focus on Divine Waters and the wards, Repent and Shield of Faith. They're fast and they last. If the content is hard, focus on the group heals and death prevent the tank if you see the mob casting. If it's not hard, then you can pretty much Repent/Divine Waters when up, possibly a reactive group heal, which is synergistic with Repent... that is, Vital Intercession. Then DPS away, in 20-30 sec, repeat.

    But I haven't grouped for anything other than a PQ with my Temp in years, so probably others have better ideas.

    Edit: To get the synergy with Vital Intercession and Repent, you need to go Right with your prestige AA's. Also, Impart Faith is a skill you can buy in Sanctus Seru now, or you can get it from completing the CD signature quest (that's what I did), it improves Shield of Faith a lot). The "story" way to get it is by completing the Epic 2.0 quest series for priests, but bring friends one of the mobs for that really should be a raid mob. It took a raid to get it down for a few priests. (The part with the bowl in Great Divide). The CD quests are far easier.

    Edit 2: ohhh didn't notice this was a TLE question. Just ignore me :)
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  7. Ratface Member

    You can use group member1-6 in a macro to target anyone in your group.

    Well something like group member, forgot the exact command
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  8. Semperfifofum Well-Known Member

    We could use an update on slash commands, some of them changed over time and I'm not sure how accurate this is anymore: https://eq2.fandom.com/wiki/Slash_Commands

    Actually the history of that shows some recent updating (thanks to the tireless people who document).
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  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    and don't forget to cure
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  10. Tobias Fünke Member

    A few tips to add to what BIrds posted:
    If you have side buttons on your mouse, I've found it really useful to bind one to group cure and one to cure your target. It's useful to include a cancelspellcast command in your cure macros so you get them off immediately.
    Focused Intervention is pretty powerful and will save you in a lot of difficult situations.
    Your de-agro will also save you if you get adds and they run directly to you from heal threat.
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  11. Tobias Fünke Member

    Also, turn your two in-combat ST rezzes into 1 macro.with Resurrect first. That way Battle's Reprieve will be used if Res is down and you don't need 2 buttons.

    You can also do this with your custom UI group bar button. For DarqUI you need to select Resurrect in the spell name slot, and then put this in the macro line:
    useabilityonplayer TNAME 1039988071
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