Templar in depth help required.

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Pantsu, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Pantsu New Member

    Just started a Kerran Templar on HoF server low level and all (technically my first character because I haven't played in about 10 years, and even then I just spent like a month being ganked on a pvp server). But I'm seriously overwhelmed by the options I'm being thrown like AA and racial skills, I notice there's a deity thing as well and oh well pages and pages of things I have no idea what it's good and what it's not.

    I saw there's sort of a drop down I have on by default that says "Server Solo" something like that, I can't look it up because the server is under maintenance. Should I just keep that for now? or does it default to unnecessary AA's?

    Also any general leveling tips appreciated, I picked Freeport as my starting city, and I did the quests right outside of the gate and only reached lvl 12 while all the quests that are left are like 15 or even 20 from drops, I need to do some more exploring I guess, or maybe go to another zone I don't know, I just noticed killing undeaths is really fast so I wonder if I should grind ghosts for a while or something. Been gathering everything all I see and running out of bag space fast, but bigger bags are kinda expensive at the broker, should I just stop gathering?

    Thanks all and sorry if my newbee questions are annoying, any help or tips greatly appreciated, have a great day!
  2. Pantsu New Member

    Can I at least get some help with the racials? that shouldn't be so hard... please
  3. Ravenlook Member

    Hi Pantsu, and welcome to EQ2

    First of all, u might would have wanted to post these in the "Tips, Tricks, FAQs, and New Player Discussion" forum, might get more answers there.

    Now as to what u asked, i'm not a Templar nor did i play one but i can at least answer in more of a general way. so firstly don't let all the options scare u, it will take time to get it all, just play the game and have fun and it will get clearer.

    Leveling: at some point in time the dev redid the leveling quests into more streamlined version, unfortunately it did not involve the main cities, so my recommendation to u is head to darklight woods and do those quests in there, it should take u all the way to level 20 and reward u with a mount, and send u over to the next area to continue u'r leveling.

    Racial skills: these abilities r not that important their value is marginal.

    And finally to the AA's part, the solo thing and basically all the pre-made option were never that great, that said for a beginner they can make do till u'll figure better specs.

    The best tip i can offer is this: try and find a good guild that support newbies, they will help and make it easier to get into the game, and can answer most of u'r questions.

    Hope that helped, good luck and have fun :)
  4. Spindle Well-Known Member

    Welcome back!
    I agree that Darlight Wood is a great place to get basic levels. So is Gorowyn. Actually, the newbie areas off Qeynos are fun and you learn a lot of lore doing those quests.
    Also check out the Qeynos City Timeline as you will need this for you Epic 2.0 weapon. Do it now to get XP.
    There should also be a Kerran trainer in Qeynos.
    Remember eq2traders is THE site for crafting. Denmum has pages devoted to quests, harvests, recipes and snaps of many, not all, completed recipes.

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