Tanks still not on equal footing with others on Deity Weapons

Discussion in 'General Feedback' started by Gematria, Feb 1, 2024.

  1. Gematria Active Member

    Can we reopen this? https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq2/index.php?threads/avatar-weapons-for-monks.614168/

    This was definitely not fixed in a way Tanks can be on equal footing Resolve wise as opposed to other classes.

    Shield tanks will still need to farm at least 10 masks just to get the base level (480) resolve Wary item, and it's even worse for Brawlers.

    Brawlers need to farm at least 20 Masks just to get the base (480/960) resolve Wary item + Non-Wary 1hander (Or a Wary 2h), and another like 100(?) to get the next level (490/980).
    Sure brawlers can buy the 2hander for Tokens alone, but that does not have Wary Protection, rendering it completely useless if you want to tank.

    This puts Tanks and especially brawlers at a huge disadvantage on Resolve compared to other Raiders.
    What we need is:
    1. A shield added that only costs Tokens and NOT masks with Wary Protection on for Shield Tanks.
    2. A Brawler weapon that only costs Tokens and NOT masks with Wary Protection on OR Add Wary Protection to the existing Token 2hander weapon.
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  2. Igochan Active Member

    And don't forget the range weapon for Brawlers!
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  3. Gematria Active Member

    What a Throwing weapon? Why would you use that over a Crossbow that works from 0 range?
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  4. Lucutious Active Member

    (For the purpose of this post, Minted Masquerade Tokens will be referred to as "masks")

    The fact that wary items on these merchants requires masks is ridiculous. I'd take it further, the fact that any primary, secondary, or ranged item needs masks prior to rank 4 is ridiculous.

    It was revealed that these weapons are figured into the calculations for setting resolve. Any item that requires masks will take exponentially longer to acquire than those that only need Minted Celebration Tokens.

    As a result, classes that do not "happen" to have avatar-specific primary, secondary, or ranged options that are avatar-specific are gated from attaining the higher resolve required for advanced encounters.

    Instanced T4 raid encounters will be released soon. Since these items are figured in for resolve, how should a plate tank get to that 10090 mark if they cannot due to this gate?
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  5. Lucutious Active Member

    It was explained that these items follow the same cost guidelines because they are available on all merchants. This is what keeps it "fair"

    These items already have a built-in penalty - they do not include avatar-specific protections! They don't need the further penalty of costing masks to be "fair."
  6. Igochan Active Member

    Brawlers don't have a cheap ranged weapon, but armour tanks and scouts have it.
  7. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Agree with OP.

    Also, I have a better suggestion, put some effort and fix tanking overall!

    Shields have been broken according to Kander's own admission back when someone was trying to do the dev podcasts years ago. Why must a tank require a buff on an item to be able to perform their basic function?

    You have shelved mitigation/avoidance mechanics so it is easy to just put wary protection on item and call it a day.

    I have been dual wielding on my guard in t2+3 challenge fight and h3 zone with two 490 toilet brushes and although the incoming damage is a bit higher than when a shield is equipped, it is not something I lose sleep over. So there is a good probability that wary protection, like many other things, is not working or even as useful as it was intended to be.

    May be next time you can add this to the update notes:

    "Changed spelling of "Wary Protection" to "Weary Protection" as the letter "e" now buffs the protection correctly".
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  8. Gematria Active Member

    We got the same options as scouts and other tanks at the same prices?

    Theres a throwing weapon and a crossbow. Each costs 10 masks and 750 tokens..
  9. Igochan Active Member

    And there's a bow called Erollisi Marros Bow of the Hunt that costs 700 (Rank3)
  10. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Brawlers cannot use bows.
  11. Igochan Active Member

    But they can use ranged weapons, can't they? And they want them at the same price as the scouts, right?
  12. Gematria Active Member

    Fair enough. Hadnt checked the latest merchant, so didnt know there was a ranged weapon there for non-brawlers - but yeah, should def be one available for brawlers too then.
  13. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Yes, but scouts can use bows while brawlers are restricted to crossbows and throwing weapons, so if a level 3 throwing weapon costs 750 compared to the level 3 bow that costs 700, then the bow either needs to be brought up to 750 or the throwing weapon needs to be brought down to 700.
  14. Cerameth New Member

    That is exactly what Igoras is saying since his first message: if one class can have cheap ranged weapons, the other classes should have that option too.

    I totally agree with this post, it's not fair that there are no cheap wary protections. Some classes can get their three weapons cheap, while tanks have to buy the expensive Wary and most classes also an expensive ranged.
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  15. Jhin Member

    as i said in my post aswell , that bow should not have been added b4 ANY wary item ...now all classes have 20-30R more than tanks at the cost of 0 masks
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  16. Kodamungus Active Member

    I was disappointed checking the merchant last night and decided to no longer bother. I'm doing what it takes to hit resolve targets and whatever happens happens.

    Tick tock...
  17. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Patches occur every other Tuesday. Check back after they happen, because these things sure as hell won't be changed on the fly just because you're impatient.
  18. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    They literally checked after the patch that added wary items..........That's when they should check to see what's up because it was put in a patch

    Now we'll have to wait till they patch again for something to be changed, but that means it's time to start talking again so it can get changed. Conversation stopped when they said they were fixing it, but then since the patch was not really a fix........here we are
  19. Jhin Member

    heres a super easy fix we all can live with , give us back our masks we spent on the items , create a hands only white adorn with hate and wary , plate and monk specific ones cause wary values are diff , and lets be done with this nonsense and move on.
    i love the idea of wary protection it seperates tanks from other classes for sure , but it has caused more problems than anything . Sure it helps tons on the back end and i dont want to see it go away , but you have pigeon holed all the tank classes forcing some of tanks to not be able to dual wield and forcing others to go with stats on items that might not be the best option at that time because it has wary...in the past you have skipped tiers with wary items , if i recall there where shields with casting speed options , and i think haste , brawlers never have this choice .......stop forcing us to go specific routes , give us the adorn and alleviate all your troubles and ours. there is zero reason to not put it on an adorn ....thanks for your consideration
    we know wary values change per tier , so you can make upgrade adorns aswell ........and the reason i say put it on white hands slot along with the hate , cause we all know every tank is allready running hate on their gloves , dont make us lose yet another stat somewhere else

    ~~~~ Occam's Razor
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  20. Kodamungus Active Member

    Are you okay? Do you know what day it is?