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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Dabb, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Zgragy Member

    My personal opinion is that we should have the option, as tanks, to build them any way we want and still be the tank. If I want to build up my offensive stats to DPS more, and thereby make myself "squishy" I should be able to. If I want to max my mit/block etc.. so I can group with one plate healer and not get eaten, I should be able to. The FACT that I need to buff my offensive abilities just to maintain agro is what's broken. They need to change the stats on 'tank' gear or some other solution, so we can choose to do either and not be restricted to what the game dictates we do. I play to enjoy myself, I shouldn't have to follow a certain build path just to do the job, marginally at best in my opinion, of my chosen class. I think that's what has most of us upset about the state of tanks atm. I play a tank to take the hits, unfortunately with the way they have heals now it's not needed which is why this issue has not yet been addressed. Just my $.02.
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  2. Exarthious Member

    You can play a tank how ever you want i see some tanks parse better then most dps lol
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  3. Dabb Active Member

    My Zerk takes literally no damage in a group still with any healer, its fine, not atsbad u think losing some MIT
  4. Genghes Active Member

    This is what happens every expac. Once you get to a certain level of gear you are over geared for the content. That is why people are saying you don't need a tank for heroic content. It is also why mobs die in under 10 seconds. Once a new expac comes out and people aren't over geared for the content there will be a new level of complaints.
  5. brotein New Member

    Have played this game since launch, played every class, currently am playing and raiding and grouping on a zerker and monk..both rocking 9.9k pot self buffed. no issues with agro, survivability, or dps. this is in grps and raids...current content is all gear based..get your pot up, healers will keep you up. I am currently loving playing these two tanks. also play an sk that doesn't have as much pot but still does fine and if I had the gear my other two chars have he would be amazing as well
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  6. Shawn v01 Member

    Brotien is right in his statement.
    A zerker's hate gain and aggression maintaining relies heavily on their ability to know WHEN to pop off their high hate gaining abilities.

    3 Trees in the zerk's AA Lineup must be maxed...or filled properly...
    Strength, Stamina and either wisdom or Intelligence must be filled and the other partially.
    Line 2 in the AA tree adds in more...boosts to your mods...but not exactly required.
    Open Wounds and Rampage should be maxed and at Grandmaster or Master as they proc often and hard!
    Self-Sustain abilities are also recommended to take the heat off your healer and sub tank since heals generate a LOT of hate (common for any RPG)

    Let's be real here...it's NOT always about how hard you can make your zerker hit...or how much def you have.
    in your Dragon tab...I have line at least 1 point in every available option...but with Elder Dragon Scales and Dragon Roar lines, I have quite a bit of points in, and the first mod in Yelinak's line beefed. It helps a LOT.

    Now...if you're wanting to know how the hell do I even survive heroics and other instances...well...you'll have to experiment and refine your gears a bit to get your reuse, recovery and cast time past 100% each and ability mods up there. Mit? I don't even wanna talk to you about my mit...it's pathetic. I do however sit on 4M hp base...which is chump change, but with survival abilities and procs like adrenaline, vision of madness, bind wounds, and a few other...lovelies...

    Zerks can maintain their place as a tank as long as your raid party doesn't be ********* and consistently drop nukes while your "by level of priority" taunts are down. Jacking up your potency also helps out a lot, but is it worth sacrificing a few other crucial mods? I don't think so...
  7. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    I retired my bruiser and started tanking a swash... only have a ****** reactive taunt, 1 single target, 1 encounter taunt .. and a guaranteed snap that only works AFTER you loose agro.. been fun ..

    But seriously.. I wish a tank could be tanky and still tank. ~ 20k Mit / 8.3 Million HP / 8k Potency and I dont have a problem with agro.. but I have better stats then my Brigand ... and my Brigand outparses me lol.
  8. Genghes Active Member

    Sad day for your bruiser
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  9. Wing Member

    I know, right? I should be able to gear my beastlord in tank gear and still top the parse. I hate when game mechanics force us to do things a certain way. I want to build my beastlord the way I want.
    Okay, sarcasm off. I'm just tired of people wanting to do things the way they want instead of the way that works with game mechanics. Use the tools available to do your job as a tank, it's pretty simple, every other archetype does it. If you want to stack mit until you are indestructibly then go for it but stop saying things are broken because you can't hold aggro geared that way. I'll stick to grouping with tanks that know how to play the game.
    Tanks don't need help. People that are slow at understanding game mechanics need help playing tanks and they have gotten that help in this thread and the other threads about this subject.
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  10. Jdark New Member

    This thread almost makes me want to get back on and see if there really is an issue with threat, or if its just people that don't know how to tank.
  11. Duele Active Member

    Same old Same old.

    Amazing that they can never get this right.
  12. Genghes Active Member

    The changes that were made to taunts makes it easier

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