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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Dabb, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Agreed with most here. Tanks need attention on aggro. Full stop.

    Increase pot on mit/block gear will be one area. I would doubt any tank (especially a warrior) would be sailing smoothly in mit/block gear on farm mobs in a full pelt raid. Crusaders I would say are doing fine with high pot gear.

    Warriors need more love. DO NOT introduce new buffs, just tweak existing hate tools and bring the hate generation in line with potency changes. I do not like using reinforcement on a easy mob pull. I forget which expansion it was but we had exactly the same problem before.

    I detest the fact that i have to wear a lot of dps stuff to hold aggro on some fights. Completely defeats the purpose of having mit/block from zek zones.

    Wake up DEVS.
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  2. Reevar Active Member

    Are you guys not reading thisthread? The tanks that have no problems have said get pot/HP and a reason able amount mit. Stop trying to max the stat. I'm having an easier time holding aoe agro on my 6kpot monk than my 4k pot sk. 20k mit and full stop.
  3. RedvsBlue Well-Known Member

    Guardians have the group xsfer already, Paladin have amends already. I mean shouldn't there be something universal? I would much rather the lack of quality gear be the deciding factor in tank success than the lack of DPS gear that you would be taking from templar/Inq for armor or jewelry/weaps from a DPS class in a zone. That doesn't sound silly to the people who play the DPS classes? I know I would be PO'd if a tank needed on a high potency item and won it over me (T1/T2 dps).
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  4. Hamorm Member

    Just make sure you have enough bag bonus to get the job done and rotate that gear as needed
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  5. Silzin Active Member

    I have an idea that if implemented right could be a game changer for all tanks in the game.

    Change both Prestige Conversion abilities for all tanks from Weapon Stats to one of the following... Over all HP, MIT, or Over all Avoidance Scores. this would rework tanks for getting the stats that the tank need the most up to help them hold agro and deal damage better. this would not eliminate the need for tanks to have all of the stander caps for the weapon skills.

    Lets say it was 20 Mit to 1 Pot on a tank that can hit 35,000 Mit with temps... now that tank can get some 1,750 more Pot just for using the Mit they need anyway. they may not need all of that Mit, but know they are not penalized for having more Mit/HP/Avoid.

    I am not saying this will fix all of the problems but i think it would be a huge step to addressing the underlying problems.

    Edit: (I know Scouts need there Prestige Conversion abilities looked at also... Make a thread for our self.) ...lol
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  6. Zypre Member

    By prestige conversion you mean the AA prestige tree right? I don't know you guys' new hippity hoppity lingo ;P
  7. Meilay Active Member

    Looking through this thread, we have the tanks that scream there is a problem and hate must be fixed, and then we have tanks that have adapted, overcome the issue and moved ahead. If you are finding yourself having trouble with hate management, you're likely, "doing it wrong". Current tank methodology, is that you need to boost your POTENCY, and your HP so that the class abilities you have function on the level the DPS class's do. If you are a tank with sub potency, because you are in " old" or under par gear, or do not fully understand how to manage your aggro snaps, forced target abilities, or other class ability, you will struggle. Anymore, mit is less of an issue, I'm sure some of you have seen tanks in DPS spec or even a DPS class tank heroics these days, so i say to you, if a scout can effectively tank a (heroic) zone.... all of us "tanks" should be able to do so...

    Besides, being able to sacrifice mit/def gear for DPS gear, allows tanks to provide more utility to the group, making for faster runs through zones etc. A higher parsing tank, is always more desirable, as DPS does also equate to higher threat generation.

    Raid mobs , the same methodology applies, HIGH POTENCY, HIGH HP, maybe a little more mit to be safe... but the good tanks, hold aggro regardless. No need to make a 1 click auto aggro control button and give all tanks ammends and such... learn to use what we have, and become better at our function
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  8. Zypre Member

    Yes, by now the thread has accepted that fact, but what we're doing right now is to suggest ways of fixing that, because there are multiple things wrong (or at least leaves something to be desired) with the way the system works right now. For example needing on pot gear that your templar could use.

    We know that we need more pot, but the current argument is that we shouldn't need more pot.
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  9. Meilay Active Member

    ? I'm confused. Why should't we need more Potency? Potency improves your abilities effect. Your statement, that we should't need more potency, indicates you want another avenue to do your job, which again, I can only discern to be either a buff, skill, or gear enhancement. If the arguement is that you'd rather not compete for gear against other classes, that is a different topic. Having gear useable by multiple classes allows a player to Min/Max, spec , as an individual rather than a cookie cutter, assembly line class, tank or otherwise. ..And...If the Templar needs gear, running the zone or killing the mob that drops said item multiple times...is an option.
  10. Arclite Well-Known Member

    It is a simple case of not balancing gear with stat inflation....again. Just simply up the potency on tank gear. The earring from Forge Golem is a great example in this case. I see no reason why we cannot have some similar values of potency appearing on raid jewelry with mit/block on it.

    Yes you can argue the fact that you do not need to go full turtle mode but as it stands right now, you cannot do that anyway since full mit gear will give you around 3.5-4k pot which is not enough in some fights to hold aggro steadily.

    If we can get up to 6k+ with tank gear on then we can swap in and out a few items to get it up more if needed.

    DBG -- Just increase potency values on tank mit/gear and it should be fine.
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  11. Erevis Cale Member

    So I'm just curious, what are you (general you since it seems to be a reoccurring theme in this thread) doing that you NEED to be full turtle mode to survive? There is NOTHING in the heroic content that you need to go full turtle. I've tanked everything (except one mob in heroic SK because challenge mode is pointlesssssssss.....) on my zerker dual wielding with all the potency gear you guys seem to be against using. My friend has done the same on his bruiser. So why, exactly, are you guys so adamant about needing to be full turtle? It isn't needed at this point in the game.

    Please stop calling for fixes that just aren't needed, gear correctly, spec correctly, and you will hold aggro. The only thing I have seen in this thread I can agree with is to change the prestige conversions so they aren't based off of melee stats (like haste, multi attack, etc) because those are old, and worthless (and should be changed on EVERY class that has conversions like that, not just fighters/scouts).
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  12. Mermut Well-Known Member

    With or without a shaman healing?
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  13. Reevar Active Member

    This is another reason Tanks need to go HP/POT
    If you have a bigger HP pool you can take a hit and the Non-Chain healers can heal you up. I personally think the DPS toons that are running under 2-2.5 mil hp are the bigger problem for non chain heals.
  14. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Outside of raid (and the 1-shot trash in Tepid and MC), I haven't seen AEs hitting for over 2 mil unless something has gone side-ways or a strat has been missed.
    Most of the time dps die it's because they're getting lazy or ignoring strats... like hitting the formations in Scourge Keep before they mobs have moved.
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  15. Ansom Active Member

    Agreed, with a decent setup is easy to hold agro... for any tank.

    Tank don't mit on every slot.. the cap is easy reachable..
  16. Erevis Cale Member

    I have done every zone without a shaman healing. Always with an inquisitor. Which imo is the worst healer you can have heal you ( I can say that cuz my main is an inquisitor. )
  17. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I've solo healed them on my warden as well, but it is clear that the tank has to have a much tighter rotation when wards aren't in the picture.
  18. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Off topic but yes - the difference is very obvious with a shaman vs other priests. With a shaman, 90% of the time everyones health is at full. With other priests, it's a tug and pull (on heavy pulse fights like Yothshaval)
  19. Scalo Active Member

    imo tanks are perfectly fine now. strip all your +mit/block jewelry (it is by far compensated by ridiculous heals these days) and get high potency, cb. you still lose aggro from time to time to op conjys, but you have snaps, and dps classes have detaunts. use it.

    lets face it. many people i hear complaining play tanks as their 2nd, 3rd alt, and expect to hold aggro reliably against top dps. just because their class is a tank. /give me hate because im a tank and i cant hold my pants!

    so i looked up your tank, and with that amount of pot (and some other stats), one is not supposed to hold aggro against top dps without issues. and god forbid they trivialize tanking to the point that one can.

    if you look for problems to fix, look at shamans. they can make anyone invulnerable, to the point that dps can tank and does not need to worry about detaunting. it just makes people reckless.
  20. Nero Active Member

    Just to clarify, what is the definition of a tank anyways? Out of curiosity, I looked up Meilay's Brusier. He has 8.8k mit and over 10k pot. That's insane. My toilet paper wearing warlock has that much Mit, and less Potency. is this what you want? Plate tanks running around with more Potency and less mit than a T1 cloth DPS? I dont know, maybe he was in his DPS stance when i looked him up.

    Now dont get me wrong, I, myself am picking up Potency pieces and replacing the Mit Jewery i have, especially when it comes to the Ethereal items. It's just silly though that tanks are having to re gear for the umpteenth time this xpac because the target keeps moving.

    Also I think the bigger gripe in the posts above is that certain tanks literally dont have to do jack squat to hold aggro (amends), while others have to throw everything including the kitchen sink just to get the mob's attention.... and that's before the DPS lays into them.
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