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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Dabb, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Dabb Active Member

    With all the new super DPS that's being generated now it is getting extremely hard to hold agro in groups. It is at the point on Skyfire where no one wants to tank because its almost impossible to keep the group alive because of the DPS output...please give all tanks some love and boost the taunts and dps....its not fair to the tanks who work hard TRYING to keep agro...lets get on a fair playing field again.
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  2. Lucus Well-Known Member

    Tanks need something to hold hate now, be that buffed CAs, buffed taunts or a 15% group wide hate siphon ability.

    if you aren't a pally you will have it rough trying to keep and hold agro with crazy high dps in your group.
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  3. Cixi Member

    Step 1: Replace all your ****** mitigation jewelry with dps high potency stuff. Aquire 6k+ potency. (Try to reach 8k+ though)
    Step 2: Place face on keyboard.
    Step 3: Roll.
    Step 4: Still lose aggro now and then but its gonna be alot better.
    Step 5: Dilans.
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  4. guard Active Member

    i have a few tanks but only really play 2 a guard and a zerker both have over7k pot only thing i think zerker needs is a hate transfer as it hasn't got one
  5. Zypre Member

    That explains a lot! I keep seeing other tanks talk about hate transfer, and I thought I was just being a noob since I didn't know what they meant.. Given that zerkers don't have one, that makes a lot more sense.
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  6. Silzin Active Member

    I think the problem is as pointed out here by Cixi, All tank gear that has Mit or Block on it sacrifices one of the other stats on the item to get the Mit/Block. this leaves tanks with less stats to do DPS and Agro but its bin this way for ever... I have never liked it and i think these trend needs to change.
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  7. Reevar Active Member


    If your all outgoing dps (Threat and DMG ) combined is under 100 mil you need more pot.

    Also DPS toons ... Get some friggan HP, under 2 mil is going to get you killed a lot. A few pieces of max HP armor is not going to kill your dps.
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  8. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    I will say that I agree that tanks need help. I myself do just fine holding agro on a Bruiser but then again, I am over geared for heroic zones and have mostly best in slot gear.. My alt zerk though, even with a bit of raid gear, he still has problems with agro. Even sitting at 6k Potency and maxed stats.. he still struggles at times.

    I dont think tanks should be parsing as much as scouts and mages ... but give us enough dps to combine with taunts to hold agro. Having to cycle positionals just to stay at the top of a hate list is out of hand. Positionals used to be only used for snapping a mob back.. not having to use it just to maintain agro.
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  9. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Teach your guildies to try doing less damage also and save the hard hitting nukes when you are ready for it (macro call out, for example). SK ability drained from epic should make mob pay attention to you for 8 seconds, THAT is when they should nuke the hardest and then you get the agro back if you lose it after the 8 seconds if its not dead yet. The group needs to work as a team and help and support each other, not try to be top DPS corpse on the ACT chart.
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  10. Shanoi Member

    Tanks do need some agro-control love. For those that are gearing tanks as alts, it is nearly impossible to gear them well enough to hold agro off of a summoner group or any group that has high-DPS without good transfers (no sin, no swash, etc.). This means that there are far fewer tank alts around than there used to be. IF you have access to BIS or near-BIS gear for tanks with some defensive stats and lots of potency then good for you, but that is not the case for most. Let's see some agro-control love for tanks to move the dynamic back to one that is more accessible to more people.
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  11. Retrebution Member

    Just raise hate mod cap and boost stat on hate adornments. It's probably quickest solution.
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  12. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Yep. We've been telling them for years that mit and block shouldn't count against the stat allocations for gear. And they can't spend two expansions forcing tanks to stack as much mit as possible to survive, then suddenly flip a switch and expect them to forget mit almost entirely. It's no wonder so many tanks are confused.
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  13. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    This works fine for guild only groups but with the RTT Server opening up, I take whatever I can find in channel to run even the daily ethereal.. hell, I tanked several zones with Bruiser " ME " and 4 Conjis with a Beast Lord healing. While I agree that team work is needed to some degree, tanks still need some love in the agro management dept.
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  14. Akoriv Member

    So, if you're building up a returned after years and need to level re-gear tank, what/how do you need to gear for these days? Mitigation? DPS? What balance between the two?
  15. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    Well, if you have no gear from the TOT Expac .. then your gonna wanna start there. As for stat prioritization, go for Mitigation / Max HP / and as much DPS as you can squeeze in the cracks. At first you will want to concentrate more on your HP and Mitigation for survivability and as your gear gets overall better, you can start swapping in DPS pieces to boost Potency / Ability Mod to up your DPS.
  16. Genghes Active Member

    I'm torn on this, would I like to get more dps sure, would I like to generate more threat than I do now sure. Do I need that, no. Now before everyone says it's all my gear it's really not. I'm geared equal to the people I group with so saying it's my gear is wrong. With a proper group( chanter, bard, healer, tank, dps, transfer/dps) agro management won't be an issue
  17. Cixi Member

    A good rule of thumb is as I found out: Armor go HP/mitigation and for jewelry Potency/DPS
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  18. Genghes Active Member

    Gear for the content. Each tank class is different to on the needs. A bruiser for example can tank raid content with about 120 block and 18k mit
  19. xkrisx Well-Known Member

    Again though, with a dwindling population, proper group setup for Heroic content is laughable. I dont think Agro in raids is near the issue as it is in Heroics and if your equally geared to the group then you are correct, you shouldnt really have a problem. However, if your a PUG tank and pick up random classes and people to group with, 1 : your not always gonna get a proper group setup 2 : you are not always going to match the gear of your group mates.

    This isnt an issue for you or me as we are both well geared and the people we tend to group with are well geared so we dont see much of a problem if one at all. However, trying to tank heroics on my alt tank that isnt nearly as geared and getting groups with people that have better gear then me or have stacked potency on a bunch of misc items makes it a challenge to hold agro. Again, its not us " the people with gear " that is asking for help, its the little guy that's trying to make a living in a grown up world :) lol
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  20. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Agree with this very much.

    With the right buffs, my zerker doesn't really have much issue with aggro even with 4k pot. Coercer dehate + sin transfer makes it fine.

    But stick him in a caster group and all of a sudden even the troubader snaps aggro easily, even with 7k pot.

    Imo the simplest solution is to uncap hate gain, and add a good amount to the self buffs as a base. Say 100 hate gain on defensive stance and you can go up to 300 or 500.

    Another option is a tank hate siphon buff for group.
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