Tanks for Nothing! Your AAs are a mess!

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Heresford, Feb 18, 2023.

  1. Heresford Active Member

    I'm a 125 Paladin, and here is my AA spec:

    Ahenobarbus's AAs and Prestige - EQ2U (eq2wire.com)

    What would you have me change before you'd even think about grouping with me? The one I'm using is "Enhanced Vigor."

    Kind folks with suggestions about improving my solo game are also welcome. I still have bosses that I can't kill Graceless.

    Unkind folks who just want to throw mud are also welcome, provided that they are entertaining. ;)
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  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Also ask on your server who is the best pally on that server, and jot down the names, then look them up on EQ2U and see what they've done with AA, what adorns they're using, what gear they've chosen etc.
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  3. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Don't take it as an AA problem that you can't kill Graceless solos yet. The whole point of doing graceless is nothing more than the achievement saying that you did them.

    I have no intention of trying them until the 3rd half of the year when the last content update gives the best possible resolve gear for the expansion.
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  4. Priority Well-Known Member

    TBF, it's a Pally. It's an AA issue not being able to kill graceless solos. The AA spec above is really bad, but I don't have my character unlocked or 2 hours to sit down and go through his entire spec and rewrite it.

    Essentially, anything autoattack related is horrible. There are other poor choices, but those are some glaring ones.
  5. Heresford Active Member

    LoL. I thought I'd hear from you! No worries. Actually, knowing that the spec is "really bad" is good information! Thanks for that. I'll take a look at autoattack and follow Sigrdrifa's advice about asking for the best Paladins on Halls of Fate.
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  6. Priority Well-Known Member

    If i get some time or remember to unlock my toon later, I'll link it. Like I said, I'm just without time atm. Got family stuff all day until raid time.
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  7. Benj Well-Known Member

    You're more than welcome to copy my spec, Benj on Halls of Fate. I was running Graceless Solos on day one, even before completing the sig line. I'm currently geared for T1 raids, and I had top-tier raid items coming into this expansion, which may have helped.

    I agree with Priority that anything auto attack related is pretty much wasted. The only auto attack stat that might be worthwhile is AE Auto Attack Chance, since it lets you hit more creatures and possibly proc more. You probably don't need to spec for Arch Heal on the Paladin tree. We get enough heals as it is. Prayer of Healing (the weakest and fastest reset) often heals me back to full. You should spec for Pet of the Gods on the Shadows tree if you've gotten all of your RoS Shadowed Ethereal Trackers and have the upgraded AAs. Zealous Smite on the Heroic tree endline is pretty much a waste. The cure component doesn't work against any RoR dungeon boss. Manawall and/or Soulclaim would be better options. I would also take Provocation in the Dragon tree endline. I often group with high DPS classes, so I appreciate having the extra positional taunt. I assume you don't have all of the RoS Shadowed Prestige Points yet, or you would have maxed out the final Prestige tree. Once you get those, you'll find that Ready Up, Power Through the Pain, and Zealot's Challenge are all quite useful.
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  8. Heresford Active Member

    Thanks all! I've had to stop running for a while, and with the content being thinner this expansion, I've actually had time to dig into this.

    Or I'm just lame and never bothered looking into it before. Take your pick. ;)

    But I'm taking the opportunity to look into these more and perhaps play around a little. I honestly hadn't paid attention to the fact that I was missing RoS Prestige points. Guess I'll have to go back and figure out what achievements I lack. I know I didn't bother doing the weeklies for RoS at the time since I just hated the scripts on a couple of the instances and I didn't know about Shadowed Ethereals until later.
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  9. Heresford Active Member

    I've changed my specs, and I'm working on RoS achievements. What I can't figure out is why I can't spend the two points I have available on Zealot's Challenge. It's just sitting there grayed out, with nothing in the tool tip to let me know what pre-requisite I'm missing.
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  10. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    For unknowable reasons, the devs made some AA's unavailable for use until you complete an Achievement that "unlocks" the points. And it's really hard to see how many points you have vs. how many are unlocked.
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  11. Benj Well-Known Member

    At the bottom of your Prestige (Paladin) tree, how many points does it say you've spent, and how many does it have total? Should read something like 40/45? If the second number is less than 45, then you still have AA points to earn. You can't buy Zealot's challenge until you've already spent 68 points between the two Prestige trees, which is obviously impossible unless you've already unlocked all 70.
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  12. Heresford Active Member

    That makes sense, then. It says 40/42 on Paladin and 25/42 on Prestige. There are two points to spend, so that would be 67.
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  13. Heresford Active Member

    Ouch! It took some time to rack up the additional achievements to get those last 3 points. It seems that completing the adventure and tradeskill timelines were definitely the low hanging fruit! I'm still wrapping my head around the implications for new and returning players!
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  14. RubyHOF Member

    that and the higher chance of adorns
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  15. Cassta Well-Known Member

    This is SO annoying and I know I can not be the only one feeling this way.
  16. RubyHOF Member

    Also hard to see which quests/achievements I need to seek out to finish it off. I'm short 2.... but which 2?
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  17. Heresford Active Member

    I finally got over the top completing points of interest achievements and Overland Boss quests. I catalogued remaining POIs from Achievements window details and heavily relied on the Wiki and EQ2Map points.

    I didn't see any obvious way to know how many points I had, how many points I needed, or how many points I would get from different achievements. You can see bonus points for some of them, but there was nothing special about completing achievements with bonus points. I completed three of them without moving the needle an inch.
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  18. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I really need to go through and figure out a list of all the achievements that give AA point unlocks.

    EDIT: Oh wait! There's a list on the wiki of what rewards Bonus Prestige Points. It doesn't have the RoR achievements yet, but that's at least a lot less to dig through.

    EDIT 2: I only found two RoR Achivements with Bonus Prestige Points... page is updated!
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  19. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Fantastic job Sigrdrifa! Thanks :)