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Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-katshimoto, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. ARCHIVED-BradO 1812 Guest

    First off, I'm NOT a T7 raid tank, I can handle T5/T6 to help guildies, but haven't raided T7 so this is what i went for since most of my tanking in T7 is group based

    Wisdom all the way to the bottom
    Intelligence to the second last one, didn't like the bottom one there, waste of 8 points.

    Then I maxed out the parry in INT and the mitigation in WIS

    Can't remember where the last point went though :(

    This build gets me close to 60% mitigation and avoidance in defensive stance SOLOING when i'm using a shield and I can still hit stuff quite nicely. Very important when you're trying to 'Zerker Mez' mobs with the stun/interrupt chain we have.

    Was looking at the hate gain in the strength line, decided that the DPS in Wisdom and Haste in Intelligence were good enough to not need that one. Admittedly I lose a bit of the Haste when I tank with Hammer and Shield but the mitigation debuff for 1100ish from four points in Bellysmash counts for a bit more damage hate, unless i'm in a scout heavy group..
  2. ARCHIVED-PlasticLSD Guest

    Could elaborate on exactly what skill procs INT effects?
  3. ARCHIVED-uux Guest

    It usually effects non-melee based procs (magic, heat, poison, etc). For us, that pretty much leaves the procs on weapons. You would have to raise INT significantly to see a vast improvement. However, haste effects our procs more so than INT as you are hitting more often.
  4. ARCHIVED-Artalis the Elder Guest

    Well according to Sony Int increases proc damage. I was under the impression (though I may be wrong here) that imbued legs, shields, weapons, our taunting defense and our offensive stance procs would all be affected, at least. Though in retrrospect I suppose the latter two might be considered melee damage and would maybe play by different rules.

    As far as the int line goes remember that the haste cap is 100% and then look at your buffs. Once you go bezerk you get a nice haste effect and then if you have a haste item such as fbss or similar you are already sitting better than half way to the cap. Unless you are primarily a soloer I just see a lot of wasted points here especially once you get in a group. Thats why I respec'd, not because I didn't think the int line was sexy but because I saw a more effective use of my points in the wis line.
  5. ARCHIVED-dremtak Guest

    i have read most posts in this thread and skipped one or 2 but from what i see all good info but i still cant nail down my next line yet......heres my situation:

    first off..........im a 70 zerker was full t6 fabled going into t7 and currently have some decent t7 gear but have a ways to go........oh yeah side note.....thanks sony for lack of t7 raid content, ok back to the subject /rant off
    im a 5 day a week raider and mt often

    when the expansion came out i didnt notice many changes with holding agro but as peeps gained aa's there was a definate decline in my ability to do so..........i started off in the wisdom line..........i love the mitigation aa and my wisdom line looked like this 4/4/8 even with the dps aa increase i was still having problems holding agro and i have a decent t7 1h then once i got the other 8 to get the penalties knocked off my stances i noticed a definate change.....my single target agro was hella better.....not tottaly where i want it to be mind you but i noticed a definate improvement.
    but the improvement is most noticable on single target, now for multi encounters its a lil better but still a far cry short imo......i have been tabbing through targets faster to help keep agro and this has helped but still i dont feel like i got things totally in control.

    what im thinking is i need somthing to improve agro on multi encounters................can i hear some suggestions and some imput on that?

    appreciate all view points .....thanks in advance
  6. ARCHIVED-uux Guest

    I chose to have the penalties removed on the stances as well. I took the minimal amount of points to get it (wis: 4/4/4/4/8). Now that I find tanking in the defensive stance viable for aggro, I wanted the closest thing to our offensive stance proc back. 4/4/8 down the agility line. Not only is there now a higher chance to proc, the damage is based on the weapon wielded and can surpass the offensive stance proc in comparison (can still use it in addition to the stance). With my remaining points, I will add as much haste as possible from Acceleration Strike in the INT line (yeah, this includes 4 wasted points on +int :smileysad:). More haste means more chances to hit (opportunities to proc and crit).
  7. ARCHIVED-Mordicus Guest

    Well dont choose Sta cus its breoken!!

    Mordicus 70 Zerker
  8. ARCHIVED-KagnarLOH Guest

    How many threads to you need to post this in? And its only the final ability that is broken. Rest of the line works. Easiest way to have things looked at is to send in a /bug report. And posting this once would be all right. posting it 10+ times....annoying.
  9. ARCHIVED-Syracus Guest

    Hallo Berserker`s out there!

    Im not an Raid MT beside some expirence in that role in few guild raid and pick up raid`s. Mostly a make the group Tank for my Guild members. To be a tanking Berserker is my passion.

    So first in my opinion there many diffrent ways to be a better tank. ( Thanks Dimglow for his great post about Warrior AA lines).

    Holding agro was never a big problem against a single target.
    The problem for me was holding agro on multi encounter (Damm AE Nukers out there ;))

    So my Goal was to have better agro control on mutli encounter,
    better tanking ( defense ) and at least some more hate gain.

    So i choose for mysyelf the following AA setting

    4 4 8 8 in agi line
    4 5 8 8 in stamina

    and that setting make me happy.

    The agi line give me the better defense and a very good improvment in holding agro on multi encounter.
    The Stamina line gaves me the agro+ with 76 % double attack through the nice boost in dmg.
    I choose this one because in a hard tanking situations im mostly only autoattack (taunt,short defense buff,taunt high dmg attack taunt ...).

    As an pure raid mt maybe the wisdom line DPS/Mitigation might be the better choice than stamina line.


    Gronkh Berserker 70 on Valor
  10. ARCHIVED-Kannabis Guest

    I'm personally putting my points in STR and WIS
    STR = hate gain + crits = hold agro
    WIS = mitigation + dps = defense/hold agro
    with a good group heals shall not bea problem and with scouts putting agro hate on you no one should be able to steal agro from you ever.
  11. ARCHIVED-KagnarLOH Guest

    I am doing the same thing.....

    STR 4 5 8 4
    WIS 4 4 4 8 8

    Is what my current thoughts are
  12. ARCHIVED-Epyx Guest

    My first build was
    str 4/8/8/8
    wis 4/4/4/8

    Then i played around with sta
    sta 4/8/8/8
    wis 4/4/4/8

    Overall i hold aggro better with the first build Plus raid wise i do more dps str/wis than with sta/wis (since i'm not tanking and buckler reversal isn't proc'd a big part of the dps).

    I've gone back to my first choice, overall i think it's personal choice really, if i had to choose, it'd be easiest to just stick it out with sta/wis as i'd never really have to worry about ANY weapon at all, i'd just need 2 good 1handers and i'm set. But personally the crazy amount of crits done was rather fun to have(especially, exe axe->berserker aoe).

    As i get more relic, i think i'll respect again and forgoe wis(314mit is huge, but i don't really value the aa's in this line, wis is nothing, belly smash stun won't apply, plus no class will be able to KD epics, and personally DPS is always capped for me since i'm always with a coercer) and go str/agi or str/sta
    i'm leaning towards str/sta as the aoe in agi would just be annoying IMO, especially with a coercer GF around.

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