Tanking and what class to play?!

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Havenbrook, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Rasttan Member

    Its sad because the logic behind it is hey brawlers were to good last expansion, excuse me I just play the toon I have im sorry the developement team cant balance there own game and this happens. How about they take the time to adjust and attempt to even out the tank classes theres a novel idea. Theres a huge imbalance in the classes currently its as bad or worse than the strikethrough immunity
    screw up they had if you look at the healing and DR abilities of some classes in the harder levels of the game. DO NOT NERF ANYONE just adjust the clear and obvious defecencies classes have in some way, I offer my assistance if you want it for free at no cost to you.
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  2. Corydonn Active Member

    Guild Recruiter sends you a tell, "Hey we are looking for a tank, You should apply!"

    Me, "Hmmm. Maybe I do have free time again and a drive to get better gear. Are you sure you want a bruiser though? I feel like I'd be holding you guys back."

    Guild Recruiter sends you a tell, "Actually it'd be awesome if you could retire your bruiser and roll up a zerker or crusader."

    Pretty much this. I feel extremely nerfed coming into this expansion which Xelgad stated he wanted nobody to feel. I actually think my class is in a worse state than it was in TSO when I would give up my first seat bruiser slot to Jeal the paladin just so content would get done.
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  3. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    Don't compare the current state of brawlers with TSO-era. That was a dark time, and one that left emotional scars that many of us have yet to completely erase. You marginalize the Bruiser's current issues with such hyperbole.
  4. Duele Active Member

    You feel nerfed because you are.

    It had to be done to bring some form of balance back to the game since SF.
  5. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    Oh, I was wondering when Duele would pop-into this tread to interject his "wisdom". Please, tell us about how brawlers are only intended to "emergency tank" while the SKs get rezzed.
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  6. Malleria Well-Known Member

    "Balance" meaning SKs [still] on top, everyone else in the dirt.
  7. Kray New Member

    Meh, maybe I'm a bad SK. My experience has been that unless I have hate transfer, I have to sacrifice some survivablilty for DPS, otherwise hate becomes an issue when that ranger is melting a crowd or the necro's pet hits soulburn. With hate transfer I can turtle up with the best of them (I carry multiple armor sets). Now, when I go full plate warlock, then I can put up some fair numbers ... but don't ask me to tank much (of course, most heroics don't need much). I have to admit, we fill our role as OT very well. We can contribute fair numbers when not needed to tank and we can snatch up a crowd to OT when needed, but we have to find a proper balance when trying to MT.

    Contemplating joining the bandwagon and going Pally. I think I will have an easier time in Dominion. It's funny, I have spent a lifetime consuming the souls of my enemies, but as long as I clean some trash around Qeynos they will make me a Holy Paladin. I feel I should be out there in an orange jumpsuit.
  8. Bashem Well-Known Member

    Tanking to me is as far as what groups and raid want being a meat shield nothing more. They just want there tank to keep aggro so they can do there thing without getting aggro. Oh and were supposed to know how every encounter is played even if it the first time fighting that encounter or zone. Why I dont like tanking in pug because people will blame me if they get aggro or we get a mob cant be killed. Or I die a lot it must be not geared or speced right or doing something else wrong.
  9. The_Cheeseman Well-Known Member

    Tanking is definitely the most demanding and highest responsibility role in the group. It can be stressful, especially in PUGs. That's why I have a necromancer alt, DPS is a welcome break after a night of tanking.

    I think everybody should have to play a tank as a main for a while before unlocking the DPS classes. It might help them respect their tanks a bit more.
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  10. Duele Active Member

    From the sounds of it there are plenty of Brawlers still performing in raids easily at high end.

    The difference now is that you just can't do everything better than everybody else all the time.

    Balance...such a hard thing for you to grasp?
  11. olleran Active Member

    I think Duele seems to forget that SKs have been OP forever , but now they see the SK OP- ness as the norm and only see other classes like brawlers as OP and in need of nerfing. This has been evident from all the brawler related posts which have been hijacked by Duele and a few other vocal plate tanks..
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  12. jordash Member

    SK's are not as perfect as everyone makes them out to be. Each class has it's own strength and weakness.
  13. Duele Active Member

    I got a good kick out of this post. Did you just start playing the game 2 months ago?

    Even better that Silzin "liked" it.

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