Tank Items Ruined all the way back to Echoes of Faydwer Raids

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Mingle, Jul 17, 2020.

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    I spent countless months with my guild gaining items in Echoes of Faydwer to approach this new expansion RoK. All the items gained from this expansion are now NULL & VOID and worthless for tanks. Not to mention the SKY HUNTERS shield is better than the shield from a top raid in Echoes of Faydwer???


    So now I need to go back to a previous expansion to do hunter items to upgrade my items... basically I need to go back to EoF hunters to replace a TOP raid shield from that expansion..

    Once RoK was released I spent 2 weeks GRINDING / FARMING all the items to equip on my Guardian to approach the current raids. I spent an ungodly amount of time and plat to make upgrades, trade with other players, etc. I did ALL the questing and discovered all the best possible items for my character. I then transmuted the items i didnt need from questing/previous expansion.

    Suddenly the next day all the items changed and almost every item i equipped and kept is worthless to a tank. Now I am left without the ability to do the quests for the items (unless i delete and recreate my character?) nor can i find appropriate items to equip to replace the ones i had transmuted from the previous expansion's raids etc.

    I am left with a broken Guardian. Customer Support won't do anything.. and it seems the general design direction of the game is to do nothing.. so I am left with a broken character with worthless items and a waste of 2 weeks on the new expansion.. and my guild wasted a few months gearing ourselves up for this expac.

    I am very disappointed and turned off by a game I truly loved playing and spending my time with my friends exploring, adventuring and raiding with.
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    Idk how to get my image to display in a post, says post to long if i drag it in ><
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    Same with Necklace of the Pureblood from Mayong in Throne of New Tunare raid.. had hp/mit/defensive.. now just an offensive necklace.

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    I totally understand how mingle feels im in the very same boat and yes there are a few item that i could get .right now. but another patch is coming at some point there's no way in hell that im gearing up for a 2nd time to then do it for a 3rd time so im waiting for patch and then when it breaks more **** than it fixes im quitting
    And if any any you think i know nothing about gearing a toon then look at strabs on eq2 wire he WAS one off the best geared out zerkers on sever before daybreak done there great tank patch that some off you love so much.
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    Yep Mingle, Imma bit pissed/disappointed too. This is extremely poor management.
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    I'm pretty optimistic they will fix some good stuff for us, but, some items may be lost forever due to the time it would take to fix ALL of the gear. I can tell you I put in 3 special requests based on Guardian/Warrior gear that absolutely needed to be tank gear based on lore of the game, including city quest gear. My response was that it was not touched since 2009. The reason nobody complained about it was because there was so much out there to choose.
    I am happy they are looking at the particular items, including city quest chest, Shackles of the Court which needed to be Tanky gear based on the lore of the story with Chardok. Pretty cool, hoping for the best!
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    This coming patch is make or break for me naneeje
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    What patch? They decided to change nothing about itemization.

    All guardian armor broken, cloak of flames broken.. Cloak of WOven Heartwood broken..
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    Dreamweaver post in discord:

    "After reviewing the changes made to raids over the weekend, the dev team has decided to not make global changes to itemization at this time, but will still be changing/fixing some individual items as time allows. They will also be adding some new items in to fill some gaps in itemization. They are looking at both short term and long term changes."

    R.I.P. Kaladim
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