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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-ElectricPotato, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-ElectricPotato Guest

    Named holgresh in the south side of the cliffs, upper cave. Starts with two damage reduction buffs, an 80% and a 60%. So he's not taking any damage. Both buffs intended?
  2. ARCHIVED-StormQueen Guest

    He seems bugged. I took a fury with me to throw her dispel, took one buff off, no dice. I was told by another player that he is supposed to spawn adds that you kill then he is damageable. Fought it for 15 minutes and no adds spawned. Tried this on two different days in two different versions of Withered Lands with ACT running to show me that the namer spawned no adds and took ZERO damage.
    Can we get this looked at? Or are we missing something obvious?
  3. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    He was not dropping the debuffs if someone was killed by him. This should be resolved in an upcoming hotfix.
  4. ARCHIVED-ElectricPotato Guest

    I've fought a fresh one that started with no "Mystic Barriers" twice. Both times at around 20%, He popped several mystic barrier buffs on himself at once, giving him 100% damage reduction total or more. The most recent time, 4 mystic barriers, 40, 60, 80, and 20, for a whopping 200% damage reduction(in one fight). At that point his in combat hp regen started to heal him back from 20%ish. I'll give him a try again later.
    Does he work like jalakapook'tei? his adds persist if the encounter is ended, and need to be cleared to make Mr. grand luminary vulnerable. If Tala's adds were spawning someplace weird under the world or something that would make sense.
    Alrighty, saw the test notes that "Talapatook'tei has Magnaminously decided to be less invulnerable. Praise him! Praise him!" and popped over to testcopy. Tala is perfectly killable, mystical barriers spawned during the fight, but elapsed, allowing for a kill. Thanks Gninja!
  5. ARCHIVED-Saharah Guest

    I dont think this has been fully resolved. As I type I'm fighting this guy. When I started I was able to get him down to 29% and then he stopped taking damage. He's got 3 Mystical Barriers up now, one for 20%, one for 40%, and one for 60% absorbtion. He's regened back to 85% health in the time I've been waiting for the so-called adds to spawn. Nothing.
    I reset and tried again and was able to get him down. Little buggy still apparently.
    ElectricPotato wrote:
  6. ARCHIVED-Observe Guest

    It's debateable whether it is bugged as-is now.
    Every 20% health he drops his current shield and gets a better one a few seconds later.
    He will get two shields if you drop him more than 20% before the next shield comes up.
    So you either have to kill him slowly, or one-shot him between shields.
  7. ARCHIVED-ElectricPotato Guest

    After a few more fights here and there, I've gotten him to stack 3 buffs for 100%+ reduction at once, forcing me to tactically retreat and try again. Wasn't sure what was doing it, but yeah the successful kills did go a little slower, must bug it if you go too fast 9(specifically if you take him over more than one barrier threshold at once)
    If the mystic barriers overwrote one another instead of stacking, this encounter would be less invulnerable more often.
  8. ARCHIVED-LordPazuzu Guest

    One of my guildmates figured out if you kill him too fast the buffs stack up and don't drop. He was able to kill him repeatedly just by slowing down DPS.
  9. ARCHIVED-OlavSkullcrusher Guest

    I can confirm that this guy is still bugged. I went at him just now with my wizard and a pally and unloaded on him. Hitting him that hard that fast seems to bring those damage debuffs up, which stack, and he becomes unkillable. But I had killed him the other day without any problem.

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