Tainted Heals - What spells trigger it?

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-Mayl, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Mayl Guest

    Going to start a new necro tonight and was reading up some on the class. It would appear that many necro's go down the AA path in EOF to gain Tainted Heals.
    Reading the ability, it looks like Tainted Heals fires off a heal when you use "manipulation" class spells.
    So is that only when a necro uses a root or such that you get a pet heal added to the spell?
    Of do all spells (the dot's dd etc) cast the pet heal once you get the 21 aa's into that tree?
  2. ARCHIVED-eidand Guest

    Hi there,
    If you plan to solo then yeah Tainted Heals is what makes us Solo GODS :). The heal will only fire once per each SUCCESFULL manipulation spell. Root, Fear etc. There is one manipulation spell that does not trigger the spell and that is the buff one ... necromantic rune i think it's called.The great thing about the spell is that it always heals the pet for 18% of it's health so it scales every time you level.
    I don't use / bother with my healing spells, I don't even upgrade them any more. Tainted heal is that good. I am 36 now and it heals my pet for over 1k while the heal spell does something like 200. If i remember corectly you can have 5 or 6 spells that trigger it and that is a lot of healing power.
    If you plan to group / raid then perhaps you want to spend your AA points on something else.
  3. ARCHIVED-Mayl Guest

    So, in a normal fight vs a mob how do you heal your pet via tainted heals? You just "blow" a root on the mob so you get the 18% heal? Just trying to see how it works when you are casting your normal HO rotation of spells
  4. ARCHIVED-eidand Guest

    exactly. normally i wouldn' bother with roots fears etc. now the only reason i cast them is to heal my pet. well they are usefull in certain situations of course, but since I got tainted heals there's hardly a fight (^^^ names ) when I don't spam it. Of course watch your power bar all the time :).
  5. ARCHIVED-eidand Guest

    Oh and one more thing. It's easy to see which spells will heal your pet as manipulation spells will get one more line in their description 9 a green one ) saying that they heal the pet for 18%. So you cast a root and it's succesfull ... you get one heal for 18%. Might be a good idea to upgrade the manipulation spells so they don't get resisted.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mayl Guest

    thanks.. so basically just replace root with pet heal, cast that on mob whenever I want a pet heal.
    Thanks again
  7. ARCHIVED-DrOctober Guest

    Spell lines that trigger TH:
    Root: First spell - Chain (5)Dispel Magic (9)
    Noxious Debuff Proc: First spell - Necromantic Mark (14)Stun: First spell - Grasp (16)
    Fear: First spell - Fear (24)
    STA/WIS Transfer: First spell - Grisly Mark (25)
    STR/INT Debuff: First spell - Drawing of Souls (ancient teachings spell) (52)
    Charm: First spell - Control Undeath (ancient teachings spell) (55)

    I generally use the sta/wis transfer and dispel magic to keep the pet healed. Make sure to cancel the transfer to have it available for recast. It has a longish duration, but when toggled off it becomes available for recast quite quickly.
    When those 2 spells aren't enough to keep the pet up, I mix in the stun, the str/int debuff, and the root. The str/int debuff is like the sta/wis transfer in that it has a longish duration, but can be canceled early to make it available sooner.

    I'd like to also mention that once you get 55, and start charming undead, your TH will heal the charmed pet the same way it heals your summoned pet. Yes, that means that the very PROCESS of charming will heal your summoned pet AND the now-charmed pet.
  8. ARCHIVED-gr8scott Guest

    Keep in mind the spell has to actually land in order for the tainted heal to fire.
    While many soloers may view the manipulations line as low on the list to upgrade, in fact they should be very high on the list. Getting all these spells up to at least adept 3 and hopefully master 1 will significantly reduce your resist rate. A good set of upgraded manipulations is vital to dealing with white or yellow con mobs that would regularly resist a junk spell cast on them :)
  9. ARCHIVED-Eriol Guest

    DrOctober wrote:
    Just be careful when using the str/int transfer (aka Drawing of Souls) because it uses up an essence of anguish every time you cast it. The sta/wis actually CREATES those on the death of the mob if the effect is on them, but it doesn't use anything, so just be sure not to burn through too many of those things. Ya I usually run with WAY more than I use, but if you're burning 5-6 a fight, you'll be out of them pretty soon, so favor spells OTHER than drawing of souls unless you have no other option.
  10. ARCHIVED-Conequis Guest

    An effective line-up that I have used is the STA/WIS debuff right away then click it again to have it refresh, then cast root, by that time STA/WIS debuff is up again and cast it then hit it again to refresh. Now after this I usually have to wait a few sec for the STA/WIS debuff to refresh so if I still need to heal extra, will cast stun, then Dispel, and by that time my rotation is up again.
  11. ARCHIVED-Truwen Guest

    How I do it is basically throw pet in for the pull, call the pet back if the situation requires it. Then, if my pet is taking a beating I will toss a root, a stun, and my two debuffs...usually I do the debuffs at the beginning of the fight as it makes things a little faster. After that I will apply dots, and recast my manipulations as necesary. One thing I have discovered is that dispell hits quite often and is resisted less often than some of the other spells and I believe dispell scales with your level so you might want to consider that one. I have upgraded it as well through the AA line.
    Basically in the end it is the FIRST aa line you will want to get if you intend to be a very successful soloer, and even if you don't solo often, it can still help you to keep your pets alive moreso than the gimpy little heals we got before, transfer/mend lines.
    I can say for certain that at level 63 I have been having a blast soloing things I could only dream of when I was without tainted heals.
  12. ARCHIVED-Zald Guest

    DrOctober wrote:
    Few additional add-ins...

    The Noxious debuff proc is a guaranteed hit, yeah its a long recast/cast, but in a tough fight, you can drop the debuff so you can get a guaranteed heal if/when you need it.
    Don't fear the fear spell. If you cast in the right order it won't hurt you. I usually cast the Mark spell(immediately canceling it), dispell, then fear, then root... then mark again. Thats 100% healed pet and the rotation can continue without delay from there. The root following the fear usually keeps the mobs from going anywhere.
    With Tainted heals and a the Wis/Sta AA lines... you and your pet are almost as effective as a guardian/templar combination... with a weak mage doing DPS. I off tank ^^^ yellow adds when I'm grouped as well. Really pisses off tanks though when they see the necro pet holding agro AND being 100% health throughout most of the fights... esp when the group healers are barely keeping him alive vs a similar mob.

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