Tainted [Butcherblock] -- Recruiting Thread

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    Tainted ~~ Butcherblock
    Current Progression:[IMG]

    Sleeper’s Tomb: 10 of 12 Cleared
    Temple of the Faceless: 5 of 6 Cleared
    Harrow’s End – 6 of 9 cleared
    Plane of War – 1 of 7 cleared
    Contested (Avatars) - 0 of 6 Cleared

    Tainted is an EST based progression raiding guild on the Butcherblock server with a long history originating on Kithicor.

    Currently recruiting geared and experienced:
    --Coercer, Troubador, Cleric, Defiler
    --**App in process
    --Level 95, 320 AA, fully expert or mastered spells, enervated weapon + decent gear (raid obtained or otherwise)
    --300% Crit Chance+++
    --Stable internet connection, ability to use Ventrilo; Guild Connect is required
    --Ability to maintain 80% or higher raid attendance
    --Exceptional players of classes not currently being recruited will be considered on a case-by-case basis

    Raiding Schedule:
    Mon/Wed/Thurs Thursday, 8:30 - 11 EST
    Sunday 7 - 11 EST .
    For more information, check out our website at http://www.taintedeq2.dkpsystem.com/ or feel free to send a tell or in-game mail to:
    Butcherblock.Tiphoon, Butcherblock.Cromdar, Butcherblock.Dvain, Butcherblock.Kwikdeath, or Butcherblock.Jazzminn.