T9 rares? What are they?

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-BabyAngel, Feb 18, 2010.

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    Alienor wrote:
    Ok, this has been a long discussion that I keept bringing up every few months for the last two years. The quick sum up was that back when we still made ink everybody grumbled but it was a fair distribution of spell raw components.
    Many people gave many different ideas. Domino picked the current system which seems to be more fair than having 2 classes on one rare, and the other two having their own rare to themselves (and sharing with MC jewelery market).
    Now nobody is happy, but it is fair. That actually makes me happier than I was during RoK's launch. While I realize this is going to lead to higher prices due to greater demand, I am comforted in knowing that I'm in the same boat as everybody else.
    My most perfered idea was for a new spell-only rare to be introduced and have it as a very rare event on all nodes. This way you'd harvest either whatever is easiest, or what you want the most if your looking for spells since it wouldn't matter what kind of t9 (or t10?) node it was going to be.
    Well, along with the "this node respawns 100% as the same type" change I'm looking foward to how this plays out. We really won't know for a few more months. By this time next year, Domino should have a good idea of how this went and if she should repeat this in t10, or not.
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    TheSpin wrote:
    I ran into similar numbers. A portion of it can be attrinuted to the bug that was fixed with today's patch where 10 Quicksilvers were giving a diamond instead of a kaborite.

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