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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Mohee, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Mohee Active Member

    Just finished the Prismatic Timeline, and just thought I'd post the loot that we received from over 9 level 54 & 55 Epic x4 bosses. A few of them only dropped treasured chests. I've /reported almost all these items in the past almost a year ago, and just sad to see that things haven't changed. I feel really sorry for any progression guilds out there. This loot is a slap in the face. A friend of mine (55 Brigand) and myself (55 Warden) duo'd the whole timeline. We are super twinked, so it was fun doing this questline, taking out these blue/white epic x4's with no mercs. But still, very disappointing when you see this kind of loot for your efforts. These missed items have been known about for well over a year...


  2. Estred Well-Known Member

    Yep, this is because most drop tables were not updated in the old-world content. Making Treasured and Mastercrafted on par or better than Epic Drops. Really SOE could do with putting 1 dev on this side project for a few weaks. When you enter a zone just add a flag for "easy" content where enemies have the current HP values and damage values or and "updated" zone where it is harder and takes a full group in the proper gear.

    I say make 2 versions because if they update old gear they must update old enemies to account for it or the old content becomes super easy. Many players have voiced that they like doing old content, but the drops just aren't rewards for doing so. As a result you see many people PLing to max level because there is no purpose to running things like Fallen Gate or Laboratory of Lord Vyemm.
  3. Mohee Active Member

    It has been really fun doing these quests again at a pretty appropriate level, and without mercs. But really when you think about it, its kind of crazy that you can twink out toons so bad, that a brigand/warden can duo these old world epic x4's while they con blue/white and yellow. It's really the only content that is even "somewhat" of a challenge for us haha. I would love to at least see some fabled drops that would replace our mastercrafted gear. I can kind of understand it not being an upgrade to the reactant gear but still...

    All these fabled drops make me LOL and cry at the same time when I see them. When we kill these epics its like... Kill = :D See chest = :cool: Loot Chest, see fabled = :eek:o_O:confused::mad::(
  4. Mohee Active Member

    Another thing that boggles my mind, is why is the Fabled stuff that drop from these 54/55 Epic x4's level 40 gear, and the treasured stuff is level 47? lol
  5. Estred Well-Known Member

    Well most Epic Encounters are "Orange" when you normally fight them so a lvl 55 Epic X4 would be killed by a lvl 45 Raid (when the level cap was 50). As I said Treasured items were updated as were Crafted items. Legendary and Fabled however are still on the old-world stat system. So a Paladin Armorpiece has WIS on it still o_O
  6. Mohee Active Member

    Haha, I love the leather armor piece with Str/Int on it. I also found a Priest fabled item with a threat position increase proc on it.
    Also, these raid mobs would be orange con at level 50. 45's it'd be red *gulp* don't think they'd survive that! I remember 8 years ago we used 4 full groups of 50's and was still quite the challenge! :D
  7. Estred Well-Known Member

    Haha yeah whoops on my math. 8 levels above is the highest "Orange" con you can get. Just because I have mentored and pulled a lvl 55 Epic X4 at lvel 40 is well... because I am mentored from 95 with near end-game raid gear.
  8. Mohee Active Member

    heh, probably still almost 1 shot them while they're red like that :p
    freakin' OP guardians...

  9. Davngr Well-Known Member

    actually i do remember some of the epic mobs dropping wood chest back in the old days of raiding. frankly i didn't really care because i had no idea what i was doing but ya.. those mobs have always dropped crap :)
  10. Estred Well-Known Member

    Actually I darn near died, had to burn all 14 stoneskins and 18 second Invulnerability to survive... those red bosses hit darn hard and you miss 90% of the time due to blocks (yay for 100% Strikethrough)
  11. mague Active Member

    Vox was the worst and Darathar required crafted faysteel rods. They did like uber 2k damage to the dragon. The more faysteel and kamikaze crafters at the forge the easier it was. If the whole raid was able to do the belly dance under the dragons wings :p Damn good times :D
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  12. Anfis Member

    actually when these encounters were designed it was manditory you had atleast mastercrafted ebon weapons or wyrmsteel weps that are no longer even in the crafting tables..well besides the ebon ... they were rare droped clusters that required you to forge them in the bottom of sol ro jus to make decent attempts at darathar..i still have mine on my old toon..and as for the lvls on the items back in t5 the Higher end fabled loots lvld with you in power and started to be equipable at lvl 43 and didnt grow to full str untill you reached the even con on teh weapon makin it con white and you being lvl 50.. the weapons had con lvls so at lvl 43 it was orange to you so it was harder to use
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  14. ZUES Well-Known Member

    Necroing this thread was a good idea. The new TLP servers will be relying on this loot table so it needs to be fixed.
  15. Karagon Active Member

    Roll back all gear reworking for that progress servers, or there would be no real sense of playing... ( I wanna see Items that were when that expansions landed, not reworked ones with potency, critchance, critbonus, extra stats, etc...
  16. ZUES Well-Known Member

    Ya, good luck with that.

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