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    This is good. It means you have fun content to look forward to still! Reason you were able to pug ethereal runs every day is because the zones allowed groups without a clue or a pulse thru. T2s resoundingly demand higher level of preparedness and class knowledge.

    This is good. This will encourage members of your guild to prepare, communicate and learn your classes better, for if there is no incentive, there will be no improvements. Identify points of failure, focus on solutions to them, ask for advice on things you're stumped by.
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  2. Magmag Active Member

    Add Magarino to your friends list and send me a tell. I can torch some T2 zones on my zerker for you. Who is your toon and what class is it? It doesn't matter, we will be able to clear stuff anyway but I'm just curious. I work 4pm-midnight EST this week, but am usually on before and/or after.
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  3. Uncle Active Member

    are you on skyfire???
  4. Magmag Active Member

    Negative, sorry amigo. I guess I should have included I'm on Maj'Dul. I thought I saw Anatha say she was on MD but I guess not.
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    no worries gonna say new tank on skyfire
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    ROFL!! I saw "T2" and was thinking, "Okay, there are folks out there that don't start at 110, or at least don't zoom up there in like a week [or 24 hours...]? Someone's still doing the 10th-19th level zones out there from the start of their toons, and don't like the Shadow Critters being there any more than I do? Cool! :D" Still took awhile to grok that was not the case, until I saw a bunch of Named names flash by that I'm not familiar with at all, not having the latest expac yet. ;->

    Humor me: is T1 the new T11, and T2 actually T12, etc.? Must be a bunch of triskaidekaphobic devs out there, worrying about next year... ;->

    who wonders when we changed the Base designation for our numbers here... ;->
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  7. Anatha Active Member

    I am on Skyfire. I am on almost every day. Several hours a day. Trying to find a pug group is very difficult over here.
    I just got my offhand to level 10 today. I do have my blue rune but have been very hesitant to switch out my myth bow. I have a fabled relic bow with Anguish on it but have only put a couple of levels on it. I know I will probably have to switch out all my whites for cb whites. Very frustrating. However, that doesn't help me get groups either in guild or out of guild when there aren't enough people around that can do T2.
  8. AvenElonis Well-Known Member

    Elements of Rage - fix the last mob - well gear players can't get this done without help from DPS in the top raid guilds (thanks Davl, Vynie) - this is silly.

    Midnight Aerie - doable, but painful unless everyone knows and does exactly the right thing(s) all the time - no one likes doing the zone.

    Trails of Air - seems to be potluck if a decent group can get thru this or not.

    What is the point of T2 Heroic, if they can not be done at this point since launch. I mean I like a challenge as much as the next person. But folks this is not fun anymore. And to others posts - try to get a group for these zones - good luck.
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  9. Drona Well-Known Member

    It feels T1 raid mobs are LOT easier than the last named in Elements of Rage!

    However I don't want this mob to be nerfed but make it an optional last boss so that people can complete the zone for weekly etc without killing him. This mob has been a real challenge which was really lacking at the heroic level for sometime and it was really fun to finally get him on "farm" status. This kind of challenge is really nice and fun but its too much for most people who do heroics so I think its nice candidate for optional boss with really nice loot table.

    Note that this guy can drop the cloak and I have seen him drop it twice now.

    Also note that if people are semi decently geared, they are better off with 3rd good DPS class than 2nd healer. Its all about killing the adds fast and not really about healing. Even non raid geared tank will do and non raider geared warden/defiler can solo heal this encounter if the DPS is good. You can do it with combined DPS of 6/7 billion with only 3/4 waves of adds popping.
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