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  1. Kisy Active Member

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  2. Afista Well-Known Member

    Ummmm what window is that placed on?

    But those are pretty curtains! A bit pricey though : /
  3. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    Looks like a window in a Qeynos house. I'll stick to the ones I can make. :p Hopefully, we get some nice ones for Errolisi day!
  4. Kisy Active Member

    I don't know what window its on, but I wants it!!!! It looks like a Qeynos window, but the wall is all Halas. So /shrug. Thats the picture from the announcement on the EQ site, so .....

    How much are those going for? I don't liek that they are SC, but more cutians!!! SWOOSH!
  5. Kisy Active Member

    Ok so got a chance to log in for a split second and ya... $5 for curtains. What Dev thought that was a good idea. I could remotely understand ( from a marketplace standpoint ) $5 for the recipe to make them in game. Though I think that they should have just given us the recipe either by quest or some other in game way.

    Guildie ( Ellys! I love yous ! ) even said that SOE could make tons of cash to sell the recipe and make them heirloom, and hell I'll add to that make sure that they are commission- able for the crafters who can't make them.

    Another idea she had is to use old lvl rares.... Red curtains? Use a Ruby ..... Green = Emerald ..... Grey = Steel..... White = Pearl... maybe get 2 per craft for using a rare.

    I'm actually really sadden by the price.... most rooms have 2 - 3 windows your looking at 10-15 bucks for curtains?!
  6. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    I thought the window was one of the craftable ones, but all the ones I've found have arched tops, not flat. Let the hunt begin!

    Oh, and if you like curtains without paying $5 USD for them, there ARE crafted ones as well. Lvl 95 carpenter recipe, dark palate, called Matoppie Fiber Drapes.
  7. Tenchigirl15 Well-Known Member

    o wow, I just requested white drapes on Errolisi day wish list forum a week ago. but I hope it's in Errolisi day item tho, I'm not paying 5 bucks only for one. :cool:
  8. Absyntheea Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. I won't be buying 'em for $5 either. Maybe if they go on sale.. but even $2.50 is more than I would like to spend on 'em. Hopefully we get some nice CRAFTABLE ones for E-day.
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  9. Zhaanish Well-Known Member

    Price is too high.

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