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Discussion in 'General Scout Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-xzordian, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-xzordian Guest

    Doesn't look like anyone has posted here in awhile, but maybe i'll get a reply.
    Been wanting to make a scout or rogue. Thinking of either a Swash or an Assassin. I'm a casual player and i usualyl play toons that aren't completely horrible to level. I didn't want to make a ranger because people say buying arrows and poisons all the time gets expensive. Anyways, thinking now between an the two I mentioned. Basically I guess I'm asking which of these two would be less painful to play?
    I'm pretty new to the game, I tried it awhile ago, but due to RL stuff I quit shortly after getting an SK and Defiler to lvl25. Didn't really like either of those. Defiler was extremely painful to play btw. Didn't get much into the SK just because when I made him I didn't realize I would be required to tank ( I know, WoW ruined my mind in that area).
  2. ARCHIVED-Raz_wolf Guest

    xzordian wrote:
    Well first off both swash and assassin can use poisons. Generally speaking poisons are broke atm, But thats another issue.

    As for arrow consumption while its true you probally wont use as much as a ranger....its still way out of hand. My poor assassin blows through them in redicilous fashion. (3 autoattacks, + flurry + aoe autoattack) you get the idea. Swashies probally the same way. But generally you wont have that level of stats till you get to end game.
    I hear assassin can be a PITA to level. I didnt have issues. You just gotta know your limits and learn to use defensive stance when needed. Assassin soloing is best summed up with the phrase "your either quick, or your dead" Meaning you wont survive a long fight solo.
    Cant really say about a swashie maybe one will make a similar compairson and help you decide.
  3. ARCHIVED--=Hoss=- Guest

    my brig was a heck of a lot easier to solo level than my assassin. I imagine a swash would be right there. Basically, the rogue ability Walk the plank makes it EZmode. With the assassin, you have to use a stun and run behind and even then it sometimes turns with you.
  4. ARCHIVED-Attolia Guest

    I have one of each, and the swashy is much easier to solo. If you have your heart set on an assassin, soloing is doable, but if you're just wondering which is less stressful: swashy.
  5. ARCHIVED-Oneira Guest

    DPS, good defenses, more health and strong AE attacks, Swashies are the better soloers by far.
  6. ARCHIVED-GussJr Guest

    I would vote Ranger or Assassin...but I am kind of biased. If you're going to group, I would say ranger. If you're trying to solo it...I would try the assassin.
    I can't really comment on the Swashy.
  7. ARCHIVED-ivoryseeker Guest

    I am having this same debate. However I'm not worried about soloing. With the Merc's avaible, that shouldn't be a problem.

    I'm wanting to level a melee T1 DPS. I just can't seemed to make up my mind which one. Is either one of them more desirable at end game content right now? Or is there a overwelming number of either class?

    Not meaning to hijack your post but its the closest I've found to helping to answer my questions.
  8. ARCHIVED-Pattywak Guest

    AoE + decent single target + some debuffs = Swashy Single target king + decent AoE = Assassin Either is good for DPSing (you'll get good parses in Aoe or Single target from both) and have transfers so they're desirable for grouping and raiding.
  9. ARCHIVED-coochic Guest

    ~ Swashbuckler will solo better by a landslide. I'm a very capable soloing assassin but I'm saying I can solo more and better as a swashy, specially before SS gear and what not. So to solo and get to 92 swashy trumps the assassin. * ~ End game, any group or raid would be pretty much equally happy to have either, or hopefully both with them. By default design the assassin is more DPS / but swashies are very good DPS themselves. ** * ~ So to the original poster, it isn't a debate really. Swashy is better at soloing, without a bias view. Simply because of abilities given to each class. ~The point made about mercs, if they are available to you, negates all benefits of soloing though. Making them again equal to level up. ** * ~ To Ivoryseeker, again both are pretty much equal in the end game without bias. I play an assassin, and there isn't an overload of assassins on the server I play on, but same goes for swashy. So if it's end game you're looking to enter with good chance of grouping / raiding my advice to you is. Check with your guild leader and see what they are lacking or desiring more, Swashbuckler, or Assassin, then roll that.

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