Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by TrulyVexed, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    The souls of slain Teir'Dal are not anywhere to be found on Funrest. (Momentary Peace for Bloody Kithicor" quest.
  2. Cruellatrix New Member

    On Splitpaw, Phantom Sea 1 I cannot get the 'ring event' to spawn. I've waited all night and tried killing some Bone Rots to see if any of those where a trigger but still nothing yet... I hope it'll be fixed soon! :)
  3. Bruce The Original Member

    On Freeport, Phantom Sea 2, I came across the event in progess at around 3:40am game time. Mind you, I was there about 5 minutes prior to this, with nothing, game time showing 6:47pm. (Side note, that is part of a bug where the time in a zone will stop entirely. Sometimes it will advance on its own after about an hour of real time, but most often I have to camp to character select to fix). The mobs were battling each other, but their health was not dropping, so none of them died in order to use the phylactery. I managed to solo kill one of them, but the corpse would not stay targeted for me to use the phylactery. Others tried to kill the mobs, which would aggro several at once. Event is occurring, but definitely broken.
  4. Glassjaw Active Member

    Ah! Yes sorry I forgot to mention that I also deleted the bugged quest.
  5. AngryConjy Member

    yes it is bugged on oasis, tried with and without the illusion, killed thing with and with out, waited day and night. nothing. still to far away. being a conjy went in the middle and cast earthquake nothing. with and without illusion.
  6. Coriel Active Member

    Server Unrest, instance PS3, solo or grouped with merc, with/out illusion, during daytime or nighttime, left and reentered the highlighted area repeatedly: The event doesn't start.
  7. Coriel Active Member

    PS1 works. Event was going as I came close enough for the details to render.
  8. Esselled New Member

    Hi, trying to do the quest on 18 Nov, Phantom Sea (only instance), Oasis server. Mobs spawned, not engaged, and giving response of "No targets in range". This was also the case for me last evening.

    ~ Ess
  9. Kaitheel Developer

    Wigin's fix for the 'too far away' issue is going live with tomorrow's update. If you encounter the issue again, after the update, please let us know!

    ~ Kaitheel
  10. Kalmaraa Active Member

    Well i's past the update time and the quest Sustaining Souls of bloody kithicor appears to still be broken. I wouldn't mind completing quest as I would like the armor unlock it the next one in the series provides.
  11. Kaitheel Developer

    How does it appear broken? What is it that you are experiencing?

    ~ Kaitheel
  12. Scalette Member

    I just did this on Guk. It was not broken. You have to kill the non- aggro High Elf Spirit that is sitting in the area. After he is dead a Defeated Spirit will spawn. You have to use the phylactery on him. Do this 12 times to complete the quest. Hope this helps. ;)
  13. Derfel Active Member

    On Permafrost at the moment, there's no spirit to kill, or anything else. It's the calmest part of the zone. tried coming on both by land and air and with and without the dark elf illusion up. No dice.
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  14. Kaitheel Developer

    That doesn't mean that something's wrong, Derfel. This is a triggered event, the mobs are not intended to be up all the time, nor for them to spawn by your entering the region.

    As for the mysterious triggering of this event, what I had said in Beta was:

    ~ Kaitheel
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  15. Darln Active Member

    Well the quest for me on Guk is bugged (Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor). It was already spawned and several people were already engaged with fighting the spirits. I got one undefeated spirit and then my game completely crashed to desktop and by the time I was able to get logged back into the game the battle was over and I stood around for over 3 hours killing everything in the area with no more results on a battle happening. And to top it off .. now the illusion item is gone because I went ahead and finished talking to Woulan and Opal Darkbriar (she took the belt from me) so now I can not even see the NPC Destora J'Narus to even attempt to redo this quest if I delete it.
  16. Vampcat76 New Member

    Same here Darln. I went ahead and finished all the other quests (This is the last quest I have from this expansion that I have in my journal) and now my belt is now gone too.

    But last weekend, before I lost my belt, with or without my illusion on, I never saw the ghosts.

    As of last night, I waited around for a really long time, came back different times of the day, I killed everything in the area, nothing. Saw several other people in the area doing the same thing until they got bored and left.

    If the quest is truly fixed and there is a mysterious trigger... than it is too mysterious! Too few are being able to complete the quest.

    Yesterday, people in General chat were still complaining about the quest while others said that they read that the EQ2 teams were saying, in Twitter, that it was still broken. But, I can not verify that since I didn't read it myself.
  17. Evalaine New Member

    I struggled with this quest also for a few days, but I had track from a Welcome Home /claim item. As a templar I don't get to track so I kept the list up as I did other things on the island. Thinking about the Battle of Kithicor, there was something I noticed with how certain mobs on that part of the island relate to the story. I went with a hunch. The quest is not broken. It just needs to be triggered. I was able to complete it with 2 of my characters triggering the event myself both times.
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  18. Gaealiege Active Member

    I know of the trigger you're suggesting, Evalaine, but it doesn't appear to function very well on Butcherblock. Some of the trigger points have mobs and others do not.
  19. Kaitheel Developer

    If you were working on the quest "Sustaining Souls of Bloody Kithicor" then you should not need your illusion to regain the quest. Destora knows who you really are, and will still work with you.

    If you were working on the quest "Momentary Peace for Bloody Kithicor" then you do not need your illusion to regain the quest. Eleden Calmseas works with you no matter what race you are.

    ~ Kaitheel
  20. Kaitheel Developer

    Some additional messaging in game may help battle the perception here, I agree.

    ~ Kaitheel
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