Suspending accounts for exploiting

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by ABlocal, Jan 19, 2016.

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  1. ABlocal New Member

    Just a few quick question,

    Is it your policy to suspend people for coding errors in your game?
    Is this policy handed down from management? or the actions of one or two unhappy customer service reps?
    If you had just paid your subscription, would you be happy if a few days later your account was suspended for no apparent reason and were unable to talk with anyone about it?

    Would you consider it stealing if a company took your money then failed to supply your goods?
  2. Xper Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure you were suspended for exploiting the coding error, not for the coding error itself.

    Unless you were the dev you introduced the exploit, then maybe you were suspended for the coding error... but that seems like an HR issue moreso than a forums issue.
  3. Feldon Well-Known Member

    When you go to an ATM and press $20 and get $2,000, and then you keep pressing the button and don't tell anyone, why are you surprised when you end up in handcuffs?
  4. Labeleth Member

    when an economy is setup to make it almost necessary, you push the hell out of that button, beat the crap out of any one else that comes along, and take their money too lol. atleast in jail you get 3 hot and a cot. just do what i did, cancel your accounts and move on. there's no way for a casual player to keep up any more considering the average price for an item is 50k plat. personally i think eq has finally been reduced to catering to a crowd that would rather mindlessly grind for xp/plat to improve than actually play a game with worthwhile strats that require some thought and reward team work... good bye and good riddance
  5. Feldon Well-Known Member

    When you base your enjoyment of the game on whether you can afford SLR, you're gonna have a bad time.
  6. Labeleth Member

    please, you mean to tell me that 3/4 of the content being barely tank and spank is enjoyable? sell that to some one that hasn't been playing since 1999. the enjoyment factor has only plummeted this xpac and the whole pay to increase your gear has made EQ2 one step closer to purely pay to win. even the name itself has become a betrayal to the idea of the game... have fun evercrafters, off to find my next adventure
  7. ABlocal New Member

    For starters I didn't put a merchant in the game who sells something for 1cp only to be able to sell it to another merchant in the game for 10p.

    Thats not an exploit, thats commerce. Buy low sell high, also if its such a bid deal that it requires account suspension why don't they just change the price's? you can defend their actions all you want, but in my eyes they are loosing real money over pixles they could have changed in the first place. I mean really, how hard is it to change the price of the item? how hard is it to check the price of the item before they add it? and we get blamed for "" exploiting? your a troll and a half if you think its a players fault.
  8. ABlocal New Member

    And if a player puts the wrong amount on his auction, is it the buyers fault? If a bank ever stuffed up like that heads would roll and there would be EX-bank employee's
  9. ABlocal New Member

    FYI I know someone else who got the same suspension and only brought and sold 1 item to see if it was actually true. Should they also spend a week in jail? for a coding error?
  10. Labeleth Member

    ^ lol, but you surely put in the status merchant that plenty of people took advantage of.. oh, wait, they didn't do anything about that except change the price so that it wasn't worthwhile? mmmmmm, i love hypocracy. oh and the whole "bad guys" have their own server to play on is bull as well, none of my toons were available making it even less likely that i would want to continue my subscription regardless lol
  11. forumguy3419 Member

    what are the odds they really only did it once? come on friend.
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  12. Labeleth Member

    i honestly don't see the difference between doing that and buying krono off the broker and reselling it for a higher price /shrug daybreakin e'rthang lol
  13. ABlocal New Member

    Where this person is concerned its the truth, you may not have trustworthy friends but this person is as honest as they come.
  14. ABlocal New Member

    What gets me is why they would rather loose paying customers than change the price of an item for sale? hmmmm fix something thats broken or loose real $$$ ?
  15. GadZook New Member

    I am one that was caught up in this. I wish I received a suspension at this point. I was sent to Drunder. I gained 50k worth while a fellow guildie said he did maybe 45k and only got suspension.

    I don't come to the forums often or post much so many may not know me very well, but those that know me as Zookarillo, Tocobaga or Tranzelda can tell you the kind of person I am. I have NEVER had ANY infraction since 1999 of any kind, I doubt I've ever been reported or anything of the sort. I am a model player and person in all respects in this game and community, a well respected officer in my guild, a leadership figure and I help develop players even outside of my own guild. I made a mistake and had a lapse of judgement. Good people sometimes make mistakes. It's how we learn and grow as human beings. Even if you were arrested for something similar, you always have a trail and the chance at a 2nd chance after you serve time...and there's a reason for that. For someone to have never done one wrong thing to get "sent away for ever" is absurd.

    Sure punish me for taking advantage of something that is essentially your screw up with suspension, take the currency...I couldn't care less. But when you have two cases that similar in what happened and hand out 2 very different punishments, while the one that has absolutely no priors of any kind, gets the harshest one? Are you out of your mind? How is that any form of just action.

    I petitioned and was very respectful, admitted what I did and why, explained my position, apologized, took time to care about being a part of this game in the future and received back a one liner that it's permanent. If it sticks, well I feel sorry for this game and anyone that isn't perfect.
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  16. semisus Well-Known Member

    A mistake ? you didnt do it once , you did it over and over to get plat that was not gotten legit
    A good person wouldent do that , he would bug it/let a dev know
    By doing so doesnt just effect you , it ruins other people wealth that they have used a long time to get.
    There should not be any suspension for doing this , they should all be perma ban.
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  17. GadZook New Member

    Yes, it's a mistake that I did it and was poor judgement. I wanted to be able to better myself and continue to play this game I enjoy and given the current market, the temptation was there and I made the wrong choice. By your logic anyone that ever makes any poor decision should get zero remorse or chance to be better?
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  18. Nunja Member

    HMMM If only there was a place to test said things before hitting the Live servers ...let's say a Test server perhaps????
  19. Xillean Well-Known Member

    I dont know you but I will say if this is truly your first mistake/infraction worthy thing then being sent to Drunder is overkill. I will also add I respect you were polite in the petition and admitted you messed up and truly hope a gm shows a bit of mercy. At most you should get the plat removed and a suspension.
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  20. Labeleth Member

    how is playing the broker game any different? buy low sell high. i know peeps that had millions of plat legit before this whole ordeal. and they routinely messed with the broker economy lol. fact is daybreak *soe* is inconsistent and since before beta for this xpac they have routinely reminded players they do not care about making this game work before releasing it, leaving players to second guess their morals when any broken situation arises. defend them all you want, it's you money that's fueling half *** quality assurance, not mine any more
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