Supporting Returning Players and ideas for Refer-a-Friend?

Discussion in 'Developer Roundtable' started by ARCHIVED-Windstalker, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Trinral Guest

    StargateFanGirl wrote:
    We really need TWO threads, not one. There is some significant differences between recruit-a-friend (brand new players), compared to returning players.

    Now, for some comments in response to "StargateFanGirl"

    You were playing when AoD was released (based on your comments). So not only were you here during the existance of "EQ2Xtended", you were here when the whole game transitioned FTP. You should be well aware of the system. I can only hope it is obvious to everyone, that EQ2's "FTP", is mostly a glorified extended trial of the game. The entire design of it revolves around lowbies, getting people into the game with little overhead... But as the characters progress the associated need to invest cash into the account, increases.

    SOE wants your money, especially if you play high level characters. With such, the model is designed so that the higher your level, the more "reason" you are given to pony up the cash. So one way or the other, if you want to be logging in high level characters with legendary/fabled gear, you will be paying for it. If you do not want to pay for it, roll a new lowbie and forget about your 90+ characters. It is not in SOE's financial interest to let someone who quit yesterday, to log in today and still be wearing everything they had on. You effectively fall into this category.

    If you're so happy to unload $300+ in one month, to EA for Sims3 fluff content, why not just pay up the $15 a month for EQ2, and see the end of all the issues causing you greivance?

    While you can indirectly imply that if SOE made it only cost a few dollars for you to fully unlock your max level toons, that you would THEN be happy to spend hundreds of dollars on trivial fluff, the fact remains that the core of your entire post, revolves around wanting a system that facilitates playing higher level, fabled-equipped characters, for much less than maintaining a gold sub. While this nice for the player, SOE has to make the money from somewhere.

    Edit to add: The inventory dump which can occur on former subscribers, who return as FTP, does need to be improved. If someone quit just the other day, or week, or month, I think the gear strip is entirely justified, but it should not create an overflow nightmare.
  2. ARCHIVED-Natsume Guest

    The only thing I don't like is the whole mentor limit. I referred a friend yesterday to EQII and wanted to help him with questing and combat and everything. He enjoyed it a lot. I did to an extent. I was getting 1 XP and by having fun and jumping from a cliff my debt was over 200 XP I think, so imagine me not even earning 1 XP?!

    The group limit should be fixed so that it is more fun to refer someone, help and quest with them.

    EQII is completely solo from 1 - 91 then on 92 you really starts the game. But I don't want to go fast through the content, I want players to come around, help others to finish the hard dungeons for me (55 - 60) or any others. I always have this quest which requires me to go deep into a dungeon and my level is far too weak to go alone. So I wait and level, level, level until it's grayed out and I can go. I'm level 55 and still in Steamfont mountains trying to finish the quests by going to Kaladim, but I just can't and no-one is willing to group. And I don't want to ask people to waste their time, instead of earning 100XP per monster they get 1XP? I sure wouldn't be happy and I know they won't. So what's the use?

    By fixing this I can assure you I will refer more friends here. I love EQII but some stuff in it just take that love away.

    EDIT : I also would like to see an increase in storage for newer players. As a new player, I was asked to harvest, craft and keep most of the armour etc because I would need them later BUT with no place. And I couldn't possibly afford the brokers 22 gold items (with having just 3g only then) I had to delete all my harvest, always... could we also possibly get a 100 slot bag? :p
  3. ARCHIVED-Rathorius Guest

    I've seen a few good ideas. Having a progression server would be good for the ones that miss the original EQ2. If you're going to do that, though, you might as well also make a no-marketplace server, to give players that hate the marketplace a server where they can avoid it. In addition, give players 2-3 weeks of free transfers to transfer their toons to that server (but don't allow transfers off of that server). Advertise the heck out of it. Doing this would accomplish three things: 1. It would give players who detest the marketplace a place to go to be away from its influence. 2. It could lure a lot of players that quit because of the marketplace back to the game. 3. It should markedly decrease the amount of SC-related whining that occurs on the forums. (I say should, but we all know that there will be at least a few people that will practically never stop complaining about it.) Since the marketplace would not be available on that server, the server would need to be restricted to those with gold accounts.
  4. ARCHIVED-arohanui Guest

    For returning players, raise/get rid of the plat cap, and get rid of the equipment restriction. I like the idea of a short term gold trial. Even if it was only for a day, it would help a lot. I lapsed to silver a few months ago (RL decided it needed some playtime), and every time I think about logging in I'm turned off by knowing that my girls are nakey and can't access all my moneys!

    Regarding RAF, I don't know. Maybe the one month sub would still work with the FTP model. I'd certainly be more inclined to invite friends if this were the case (though I never did use the referral system the first time around.) edit: removed broken record-ness~!
  5. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    Delirya@Guk wrote:
    Lets be reasonable though, the F2P model is entirely about getting the player to either convert to sub or pay more than the cost of a sub in the F2P model.
    Allowing any exceptions only allows abuse. Every example I see thrown out, even like your returning one, I see potential for how I could abuse it.
    Keep in mind, they already sell a short term sub. Isn't it a 3 day sub? That allows you to come back full powered, play around and decide if its still fun agian.
    Now, if they want to email all the ex players and give them 3 days free gold, or 2 weeks, or whatever to entive them to come back, thats a great idea as a one time carrot. But anything else opens up exploits IMO.
  6. ARCHIVED-arohanui Guest

    Ulrichvon wrote:
    You raise a good point regarding exploitation and, you're right, it would be easy to do if they aren't careful. A "one-time carrot" is exactly what I meant. I don't think they have the 3day sub (the weekend pass for $5?) anymore though that is something I'd be willing to consider if it were available, if only to allow me to get my account in order before deciding who needs what. I do recall that chat was a lot busier when the did the last big email push, I think they offered something to returning players then too.
  7. ARCHIVED-Araxes Guest

    Windstalker wrote:
    My suggestion if I were returning player, what would really get me going and excited:
    "Epic pathways" through solo content. If I start in Neriak it would be nice to be sent to other areas aside from the standard BB > Gnomeland > . For example, a revamped Nektulos, and then Enchanted Lands, Lavastorm, revamped Pillars of Flame, redone Loping Plains, etc. If I start in Halas, why not be sent to a revmaped Thundering Steppes, and then to Zek, Everfrost, Sinking Sands, Lesser Faydark, etc. Obviously most of these zones would need quest touch-ups, and probaly some art upgrades, too. (Like what was done in Darklight was just amazing.) After the KoS zones the content becomes more streamlined but even in Kunark you have essentially four different options that could each be part of a different path. The Moors are also not used, presently. What about the Isle of Mara? And not just there for the sake of leveling and pushing through content -- you'd have to have, for each pathway, a sort of main questline that really tells a big, long, epic story, perhaps derived from the start as part of the good/evil thing. I mean, just for example, you already hear about vampires right from the get go in DLW -- so if you are following this big epic story arc and you get to Loping Plains as part of that pathway, well ... fill in the middle. How about using some of those hundreds of little instances in the Shattered Lands that no one really goes to (Rumbler Cave, etc. there are really a ton of them) -- like part of the personal story instances? It seems like there could be lots of room to develop some very unique "epic path" stories that are distinct from one another.

    As playing with a friend, well, I view the main reason to play with friend/s is to go into heroic dungeons. But, I honestly feel that it's rather anti-climactic when I play with someone and we go into a dungeon like Fallen Gate or WC, and someone is in there PLing alts and really just destroying the whole atmosphere by mowing everything down. It's not a problem in newer contested dungeons like the Hole, etc. becuase they are SO big. But those smaller dungeons offer a lot of atmosphere and are really cool to show new players, plus they are fun to go through and do offer lots of named, etc. So ... perhaps make those instanced rather than contested? There was a time when I wanted more contested, not less, but since the trend has clearly leaned toward powerleveling and mentors and mercs, I now feel it might be more fun for me to play with a friend in an instance dungeon as opposed to a contested.

    That's my nickel.

    ~ Ara
  8. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    How about supporting your CURRENT players?
    There are bugs, too numerous to mention, that haven't been dealt with in months, some years. Quests, items, game mechanics, you name it.
    The Tradeskill/Battlegrounds/PVP Developer (yes, one person handling three areas) hasn't even been on the forums in almost TWO MONTHS. How do you expect support when the developer can't even log in to see what concerns people have posted?
    Can you please, PLEASE hire a permanent tradeskill developer so the current one can devote his time to solely PVP/BG, and maybe your new tradeskill developer could fix the Mastercrafted gear errors that are now thirteen months old?
  9. ARCHIVED-njade Guest

    StargateFanGirl wrote:
    90% of returning players are logging out in a moment they realize their toons are naked and they can't use bags, bank and so on although they paid to SOE lots of money previously.
    I convinced many people to give "a try" and check EQ2. Many of them leveled up to lvl 90 on FTP accounts. From around 30 people only one of them decided to buy DoV. Rest simply were "surprised" that not only they have to pay for x-pac but also can't equip items from quests so they have to spend even more money for unlockers. They also didn't like the idea of 18 plats limist and bags/ bank limit, they even wanted to buy unlockers for those stuff, but there is none.
    Allowing FTP players equipping gear from quests, no matter what level (legendary/ fabled) as long as they have x-pac bought, is a good idea imo. First of all you would be able to sell more x-pacs and other players will be happy that there will be more people to group with on higher levels.
    Problem is that some people won't be paying for game 15$ per month, but at the end they will increase player base on servers even on lower levels, which means more customers who are willing to spend lots of money might start playing in EQ2. Those paying customers might not feel that "game is dying" and Norrath is basically empty world apart from 92 lvl.
    Population is really low atm. It is hard or even impossible to find a group on channels. Lots of people are quitting beacuse "eq2 is dying, time to move on". And yet SOE is not doing anything to attract their old and current player base to stay in EQ2, which is really sad. Sorry, but words "game is great and world is huge" are not enough nowadays. There is lots of other FtP MMO's out there with way better approach to client.
    I am surprised how different approach Planetside 2 team has. Developers are actually communicating on forums. Lots of info about the game. Every day.. Even during weekends. Players see that developers care and are bringing even more friends.
    Same company and two different ways of treating their player base...
    And I have no idea why SOE is keeping each expansion in a such a great secrecy. Common, other companies are advertising and promoting their expansions long time ahead before release date because they know the more people talk about it, the more people will buy it...
  10. ARCHIVED-Wolfsbaine Guest

    Kinya@Splitpaw wrote:
    I had the same issue a few months ago. I was all access for a long time and had a normal subscription as well. I did the all access because I wanted more toons. I wanted to change the billing date, but was told I had to unsuscribe and resub. When my subscription dropped I was silver. I had 4 bags I could use, but I couldnt use the slot for my ammo on my dirge. All the quest gear was unavailable to me. I had to go out and buy the MC 77 gear. The 82 MC gear was a bit expensive on the broker and you could only have a set amount of plat on you. It was a little depressing to finish a quest and see the money being thrown away, and not be able to wear the gear. It got to the point where I would only log on the game just to chat with guild members and then log off. I did recently notice that some of my quested gear now shows unlocked on them.
    I think any and all quested gear should be unlocked. I would also up the amount of money you can have by about 20-30 plat. For the people that are returning I would think that the early DOV gear and stuff from previous expensions should be unlocked. I am meaning stuff that you get from ToFs and the group instances. I would also like to see something for getting people to return. I am not that fond of the SC Market. I have used it on Server Transfer Tokens. I would love to see people getting rewarded for bringing others back to the game, and not just adding a second account to box. I know it would be hard to tell the difference. I think we should take alot of the different ideas out there and put them in some polls to see what people think about them. I seen an idea of giving some SC to people who bring people in or back to the game. Maybe give 100 SC per person a month for 6 months. Let that cap out at say 1000. Maybe give someone that comes back a pet that gives them a slight buff. The buff could be something like 30% more XP when mentored, maybe also give a nice run speed and slow fall when equiped. Might even throw in a few quests to be able to get that cloak to work.
  11. ARCHIVED-Wolfsbaine Guest

    I almost forgot maybe do more Guide events to welcome the returning and new players. Gives them something to look forward to
  12. ARCHIVED-TheRealBritz Guest

    I quit the game over a year ago and logged in today thinking I might play for a bit as FTP, and if I decided I was enjoying it again then resub.
    However, as I cannot equip a single piece of my gear, and actually don't even know what kind of gear I can equip and how to get it at level 92, I just logged out again. The tooltip just told me I couldn't use it, and pushed me towards a sub, but didn't bother teling me what I *could* use.
    My suggestion would be to give returning players an armor / weapons crate with decentish gear if their stuff can't be used, so they can at least start adventuring again.
    (edit to add: also, all these pop ups urging me to upgrade... a pop up telling me what I can actually do as a FTP player would be more welcome! Or at least direct me to a webpage where I can read about it.)
  13. ARCHIVED-Toball Tokor Guest

    I was a regular raider and player a year or two ago. I have come back and I am enjoying things. The changes in my work schedule prevent me from working with guildies. It is almost as if I switched time zones. The problem I have is that it is almost inpossible to get groups. Particularly between 90 and 92. It would be really nice if you could get a cross server group to allieviate the population problem. It is done regularly in BG why not allow cross server groups to get formed for particular instances/zones? Queing for a particular zone you need to finish up a quest line or to get the faction you need.
  14. ARCHIVED-juan Guest

    I believe we need to come up with a radical way to boost population, and I believe i have come up with that Idea!!
    Lets take a look at how all mmorpg run their games, all populations are seperated on servers. yet what happens is that everyone on each server maxes out and the lower lvl areas become vacant.Now what if instead of seperating the populations by choice, we instead break up the tiers and place them on seperate servers!!!
    imagine an upside down pyrimid with the bottom ending in a point , with only one server to handle the load but everyone who is playing a low lvl char is on that one server, and only those characters at that tiers can be on that server , so there arent any influences from higher levels, we also roll back the game and place some of the old challenges that the early veterans had to accomplish inorder to progress to the next tier! Remeber having to earn access to enchanted lands and feerott.
    As people progress and make it thru each access they are moved to different servers higher up on the tier, make the servers like instances and allow for movement laterally across the teir of servers but never down . Allow for communication throughout the server base. allow for guilds to be connected thru each server and tier to allow for early recruitment.
    what this would allow. more players funneled together making the world seem more populated. And would force new players to really enjoy the whole area instead of focusing on just lvling to make it to the end game. Each tier would be different from the next altering the area around the player. Example would be from 1-30 just have the shattered lands on the next teir implement feerot, lavastorm,enchanted as well as shattered lands and have the tiers 31-60 .
    In other words let the newplayers and old enjoy each expansion as it happened on each tier just the same way the old veterans did. and instead of creating new content for the high end implement new content for each teir, even change the land scape and factions on each tier make it interesting for old players to try out the new content , that with new players being funneled into that one and only bottom teir will help drive new players into the game.
  15. ARCHIVED-vjk2 Guest

    This may be the wrong spot for this but it does affect recruitment for returning members.
    Our guild is Old Timers Guild (OTG). We have well over 6000 members, world wide playing several different games on different platforms. Our members like to rotate through the games till they find a home, a game they can stay with, in an adult only Guild. We specifically see 20+ members a month (about) returning to experience the new content and our EQ2 Chapter tries to support X2 casual raiding. I am Chapter Leader for OTG on Unrest server. My members are asking me to contact SOE and take issue with the lack of X2 since the release of DoV up to and including the current bete CoE. X2 would be a perfect spot in Skyshrine for the 160 series armor. Is it possible to take the X4s and cut them back a little and poof, you have X2. This is becoming a retention issue as members are looking to go to games where they can play a X2 casual raid. This halps the smaller guilds keep people happy (those that do not want to hardcore X4 raid).
    Please let me know what can be done so that I may inform my guildmate and hopfully stem the loss of members to other games.
    Thank you.
  16. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    I just wanted to add to this thread something that came up in another thread.

    CoE does not include all previous expansions, so your asking any returning player to purchase 2 expansions to be caught up with where the vast majority of the population will be in game.

    This should be re-thought.
  17. ARCHIVED-Juggercap Guest

    Ulrichvon wrote:
    Why are 2 expansion purchases required? (I'm not at all against AoD being included, but what's different now?)
  18. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    Juggercap wrote:
    In order to get the full game, you need to now purchace CoE and AoD.
  19. ARCHIVED-quazaar Guest

    Hello, I've played Eq2 for about 6 years, quitted after Destiny of Velious.
    If i want to play again seriously I have to pay: monthly subscription + Age of Discovery + Chains of Eternity ?
    If so, I really have to pay about 95 dollars to enter again ??
    Every other mmorpg in the world make me some discount, Eq2/Soe don't ??

    Edit: also, I have to pay 25 dollars each to transfer my 2 chars from a unpopulated server to a "more" populated server.
    So.. 145 dollars to play again... pls, tell me i have misunderstood all !!
    Can't be possibile !!
  20. ARCHIVED-naladini Guest

    Two suggestions: 1) Mentoring up. Its not fun to have to drag friends down to lower levels just to play together. Let FrodoN00b join the higher levels if there's a good fit, don't make the high levels kill stuff in lower zones. 2) Group travel - nabbing replacements for groups should include instant porting. There's no good reason to limit this any longer. We often hear how important grouping is to MMO's, how much more fun it is, etc ... these changes help embrace that concept.

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