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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Gerar, Dec 12, 2022.

  1. Gerar New Member

    With the removal of character transfers and now the lack of guide support/quest, the IoR community has been all but abandoned. I think we'd all like an explanation of what's going on. How did it come to this? Will Darkpaw provide any support to this server going forward or do you expect to wipe the slate and kill this server through attrition? IoR is a small community but we're all paying customers and some of us have invested so much into this game we don't want it to turn into a sunk cost.

    Any official response? What is the delay in providing any guide support to this server? if there's no plan to integrate us into the larger EQ2 Community, please say so. We're not part of the Free to play community. We buy your Krono. We purchase crates, your seasons familiar and mercs. We contribute monthly to this game, the developers and the profits of Darkpaw as a whole. As such, we have been segregated and locked into a server that will not give us the same options and benefits of other paying customers.

    Please provide us support. Explain what is the goal with the server, why you locked it down and why there is no guide support. It would, at very least, be a show of good faith.
  2. Xariama_AB Member

    Figures there's crickets on this topic seven weeks later. I'm honestly guessing that Darkpaw just wants to pretend that Isle of Refuge doesn't exist. Open up server transfers off, guys. Take the plat, I don't care, but let our people go.
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  3. Disrption Member

    An official response would be appreciated agree, as I play on this server as well. Even if it is just to clarify the disregard for the server and it's community. To not get any reply to the OPs resealable request is far worse. I won't quit playing over it but the current situation is far less than ideal. Cheers to the OP.
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  4. Dockter Well-Known Member

    They had no problem milking people for character transfer fees when they used IoR to get non-tradable items to normal servers.
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  5. parissa Well-Known Member

    It would be nice to get a response one way or the other on this... I have a handful of characters there, some that are my originals, if they are not gonna open transfers again fine... But atleast say yes or no to it, I don't want to delete my toons then find out they will be opening it back up... If they aren't gonna open it back up I would delete my toons sadly, but would quit wasting the slot thinking I might play them again on another server...
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  6. Melkior Well-Known Member

    For those puzzled by the lack of response, they have said in the past that they weren't. Every so often someone asks again. How many times do they need to answer no? I don't have a dog in this fight, and if they revisit it, I'm sure they will let us know. But to expect a No, we're still not doing that every time someone decides to post about it, seems unrealistic.
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  7. Mugwort Active Member

    The OP appears to focus on the "lack of guide support/quest" and asking the legitimate question, "What is the delay in providing any guide support to this server?"

    As players, we can only speculate as to why the Guides are no longer on Isle of Refuge. It could be just a simple choice due to lack of player participation/low population, not-enough Guides, to something more complex that is difficult to solve. We just don't know.

    The best thing any player can do that actively plays on the server, is to submit feedback requesting either the return of the Guides or use of the Guide NPC system.

    The server does need an update on what it is and what players can expect. They should not be running into out-of-date information. Such as the transfer tokens currently available in the marketplace.

    New players and returning players to this very day, when looking at the Marketplace under services can still find a server transfer token to the Isle of Refuge. And to this day, it still reads: Characters moved to a Free-Trade server may not be moved off again for 30 days. The statement in red insinuates a character can be moved after 30 days and nowhere does the token state that the transfer is permanent.

    Then when used, the player discovers that things that are available on other servers such as the Guide Program, is missing and that the transfer to IoR is permanent.

    The server needs attention. The information about the server needs to be brought up to date. Players need to be able to make an informed decision if they want to play or transfer to IoR.
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  8. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    This is almost certainly because some cheating went on before they shut the transfers to and from IoR down. Not sure what players still on IoR may be holding that the devs don't want back on other servers. Maybe it's just time for y'all to re-roll new toons on a new server?

    Normally I'd say to try asking about this part on the actual Guide Forums, but last year looks like they said there was no Guide presence on IoR. I have no idea why no one is doing Guide stuff on IoR.

    The Volunteer Guide Program is not run by, or on behalf of Darkpaw Games. Volunteers have to have at least two level 50+ toons, and you can't serve as a Guide on your home server. So, I guess if someone on any of the servers except IoR wants to help out IoR for Guide quests, check out the Guide FAQ and fill out the Guide application.