Super Bummed.. Also Feeling Baited

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by TheAngryCookie, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. TheAngryCookie New Member

    I recently resubbed because I wanted to play pvp, thinking there would be a pvp server underneath the section that says pvp enabled. I feel bummed and baited when I find there is absolutely no pvp server, anywhere. I shouldn't be surprised that Daybreak baited me. Let this post be a warning to the few that read the forums before jumping in to resub for the same reasons as me. Sad day, got nostalgia blocked.
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  2. Ishtara Well-Known Member

    The most recent PvP server was a seasonal server (three months) which ended in October. We were told that a longer term server was being discussed for possible launch early this year. Unfortunately there has been no news after that so there is no way to know if and when said sever might be available.
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  3. TheAngryCookie New Member

    Yeah, that is what I gathered, guess Ill go ahead and cancel and just watch the forums to see if I ever get the chance to ride the nostalgia train.. I miss pvp in EQ2 so much, shame.
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  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    the way I see it , they have enough problems just keeping the regular ones going I somehow am not optimistic for a pvp server . bummer :(
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  5. Dantiss Active Member

    Pvp sever, at this point battlegrounds would be a great change
  6. TheAngryCookie New Member

    BG's were not nearly fun enough to bring me back.. Might as well let it die rather than bring the crappiest part of pvp back.
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  7. Sixgauge Active Member

    Well that's pretty much what they are doing. BGs killed open world PvP because the fights were fair and it was more fun.
  8. Liav Active Member

    Battlegrounds would be an ideal scenario. In my mind, the ideal situation would be that gear acquired external to battlegrounds could not be brought in with you. GW2 did this similarly, where your character essentially had an entirely separate loadout for structured PvP.

    All of your character progression on the battlegrounds server should be contained to the battlegrounds server. I have no interest in playing modern EQ2 PvE anymore.

    I have a feeling that cosmetic gear/titles would be incentive enough for people to participate in BGs from all servers, without necessitating grinding PvE to be competitive.

    These are the changes that battlegrounds always needed to be successful. Hand-tailored class and gear balancing, and a bit more intelligent of a matchmaking system. Sprinkle some cosmetic incentives on top and call it a day.
  9. curse New Member

    I agree with this statement. If you make a new character the information provided implies that there is a live pvp server. It is very misleading, and I wasted $15 and some time. I'd love a ffa pvp server again, it's the only reason why I no longer play.
  10. Frostfang Member

    There probably wont be another ffa pvp server but theres always exile
  11. Seth Active Member

    eq2 PvP vs Any other PVP game, would pick the secondary option in a heartbeat.
  12. Siren Well-Known Member

    I'd imagine they actually continue with FFA, as the devs seem to feel the population of EQ2 is too low these days for factional. I wish they'd do factional with Exiles, though: I love that best by far.

    To me, FFA doesn't bring everybody together and make more PvP: It splits what little population there is into two separate PvP games, because neither side bothers to venture out very far beyond their own front doors for kills.
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  13. Frostfang Member

    Bit off topic but I'm just gonna guess Seth got clobbered so hard that it turned him into a blue and he just shows up here in this subforum to vent his frustration instead of actually adding anything to the discussion. I wouldn't say pvp is perfect in this game myself though, CC durations suck at the moment, hope DPG gets around to fixing it a bit and then a beta server
  14. curse New Member

    What do you mean by this? I'm sure exile does not mean the same as it did back when.
  15. Frostfang Member

    I was just guessing that they probably won't do another FFA server on the basis that from what I saw, most of the community did not particularly care for the ruleset of FFA and preferred the exile system rather than full FFA, of which to my knowledge was not available on Nagafen 2.0. When I mentioned exile, I was assuming in a setting in which they set up a faction based pvp server where the betrayal quests worked, also meaning exile as a third faction of course.
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  16. curse New Member

    I see, sounds like the environment I used to play in on venekor and nagafen. I'd be perfectly fine with that so long as there is no bg.
  17. Brutalis New Member

    Man i would love a pvp server, so far many of my community who have joined me has asked why there isnt even Battleground atleast?
  18. Siren Well-Known Member

    Listen to Kander's Candor #4 in Announcements: There's a direct link you can listen in with, so you don't have to download any extraneous programs.

    BGs are too messed up and buggy and won't be returning, ever. (Caith has also said in recent times he can't keep up with 2 different sets of gear.)

    But Kander said "We aren't done with PvP." And Dreamweaver said they may suss out further PvP server details in the upcoming Kander's Candor #5.

    WOO HOO!
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