Sundered Splitpaw: Gladiator's Triumph is broken

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Oddo, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Oddo Member

    Has anyone completed the arena? I've done it twice and each time at the last step after "Send out the champion" nothing comes out. Talking to flip again, he says "You continue to surprise us! Congratulations!" and the chest mob appears.

    Has anyone been able to get the arena champion to spawn?
  2. Jacer New Member

    a lot of people are getting it
  3. Ruallin Ebonhammer Active Member

    Is that the solo version? The group one seemed to run fine last night.
  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    The group version works fine, the solo version was not spawning the Arena Champion, at least not for myself ( on 2 different toons) or anyone my guild.
  5. Atan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the solo version is broken, the final mob never spawns.

    I solo'd the heroic one and it works.
  6. Zenji Well-Known Member

    But you are a bad ***, not everyone can do that :p

    Either way, you only need 3 updates and the Crawler Nest, and Alone in the Dark are very fast and easy.
  7. Atan Well-Known Member

    They gave me an encounter root, a single target root, a stun, and a snare along with several ways to break LoS in the arena, they were practically taunting me to try it ;)
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  8. semisus Well-Known Member

    did not spawn for me neither in solo version..
    waste of time.
  9. Fyreflyte Developer

    The bug that was preventing the Arena Champion from showing up has been fixed. He should turn up properly after the patch on Thursday.
  10. Adoninilol Active Member

    Fyreflyte lytes up my heart
  11. Caith Developer

    While this is fixed internally, it was not fixed in time for tomorrows patch. The fix will be pushed live on the next patch after tomorrow.
  12. Oddo Member

    Okay, thanks for the update!
  13. Fyreflyte Developer

    My bad, sorry guys and gals =(
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  14. jessejames Active Member

    You realize one week on a TLE server is equal to like 100 Norath years.
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  15. Zenji Well-Known Member

    It's ok, we forgive you. Now go back to your cave and make us more kick *** raid loot!
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  16. Karioki Member

    Caith this was posted on August 9th. It is now the 16th. When will this be patched? There was no patch this week.
  17. ringgirl_UFC New Member

    Any ETA on the fix?

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