Not A Bug Summoner Pet Auto Attack

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Goezer, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Luet New Member

    Still not fixed
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  2. Beyorn New Member

    Please fix this, if it was just graphical it would be one thing but I send my pet in and it sometimes takes him about 5 seconds to pull the mobs. I don't know what he is doing. Like is his cycling thru his abilities maybe. Please!! Please!! Fix this ;D!
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  3. Ratalthor Developer

    We've made some changes recently. Is this issue still happening?
  4. Kenchi New Member

    it seems the nerco tank pet is doing insane dmg but dps pets are not doing anything
  5. Goezer Master of Crayons

    Without knowing what the specific auto attack is called for our scout pets, would be hard to tell. Conjuror 2.0 was just listed as planeswalker in ACT. Would make it a tad easier to nail down if it's actually working. (If someone else knows please fire me a message.) I'm glad to see this is being further investigated.
  6. Beee Well-Known Member

    After looking in the yesterday's raid logfile I would say Conjurer Scout Pet does not really autoattack

    (1615147782)[Sun Mar 7 21:09:42 2021] Beee hits a lulled cavern ant for a Fabled critical of 6.763.166 cold damage.
    (1615147782)[Sun Mar 7 21:09:42 2021] Beee multi attacks a lulled cavern ant for a critical of 3.270.342 cold damage.
    (1615147786)[Sun Mar 7 21:09:46 2021] Beee hits a lulled cavern ant for a critical of 5.686.537 cold damage.
    (1615147786)[Sun Mar 7 21:09:46 2021] Beee multi attacks a lulled cavern ant for a critical of 6.249.043 cold damage.
    Yes it attacks, yes it does multiattacks, but a double tiny hit is still nothing every 4 seconds

    Overall the conjurer scout pet does 1/1.000.000 of my dps in autoattack so in my opinion you can disable it complete or fix it somehow

    Above hits need to be compared eg to a Spell done from the pet
    (1615147769)[Sun Mar 7 21:09:29 2021] Beee's Furystorm hits a lulled cavern ant for a critical of 97.758.279.409 cold damage.
    (1615147769)[Sun Mar 7 21:09:29 2021] Beee's Furystorm multi attacks a lulled cavern ant for a critical of 98.429.537.131 cold damage.
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  7. Hellfiren Active Member

    For first thing
    to change is the totaly OP DPS out Put of both sunmmoners, i have taked to many Raiders and thier is only one DD class In game if Good geard and Played who could reach thier DPS.
    The only class atm which can parse equaly or sometimes higher is Ranger all other DDs are far far behind Wizzy // Lock // Assa // Briga are totaly lost in space Necro for Example does like 700 up to 900B best DD after is mostly Wizzy with like 300 up to 400 Less than both Summoners.

    And this kind of ACT picture is matter Fact in every Raidforce since launch of ROS Expa.

    Summoners needed a increase of DPS without any questeion, but what was done is much to far beyond the good tasting, thier must be a 0 or 2 Zeros to much in the formular of DPS calculation unless its the Caster it self or his pet DPS is much to far in camparence to all other DD Classes.
  8. Goezer Master of Crayons

    I'm sorry you must be mistaken. Because summoners are easily beat by Sins, Wiz and Locks. Summoners, like most dps classes are VERY buff dependent, and also how much you've "invested" in your toon. If you don't have some of the crate items and other things, you can very easily lose to a summoner, or any other dps class that has those items. I have seen parses from top guilds where their summoners are doing well, but still, their output is being exceeded by those other classes. So I'm sorry you are having issues on your end, but summoners aren't OP as you presume, This thread was created last year due to the fact our pets did not auto attack. They would swing maybe 30 times over the course of a 15 min encounter. A well played, well geared character is going to stand out against someone who's not well geared. That is the nature of the game.

    Also.. using the above as a reference... Did you inquire about group make up, Stats of the summoner etc? Pretty sure Beee has buffs in his group which in turn will boost his dps output quite a bit. instead of reading a snippet of a parse, why not look at the entirety of a parse to see what buffs they are getting before you try to call someone OP. If you'd like to discuss further feel free to DM me on Discord Goezer#2417 or if you see me sniffing around Goezer on Maj'Dul. But please, stop trying to say someone is OP because they are better geared, or someone has learned the ins and outs of their class to maximize their potential.

    One more thing, What server do you play on? Because atm, Rangers need attention, everyone else you listed above are doing just fine.
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  9. Beyorn New Member

    Necro here! All my melee pets are attacking from ranged still ;P and I have them all set to melee ;P
  10. Beee Well-Known Member

    No I dont think so - this is not the intention of this thread.

    Autoattack mechanic of primary pets is broken for a long time. If autoattack of primary pets gets usefull again (what dont think it will be soon) some other spells should be adjusted. It's a behavor of scaling with better stats.
    I have not found any autoattack hits of necromancer primary pet in logs - but maybe i only need a bigger lens for seeing them.
  11. Nucleaar Member

    This cannot be further away from the real truth, except for rangers. And Brigand has no place with the other classes you listed. It's about who gets the buffs - Manaward, Jcap, Lucidity, are they with a mystic, grouped with a wizard (Ro's Blade), is Obsidian Mind being used correctly/in sync, et cetera. Same for what Goezer said about the crate items. Of course a necro is going to win if they're getting all of this, same for a Wizard, Warlock, Assassin, Conjuror. It's almost as if you lied about "talked to many Raiders", or you chose to speak to people that don't know what they're doing. On the other hand, if a wizard is getting these buffs and still doing that much lower than either summoner, there's a problem with the wizard.

    And you're a warlock too, no? So am I, I have raided at a high level with both warlock and wizard, conjuror for years, and do within this expansion. There's nothing that stands out to me that summoner is the overpowered one. If anything, warlocks could use a haircut if cataclysm range ever gets adjusted.
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  12. Caith Developer

    NPC's, including pets, will not auto-attack while they are casting abilities in most cases. There was an issue along with mercenaries that prevented pets from moving into combat range in some cases due to the NPC weapon they were using being flagged as a higher range than NPC's were allowed for melee weapons (NPC's are hard capped at a range of 5 for melee), however this issue was corrected.

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