Summoner Pet AI and Appearance UI Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Anunnaki Active Member

    So, there are changes to Tox in the patch notes. They didn't fix the major issue, the recast time, but it is a start. Glad to see they are still at least watching this thread. Harder to be resisted is key, but it didn't say the value, so guess I'll have to wait to see when patch comes in.
  2. Meshuggahx Member

    Ye nice to see changes.
    Any chance to change plainshift for conjies that the scout (air) version of it will have 80% casting speed instead of reuse like mage pet have? since we are using scout pet alot would be more useful.
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  3. sycla Active Member

    Mage pet is still getting dying in RC heroics.
  4. Akina_Storms Active Member

    air pet is not usefull again, it dies constantly from CAC AE.
  5. Veta Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. The issue with pets dying to AE is very strange. I have not had any issues with pet survivability in any of the heroics especially Rum Cellar. Can you specify which named/mobs are you talking about? I could see where there might be an issue with your pet dying to things other than AEs.
  6. Akina_Storms Active Member

    rum cellar, heroic event, second named, the rat who transform into armadillo, the name escapes me.
    you have to position yourself carefull so you're not stiffled.
    cast the air pet, launch it agaisnt the named, it dies instantly.
    i have to use the mage pet in order to keep it up.
  7. sycla Active Member

    Last boss in heroic challenge mode will one shot scout.Also the rat and last guy in event heroic will do that.
  8. Veta Well-Known Member

    All the nameds you guys are suggesting are either rooted or have a damage reflect. The armadillo has a damage reflect to every attack and the damage is more in challenge mode. For rooted mobs the aggro goes to whoever is the closest target, not the person on top of the hate list. Rooted targets are charanda and the last named in event heroic.

    Your pets are not dying to AEs but they are dying to scripted reflects on attacker and from being the closest to a rooted target. The rooted target is easy to fix if the tank will not be near and that is to use the mage pet as some of you have stated. For the rat fight there is no way around it, just watch for the particle effect that happens before the rat transforms and it is easily avoidable with scout pet.
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  9. Akina_Storms Active Member

    I'm a mage, a distant caster, i must not be affected by CaC reflect.

    once again, i'm punished because i'm a summoner,
    i'm given 2 pets for differents usage, and I can't use them for the planned usage, but i also have to restrain my DPS, already low.
  10. Veta Well-Known Member

    You are not being punished for being a summoner. You are being punished for not properly following scripts. I am assuming you are talking about the rat since you bring up the reflect. You should not be attacking the rat at the point of transformation anyways as it also absorbs attacks. This making everyone useless, not just summoners. Its a simple fix really, it changes, you pull back pet, turn off auto/spells, attack barrel, throw barrel, resume attacking.
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  11. Anunnaki Active Member

    I have barely bothered with the Mage pet since the patch. It seems LOLsy bad right now, even on encounter mobs (like those even exist outside of trash.) The Scout pet now is better than the mage pet was before, so I'm not upset about the changes. ETox could use just another tweak or so (reuse, and the AA in the heroic tree reworked), then I'd be fine. I mean some AA's could use a rework, but whatever. The problem now is the same problem we have always had: barely anything shares with the pet.

    If your DPS seriously went down since the patch, I'm not sure what to tell you. Mine went up.
  12. Anunnaki Active Member

    I made a separate thread for this, but I'm going to copy and paste it here, just in case this gets more exposure than the other sub-form and it fits into the idea of this thread.

    So since we are now using the Scout pet almost exclusively (or you should be, since good), I've been looking at the "buff" that the pet provides for the group. We have both a Necro and a Conjy in raid, so I inspected them both, and the buffs aren't really comparable. Once again, the Neco's is better, but both could use some work.


    Granted the Necro is a Grandmaster and the Conjy is just a Master.

    Necro gets a group dehate, which is almost comparable to a Troub's dehate song, so it can actually make an impact on the group. Conjy gets....In-combat power and health regeneration. Necro gets a once per 2 minute damage absorb (not that great because of the 2 minute limitation, but still usable.) Conjy gets 1100 max health. A whole 1100. These buffs should be upgraded so they at least scale to current stats. *Especially* the Conjy's terribly useless buff (please change it so it doesn't suck.)

    Disclaimer: I HATE that I have to make a thread about what a Summoner brings as far as utility. But since that seems to be the way the class is going, might as well get it to be useful.
  13. emufrombeyond Member

    @Anunnaki i have gmed scout pet and the buff is essentially the same as the one you listed. It sucks big time, not even worth comparing, they need to change so both have the same type of buff as necro currently does, like fire from within/beyond the grave.
  14. Nevermind Member

    The conjuror and necro class have it pretty good already. Why do you keep complaining?
  15. s7n7a7k7e Active Member

    Pet Appearance needs a preview window similar to how the Beastlords can view their different pets before selection under the character menus.

    Also if the Pet Appearance menu us to remain the same then at least make it so we can click Next Page and Previous Page without having to click OK afterward every time.
  16. Siphoningx New Member

    Are you talking about the passives or the person complaining about the reflects, etc? You should quote who you are talking about. Some people may be able to clear up why this shod he fixed.
  17. Scum Member

    I play at level 80 only with my necro. Tested with gear from RoK and TSO expac, no Dungeon finder gear and 90/90/70aa. All pets grandmaster, mythical pet item casted and ooze crawler from aa.

    Encounter dummies
    Mage average ~ 41k dps
    Tank average ~ 32k dps
    Mythical pet average ~ 27k dps
    Scout average ~ 15k dps
    Ooze crawler average ~ 8.5k dps with heals ~ 180 hps on me

    Single solo dummy
    Scout average ~ 15k dps
    Mage average ~ 11.5k dps
    Tank average ~ 9k dps
    Ooze crawler average ~ 8.5k dps with heals ~ 180 hps on me
    Mythical pet average ~ 7.2k dps

    Mythical pet is horrible, it has about 1/2 the hp of the regular mage pet and abilities hits for about half as much. Has over 1200 more intel then regular mage, not that it does anything. Not sure they would ever be interested in fixing this pet since its non 100 content.

    I enjoy the new changes as back pre nerf during DoF and KoS expac it was fun to change up pets depending on situation.
  18. Mistral New Member

    The reuse of the new Elemental Toxicity is horrible, please look at it.

    If you think this spell is that powerfull it needs to be with a long recast, personnaly I would prefer it with less damage but with its reuse cut by 2. Keep in mind that to be effective, it is a very situational spell that needs lots of mobs. That with the huge reuse make this spell not that great. In that regard, I personnaly would prefer the illu/coercer spell : Blinding shock.
  19. Mistral New Member

    On a side note, I just saw that Tank pets have now a better appropriate size

    Thank you for that, it is nice to have such a pet by your side
    But as you know, Tank pet is not a pet often used (if ever, because its dps is lower that Scout pet and its survivability is not better. Against a mob solo in Phantom Sea I must heal him, it's not really a TANK pet... )

    So could this new size be applyed to our other pets please ?
  20. Yoube Active Member

    This would not be a very good idea considering that not all players are solo players and like to group/raid. I would feel like a complete jerk if I had this huge scout pet blocking everyone's view of the mob in a group instance just because someone wants a new size applied to other pets.
    Yes, I know shrink servant is in the game. Yes, I use it all the time but that doesn't mean it is fair to the other group/raid members for me to have this huge pet blocking their view of the target.

    Leave summoner pets the same size. If you want your pet to be significantly larger then use plane shift and have fun.
    Don't have plane shift then betray to conjuror. :p

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