Summoner Pet AI and Appearance UI Feedback

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Caith, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Annelee New Member

    Same here, my DPS slightly increased. ET's damage is ok, but the reuse is too long, should be lowered to around 45s. Also the range is too high imo, should be lowered to around 10-12m.
  2. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    The slight increase in DPS is most likely due to the pet sharing doublecast finally.. I'm still not impressed with the new ET, as others have stated the reuse is too long for the amount of damage it's now putting out and the duration needs to be shortened to accommodate for the DPS that was lost from the old ET
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  3. sycla Active Member

    The scout pet is dying a lot in the new rum cellar zones.Noticed aoes in event heroics killing scout pet a lot.
    Now that we are using scout for ST targets we can't stand at max unda range as blazing avatar has a shorter range. (Can't move due to those stand still for pot/cb jewellery)
    We need E.Tox to be on a shorter timer.If people are seeing some increase in dps it's probably due to the 20% reduction in spell timers for pets.
    we are not second class citizens though you insist on treating us as such.
    Wish a Dev could explain why we should be doing so much less in the dps dept as compared to classes who have more utility than summoners .
    There is no room for a t2 dps class without utility.
  4. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    My illy does way more dps than my necro lol.. it's sad but funny at the same time
  5. Shiba Active Member

    ahem :)
  6. Skulls Member

    I agree with everything from the posts above and hope devs can work out some of these kinks.
    1. Flash cast (there isn't anything flash or fast about it when making a new pet, saves a tiny amount of time) it's a bad mechanic, like everyone says. Flash cast itself does cast fast but then there's a delay after you use it, even though it says it's instant cast and has no recovery, after you cast flash cast you try to summon a pet and it delays, not sure why, I always have to cast or click the summon pet spell twice to get it to work. But again this is all just babysitting as I posted before this came live.
    To speed this up it does help to kill current pet first, then cast flash cast, then cast summon pet (ok I just cast and clicked 3 spells and put out no damage to switch the pet, dps nerf loss) again this is clunky and has no quality of life improvement.

    Reality is it takes about 3.5 to 4 seconds to make a new pet or switch pets using flash cast, all this coding when before this came live I could make a new pet or switch pets in 5 seconds? So all this clunkyness and time spend to save me 1 or 1.5 seconds? Like I posted before this came live, the reality is, it's just a SMALL NERF TO SUMMONER DPS.
    Drop flash cast and allow the summon pet spell, an instant or .25 sec cast timer, that's a real quality of life improvement!
    Change the flash cast to a good until cancelled group damage proc buff different for each summoner, necro causes disease and the conjy causes heat damage, AGAIN name them differently so two grouped summoners wont have there group proc negated because they don't stack. Or as I have suggested add a group damage proc to the necro unholy covenant and conjy elemental aspect spells (something like what the wizzy tyrants pact spell does) or the warlocks Miasma.

    2. Elemental Toxicity is ok, not as good as I was hoping, I'm still testing it in raid and heroics, but agree with others posts after reviewing whole zone ACT parses, it could use halving the recast timer. It doesn't really do enough damage considering its a class defining AA tree end line ability.

    3. Both the tank pet and the healer pet are Definitely better than they were, they are again fun to use and make the class fun to play again (so THANK YOU Devs). The tank pet health is really low though, its way less than the scout pets even, and the healer pet is still pretty useless. I believe it should be allowed to be used as having a second pet up along side our main pet, for either a temporary duration or full time with a second smaller pet window. (Sure remove the damage that the healer pet does just let it heal and ward, but make the healer pet immune to damage like an appearance pet) Last thing we want or need is more pet babysitting.
    Lastly this class is now much more like it was years ago, and is fun to play with having the tank and scout pets back. In closing I really wish you would remove the re-occurring power cost on the Conjuror Winds of Velious spell so I can have my Interrupt spell working as intended every 7 seconds. Right now it's a 40 second recast timer and too many mobs require being interrupted. Huge quality of life issue for conjuror class.
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  7. Twisty Well-Known Member

    I'm ashamed to say that I actually completely forgot to do the test i meant to with pet dps. Night before patch - just have mage pet auto-attack for 10+ minutes by itself. Then day of the patch no gear changes / nothing else, have scout & mage pets do 10+ minutes again. Now I have no first-hand data points to rely on. :(

    Post-patch I have consistently mage doing 3/4 dps of scout single target. And can't really find a reliable way to test mage's AE dmg because I can't seem to make a group of heroic dummies indestructible same way u can make single one. Any suggestions for AE dmg comparative testing?
  8. Mistral New Member

    The loss of Reanimate buff each time we switch pet is something to look at please.
    Considering the scout pet often dies (more than what I observed with mage pet by the past)
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  9. Vizion New Member

    From my own (raiding) observations, summoners have seen a slight dps increase and are competing just fine with rangers and wizards. I see those classes jostling for position on the parse all the time. Warlocks and assassins do seem to be a tier above everyone else though (warlocks because Focused Casting too strong, and assassins is a bit of a mix of things). Personally, I don't believe in boosting classes all the time to match whoever is top, but just fix what is making those top classes broken.
  10. Kaarkula Active Member

    No way/no how has summoner dps increased....
  11. Shesaz Active Member

    If nothing else, I want them to at least fix the range on ET. I can hardly ever use it because it just pulls adds.

    It also doesn't show up in maintained spells window like every other DOT does.
  12. Annelee New Member

    Yes, happened me too. Pulled adds or the named itself on raid tonight. Both the range and the reuse needs to be lowered to be useful.
  13. Skulls Member

    The Necromancers definitely got the better end of the new Elemental Toxicity spell due to the fact that they get two extra tics from their necromancer AA tree end line, that the conjuror doesn't have. In addition necromancers Secrets of Vazelle, epic buff increases DoT spells damage with each tic. The necromancer also got way better group buffs when using the scout pet, the conjurors are pretty weak in comparison. Elemental Toxicity does parse pretty well for my necro on overall zone wide heroic and raid parses, but is much weaker on the overall conjuror heroic and raid parse. For the conjuror the new Elemental Tox is not so exciting.

    1. Empower Servant does not work at all for either the necro or conjuror, it's broken and will need fixing.
    2. Some of the pet windows show the correct pet and some don't for example when on my conjuror hitting the pet tab when
    I have the mage pet up, shows the scout pet.
    3. Enhance Elemental Toxicity from the heroic tree is useless to put 10 points into it, you get very little from it, they really
    could have done much better with that.
    4. Scout pets to hit rate on it's melee attack is 45% to 50% not sure if that's intended but its pretty horrible.
    5. All pets show that they have 0% CC crit chance, in the stats window, they have crits so its working on the damage portion
    just doesn't show correctly in the stats window.
    6. Would really help if like the necromancer, the conjuror pets had a couple heals tied to their damage spells to heal
    themselves. Again they don't have to be group heals, like the necro pet has and they don't have to be huge self heals just
    enough here and there to keep them alive more. Yes I know the conjuror has stoneskins, but guess what the necro gets
    pet stoneskins also from there necromancer AA tree and you gave the necro scout pet a group stoneskin buff. If the necro
    now has more stoneskins, why can't the conjuror get some pet heals it's only fair.
  14. Dotuming Active Member

    I have held off commenting until I had a chance to test some things.

    First off the scout pet is dying mysteriously when it should not to AOES/Auto attack.
    The mage pet will wander off worse than before, and when i mean wander off....i mean like all the way to zone in(Highhold Raid Zone was the most noticeable although it did it in every raid zone.) Even when the stay command is given it will ignore it. It will cast a spell, move 20m, cast another spell, Move 20m etc until it is out of range. It did this before but not to this extent.
    The range on some of our abilities needs to be extended if using the scout pet whatsoever. If we have to joust for an AOE, then our big hitters will not work and the same will happen if the pet wanders too far away.

    Due to the issues with the scout pet, i have gone to just using the mage pet full time and deal with the wandering issue.

    As others have mentioned Etox's Radius should be reduced to no more than 12.5m and the recast shortened to at maximum 1 minute. As i feared, the damage is mediocre and the threat reduction is not enough.

    I would be more than happy to help test the raid zone wandering issue anytime to show what i mean.

    I have to be honest here.. I would rather just scrap the new AI and pets and just leave us with the Etox changes.
  15. Anunnaki Active Member

    ? Blazing Avatar has a 25m range.
  16. sycla Active Member

    Both spells have the same range but the scout pet tends to go out of range when standing at max distance.
    The new belts which you combine to get the ones with 2% increase to base damage in adv solo and the 4% base damage increase belt from heroics do not seem to apply to the pet spells.
    can someone confirm this i may be mistaken.
  17. Shesaz Active Member

    So, um, does Daybreak even plan on re-visiting any of these summoner issues? I'm just not sure why we're even pointing these things out. They haven't acknowledged that the problems exist, let alone that they plan on fixing them.

    Are we wasting our time by continuing to point out these issues? Are devs even reading this?
  18. Gawron Member

    I wrote about it above.This type of buffs from items do not work on summoned servants nor permanent.I gave examples with screenshots.
  19. Gawron Member

    Turns out even after all the edits Summoner remained inferior dps class.Both the gear,and buffs.
  20. Meshuggahx Member

    Not sure if anyone said it yet, but ET with pretty long casting time.. why the hell can it get resisted so often?!

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