Summoner Dumbfire Pets Duration Seems lacking

Discussion in 'Beta Bug Reports' started by Ashton, May 20, 2022.

  1. Ashton New Member

    Summoner dumbfire pet durations are all 6 seconds. Old wiki pages match with my memory of these spells lasting 45s (Blighted Horde / Aqueous Swarm) and 30 sec (Awaken Grave / Roaring Flames). Were these changed majorly at some point due to live functionality? The swarm pets are particularly useless with such a short duration.

    Photo of Lich just to make people aware...
  2. Revvix Active Member

    Confirmed that the dumbfires are pointless on TLE/beta. You're basically spending 200 power to deal 30% damage of a single auto attack. These short durations completely break these spells for both necros and conjs (Awaken Grave / Roaring Flames) & (Blighted Horde & Aqueous Swarm)
  3. Nata Member

    They're not great until you get the AA to extend duration.
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  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Dumbfires are not really worth casting on single target fights until EoF.

    Awaken Grave has some use for AoE pulls.
  5. Revvix Active Member

    Reducing the duration from 45 seconds to 6 will not be fixed by AAs :p The damage is very low, it's not like they hit x4 harder to make up for the smaller duration. The pets hit for like... 60 damage.. twice.. and then despawn lol.

    Always, I give up on necro for now. Too broken.
  6. Travail Member