[Suggestion] Make subtle subtle strikes instant cast/recast

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Dannni, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Dannni Active Member

    This would be an incredibly easy change and would go a little way to making tanking and off tanking that little bit easier and more appealing. The main reason I ask for this is I am off tanking in raids and it would make life that much nicer if I could instantly turn this off and on.
  2. Treiko Active Member

    I think your logic is the reason they made it have a recast in the first place (not saying your logic is bad). They didn't want tanks to bust out good DPS then instantly switch to tanking mode. My bet is that could be pretty game-changing/breaking if it could be done, and they want to avoid that.
  3. Dannni Active Member

    I understand your point but with the common knowledge that tanks are in short supply, these are the little changes that would not have a dramatic impact on gameplay but make playing and rolling a fighter more enjoyable and appealing.
  4. Treiko Active Member

    Fair enough. I know I don't tank but only because I prefer to enjoy what little play time I get. I hope they do something for you guys.
  5. Dannni Active Member

    Its not really a deal breaker for me. Its a relatively minor annoyance but at the same time would be nice if it was made instant cast and recast.