[Suggestion] Fable Kael Drakkel Contested zone resolve issue

Discussion in 'Zones and Populations' started by Julianxzz, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Julianxzz Member

    This is what I heard from Discord :
    Fabled Kael Drakkel: (Test current) zonelines at Outer Kael and Prophecy hub in Library
    1575 – T1 trash
    1625 – T1 named
    1750 – T2 trash
    1910 – T2 named & x2
    2395 – x4

    Why the mobs and nameds even raid boss have so big differences with resolve requires in a "Contested Zone"??

    This is also not a "Contested Raid Zone"

    It would make many players lose much fun due to this way....

    We will have 2 new raid instances. There is no reason and meanings that make different resolve requirements in a Contested Zone.

    I would suggest that the resolve requirement is 1910 or 1625 for all mobs, nameds even raid boss...
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The primary issue with lowering the resolve to below ethereal resolve would be the lowering of the rewards to that level. If the gear rewards are inferior to what the majority of people have the zone will get little or no use... effectively wasting the time developers spent on them.
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  3. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    Welp.. Kael's gotta last us until Decemberish, so between this and the eth coin grind, its whats available. Perhaps by now, the thought is players will have at least 3 eth armor pieces, with a full set of 90ish resolve gear from experts? /shrug

    Whatever the resolve is - lets hope that the loot table make sense: some greater frags, ess of chaos... master ascension spell pages / illeg scrolls..
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  4. girney Member

    another zone just for the elite players. thanks
  5. Sykle Active Member

    lol.... if it wasnt a mythic t4, guilds wouldnt even bother killing it. if you arent in raid gear dont try to do raid content other than t1. simple as that
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  6. semisus Well-Known Member

    Even if this place is to hard for you there are still the adornments you can get from the vendor for some status and currency
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  7. girney Member

    is there a new vendor or is it the one in sundered?
  8. semisus Well-Known Member

    In fabled kael at the hypogeum theres a merchant behind a hidden door which sells adornments and theres a quest giver as well

    Now to get to this area might be tricky but i would ask in zone if theres someone there u can call to
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  9. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    The adornments are super nice and I love revisiting Kael!

    That being said, I'd like to see the drops from Names at least T2 level (95 resolve), given the HP they have. The Names currently take more time than a T2 Expert, but are dropping only 90 Resolve stuff.
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  10. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    An illustration of that is Castle Mischief. Run it one time and forget about it, haha.
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  11. Denon Active Member

    I took a break from playing and was excited to hear about Fabled Kael so I came back to try to find a group and check it out...
    But I am way to far behind the RESOLVE curve at 1692 for anyone to want me in their Kael group...

    I already did all the solo content over and over, did the T1, T2 over and over .... don't raid and was hoping for something new.
    But - guess that wont work out - so back to taking a break from EQ2.
  12. Prox Well-Known Member

    I have never understood why people want these zones to be easy. Build a group , go kill the mobs. The zone is only as fun as you make it . Sometimes I think the forums are just a haven for people to complain . I left the game for 3 years. Came back to need to completely relearn the game. I enjoyed the challenge, I have played since 2004. Have never wanted it to be easy to play, I play EQ2 for the challenge .
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  13. Denon Active Member

    I agree about making it challenging, but a resolve check does not necessarily make it more challenging. It more so prevents people from being able to do anything at all unless they have gear for the resolve check.

    With 1692 resolve, against a 1910 resolve named, your not 'challenged' ... your useless.
    I would love some new challenging content also...

    I would much rather have seen them release a normal contested fabled heroic Kael with all the same challenges, all the same content, just lower resolve so the far more casual players can attempt to enjoy the new content ... Just lower rewards that are in scale with the resolve..

    Then have an 'Expert' version of Kael Contested with these type of resolve restrictions for the people with this type of resolve and then they would get the better rewards that we currently have in the zone.

    Not sure how a request like this is interpreted as 'wanting these zones to be easy' ?
  14. Sykle Active Member

    The real crux of the issue at hand is resolve. Why it was introduced into the game I will never know, but it has been the focal point for the majority of complaints from all walks of life. I urge the developers to completely reconsider this stat, as it should not be necessary provided we balance content and gear around the stats that matter, like damage, health, player ability, and class mechanics.
    A 2nd argument for resolve is that it is necessary to provide a sense of accomplishment from expansion to expansion. But this is already accomplished by the other stats on an item, and again seems a redundant mechanic that only serves to exclude the player base from content that they have no reason being excluded from.
    A 3rd argument for resolve that i assume is what the developers were thinking is that it makes the expansion feel like it has more content because of the time it takes to farm the gear necessary for each tier of raiding. But we have more raid content now (30+ Raid Nameds for each of normal and mythic) than we every did in Altar of Malice, or Temple of Veeshan, or Rise of Kunark (where they had 35-40 total). All of those expansions took a long time to clear for the majority of guilds, and none of them had resolve. They simply had raid content that was balanced around the abilities we had, the strats on the mob, and the improving stats on the gear. I feel that it would take an equal amount of time and resources to build an expansion without resolve, than it would with resolve.
    Tier 4 raids should not be able to be cleared by someone in only heroic items, but make the mechanic behind this something other than resolve. Please. It was not needed at any point in a span of 12 years, from Launch in 2004, to Terrors of Thalumbra, when it was released, and should not be necessary now.
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  15. AvenElonis Active Member

    Well have done the 25 quests for the Weekly and now 100 giants on top of that ?? And I being told that the "box" from the weekly is not really different from the 25 rewards I have gotten so far. If stands as correct when I finish, I doubt I will brother with the zone after this. All the names seem to drop only 90 Resolve gear and take far longer to kill then they should.

    I like the zone and all - but way too much work for what it offers.
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  16. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Just the same mount bits as reward for the weekly :(
  17. AvenElonis Active Member

    Yup as I found out this morning. The 2mil status items and being able to planar level the new mount pieces is nice, but I am not going to really "try" to get the weekly quest done again.
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  18. AvenElonis Active Member

    Well they took out the 2mil status thingys (moved to weekly) - no point to wasting time in the zone now really. Too much work and time for too little reward.
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  19. Hiza Well-Known Member

    Having a resolve check is just going to be part of the game going forward. Ever since it was introduced, it is a way that the Dev's can try and throttle the speed teams blast through content. Anyone that has been running the ethereal should be close to a decent resolve by now.

    While it has been nice to revisit Kael as it brings fond memories, the mechanics on these encounters is for the birds. I like a challenge as well, and as it was said above, the rewards we are getting for the time involved in doing the quests makes this worthless to even bother with.

    Sadly when we inspect the names, their health isn't even high, but between the 200+ Double cast requirement and 80k+ mitigation (which is higher than the T4 Myth Raid names in CD) the names have, some groups are just spinning their wheels gnawing on these mobs getting no where. I can see their frustration. Lets bring a reality check to these stats and bring them in line with the heroic expert stats for the heroic mobs, raid stats for the raid mobs. We know we are stuck in here farming yet again for frivolous mount upgrades but at least make it not a mind numbing grind, and at least playable by the non raiders.
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  20. Priority Active Member

    I guess I don't get this statement. Are you saying that a player who only solos doesnt have a zone progression for content that could challenge and reward them? Say, like heroics? Of course content for the players that have cleared everything makes sense, unless you want all those players to stop playing their alts, cancel subs, and wait for the next xpac....

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