success vs critical success?

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    what's the difference and what's better? I got 2 types of barding (one that gives Success, the other gives Critical success) to equip but don't know which one to max out on

    also what's the diff. between increasing something by X vs increase by X%?
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  2. Daryx Well-Known Member

    Increasing by X means a set number as opposed to a percent. So if you make 200 progress on a tick, increasing by 10 makes it 210 and increasing by 10% makes it 220 after the adjustment is made.

    Personally, I have not noticed a huge difference between critical success vs success but it seems to relate to how much progress/durability bonus you might get. It seems like I see a larger amount of those after a critical vs a regular. However, most of the time the difference isn't going to make or break the combine unless you are missing a lot of events.
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    then doesn't that makes them redundant? if so, i should just go all out on critical success chance bardings
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    I could be wrong, but I always thought that a critical success has a chance to trigger events like insight, flawless, favor of innovation, and during the holidays, might pop an item into the bag. This is detailed here:

    Think of it as something like a weapon where the weapon does x amount of damage, but if the strike is critical, it will do more damage and may apply a special effect, such as poison, heal, drain, etc.

    So, the success rate would be raising the success with each combine at a predictable rate, whereas, a critical success is at the mercy of the RNG, is unpredictable, but the frequency may be better than average. Of course, there are alternate advancement points to help with all of this, along with potions awarded by the TS apprentices.
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