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  1. Eltee Member

    Subtle Strikes is given to tanks. surely it would make more sense to give this atm unnecessary spell (holding aggro is hard enough) to all classes BUT! the tank..I'll probably be shot down for this comment, but it just seems to make sense. A no brainer i'd say? toggle on toggle off, easy!
  2. The_Real_Wurm Active Member

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  3. Eltee Member

    I think most of us know what Subtle Strikes was intended for, but thanks for that. Maybe I should have said a new spell called, umm I don't know, something like|The spell for idiots who don't know how to negative adorn| (or similar)
  4. The_Real_Wurm Active Member

    So you want the "dps_as_much_as_I_want_and_not_get_agro!" spell.

    Sorry that's not going to happen.

    This game is simple enough as is.

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  5. Eltee Member

  6. Conifur Well-Known Member

    Seems you might not actually know what it was for. This is not negative adorn issue, but thanks.
  7. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    Subtle Strikes for tanks is also very important for fights that require tank switches, like the Rah'shir fight. lets you help get that aggro down and keep it down, until it's time for you to snap it back. in essence Subtle Strikes is the only form of tank deaggro they get for those kind of situations.
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  8. Eltee Member

    So answer me this. What is the point of asking for tanks when lfg, if said tank can't hold aggro anyway and the group wipes,
    Because you are so dps orientated? If you had something like subtle strikes (ok maybe the wrong choice of example, but you know exactly! what I mean) it would give a tank a chance to hold and you could still DPS your little heads off.

    Yeah! thanks for that. Very constructive. Don't post if you have nothing to say. Thanks! (now ignored)

    There is no point in playing a tank now, so if that's your preferred class you might as well go play snakes n ladders huh? It's just a blame game where tanks have no chance to win. By win I mean actually not get the blame for wipes because of selfish DPS classes, rant over, waits for dps crying now
  9. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Subtle strikes does not prevent a tank from getting aggro.. it is mostly a massive boost to negative hate to make up for the positive hate they generally carry.
    Since negative hate gain does nothing after -50%, how, exactly, would it help for dps to have a 'stance' that gives them -150% hate reduction? Especially if they're having aggro issues and should be as close to -50% as they can get anyway?

    On a side note, very few groups I've been in blame the TANK for the wipe if the dps pulls aggro and a wipe ensues. Also, if there is 'no point' to playing a tank, why is it that expert runs seem to be mostly limited by the number of available/capable tanks?
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  10. Snikkety Well-Known Member

    To be fair, a good DPS in mit gear can tank experts. I often run with 5 DPS and a Warden
  11. The_Real_Wurm Active Member

    Of course they can Snikkety. I've been able to three man a few of the easier experts (warden, ranger and me).

    Once they obtain a certain level of gear, skilled players can do a lot of things people with lesser gear and or skill cannot.

    They game would be very boring if you couldn't.
  12. The_Real_Wurm Active Member

    I answered that in my very first reply, it is up to the dps to make sure they don't take agro. Or if they do, help the tank to take it back.

    Tanks are not the only ones who have agro/threat/hate meters...

    *edit* And I can't remember that last time one of my groups wiped due to one of the dps dying, we usually laugh at them, battle rezz them and finish the fight.

    In fact the only heroic named I can think of, that if anyone dies, almost becomes impossible to kill... that's the water golem in fabled Nazira.
  13. Leonitas Active Member

    When dps are putting out 1billion or more, they're bound to pull agro at times. Tanks gotta put up some pretty big numbers themselves to hope to keep agro. Dps that don't manage threat...then die...then rage....priceless. :)
  14. Earar Well-Known Member

    lots of DPS are proud to rip agro from tank

    now .. they don't always stay alive long but if they manage to stay alive, they get a bit reckless :)

    and DPS have troubs dehate, coercer's dehate, white adorns, so usually can have more than -50% hate mod in group .. but still rip agro when u see the amount of damage some can do ... and usually they don't wait for tank to secure threat anymore :)
  15. Mermut Well-Known Member

    I'm a mean healer.. if a dps in my group repeatedly pulls aggro.. or does it on purpose/is proud of it.. I LET them die. I even had a mage who kept lighting off early and dieing on pull.. after the 3rd time in a row, I didn't rez him until the fight was over. He stopped :p
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  16. The_Real_Wurm Active Member

    I had the highest dps in my regular group until we all got our 2.0s made it really easy to keep agro. Now I'm usually 2nd or 3rd on the parse except for AOE fights and or the rare times Celestial Gate procs right when its most needed.
  17. The_Real_Wurm Active Member

    Only those DPS that most of the rest of us consider uninformed idiots.

    All the good DPS players I know try their hardest not to rip agro, and all of the good DPS players I know are very quick to give it back if they do.

    Then again I don't pug...

    *edit* In fact most of the time the thing I have to worry about the most is healer agro... that's the biggest PITA for most tanks.
  18. Earar Well-Known Member

    well not always ... some are really well geared .. and can tank expert groups .. so they usually manage to stay alive with the goup heals.

    and then .. I don't know u .. but I have 3 correctly geared toon .. a heal a tank and an illu ... and when I switch class I forget what I hate others do :D

    I cast implosion on pull on my illu when I hate DPS to do that too early (coz I know if I don't cast it early someone will and my mob will be dead and I would have wasted precious seconds lol) .. When I heal I hate to see the tank body pull and I die coz I prehealed him ... or when he runs ahead and dies coz I wasn't close enough to heal him ... but when I tank I run ahead (and sometimes without temps up) and if I have time to cast temps .. cast survive .. otherwise I sometimes splash on the ground ^^.

    and sometimes you're an ******* and just want to rip agro ... to see if u can :p

    there's no good or bad players, but sometimes u just want to know just up to where u can go :) and see if u can tank a bit :D
  19. The_Real_Wurm Active Member

    There certainly are good and bad players lol

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