In Progress Subquest 'Besought Baubles' for main quest 'Beauty's Only Skin Deep' not available

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  1. Lhuthios New Member

    Category: Content
    SubCategory: Quest Related
    Severity: Affects gameplay
    Frequency: Always Happens

    Zone: Heirs of the Phoenix's Guild Hall
    Location: -5.57, -11.66, 65.30
    Character: Level 100 Warlock

    Summary: Subquest Besought Baubles unavailable
    Description: Zone:
    Tower of Frozen Shadows: Shadowed Corridors
    3rd Floor (Barracks)
    NPC: a yearning zombie butler

    I am on the quest 'Beauty's Only Skin Deep'.
    I already have the scrolls from the 1st floor and the 2nd floor.
    I cannot receive the subquest 'Besought Baubles' from 'a yearning zombie butler', or any of the 'a yearning ...'

    In 2012, I already finished 'Besought Baubles' once, probably while being on 'Beauty's Only Skin Deep'. Since I then couldn't progress further, I probably deleted 'Beauty's Only Skin Deep' back then.
    Now, I am able to finish it and am stuck at this step.
    I already tried to hail all of the 'a yearning ...' NPC's, I tried a fresh instance after that, to no avail.
    I /petition'd and had a GM respond, who gave me the Scroll (reward from 'Besought Baubles'), which unfortunatley did not update the step in 'Beauty's Only Skin Deep'.

    I would think that either the pre-requisite check for the NPC's to give out the quest is broken or incomplete, or my character has the quest flags incorrectly set somehow.

    I'd really like to proceed further, either by doing the quest if it can be fixed, or, if that isn't feasible, by just deleting the completed 'Besought Baubles' from my journal.
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  2. Kaitheel Developer

    You encountered a few issues, Lhuthios, which I was able to confirm.

    First, the GM provided the item needed for the quest to update, but the quest required you to be in the correct Tower of Frozen Shadow zone in order to recognize the item, but you weren't in that zone when they gave it to you. (That's why it didn't work!) So I'll be fixing it, so the quest doesn't require you to be in that specific zone to get this update.

    But even that problem could have been avoided if there was a way to get your update in game, without the assistance of customer service. Which brings me to the second change I will be making:
    Players who are on Beauty's Only Skin Deep but have already completed "Besought Baubles" and deleted their "Sealed Bloodstained Scroll" will be able to return to any of the "yearning" quest givers to receive another "Sealed Bloodstained Scroll".

    These changes will be submitted for a future update. Keep an eye out for them to be listed in the update notes!

    ~ Kaitheel
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