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  1. ARCHIVED-TsTech Guest

    What benifit exactly does + Subjugation give to a necromancer?
  2. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Less resists on subjugation based spells, and Undead Charm is less likely to break early.
  3. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    Xalmat wrote:
    Exactly, all your control-type spells like your root, stun, fear, etc will have a higer chance of landing.
  4. ARCHIVED-Daelim Guest

    Poltergeist@Nagafen wrote:
    As it is right now at level 80 if I stare to hard at a mob I have rooted the root breaks and I get clobbered because my master tank pet can't hold agro to save my life... My Myth pet can hold agro ok, unfortunately she can't take a hit quite like the tank can. I'll try putting on some Subj gear and see if that helps...
    If the Subj gear fails I'll log on my Illy and easily solo everything my Necro can't... /sigh
  5. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    The reason you're having problems with root breaking isn't your Subjugation, it's because you're a Necro. Root, at least every root I've seen in EQ2, has a line that reads something like " . . . has a X% chance of dispelling when target takes damage . . . "
    That's your problem. Everything a Necro does is a DoT, and some of them tick extremely fast. Every single tick is a chance for that root to break. Stack on three of four DoT's of your own, plus your pet hitting it and perhaps even DoT'ing it, it's totally unsurprising that your root breaks early.
  6. ARCHIVED-Xalmat Guest

    Banditman wrote:
  7. ARCHIVED-Mosha D'Khan Guest

    Banditman wrote:
    problem with this statement is is it a 5% chance on hostile spell and 5% when they recieve damage. so 1 out or 20 spells cast on it will break the root. and 1 out of 20 times he takes damage it will break. but that 5% is not really 5%. it is more like 25%. i have never had a root last more than 2 or 3 sec once i start casting which is wrong and the 5% chance needs to be what is says 5%.
    SoE has done this with multiple this that have a X% to do some effeck. and they need to fixe it to say and do the real % chance the effect is (aka damage shields, roots, procs, ect)
  8. ARCHIVED-Daelim Guest

    Mosha DKhan wrote:
    Not exactly... Chains of Torment VI (expert) Roots the target with a 15% chance to dispel when the target takes damage and applies chains of torment on termination. Chains of torment slows the target by 31% and makes the target afraid with a 30% chance to dispel when the target takes damage.

    Soulrot VIII (Expert) inflicts 702-857 disease damage on target and ticks for 180-243 disease damage ever 0.3 seconds for 1.5 seconds with my AA build.

    I have my /pet attack macroed into soulrot so whatever mob I cast soulrot on, my pet attacks at the same time. If I open with a root then cast soulrot in the first 2-3 seconds of the fight the mob is getting the initial hit from soulrot plus 5 ticks from the dot plus whatever my pet casts plus whatever other spells I get off in that time plus any procs from my gear triggered by those spells being cast. With a 15% chance to break on any damage its no wonder Necro roots only hold a split second. Chalk it up to another broken spell...

    I wonder if the real problem is that they wanted to do to much with the Necro class originally and just couldn't figure out how to make it work without overpowering us so they gave up. Example: Originally Bloodcloud was a blue AOE group lifetap DoT. It was supposed to tick three times doing un-encounter locked damage and lifetap health back to the entire group on each tick. Upon initial release of the game the spell didn't work. It hit one time and lifetaped health back to the caster only. Rather then fixing the spell they just changed the spell discription to what it is today.
  9. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    Except for "Charm Undead" +subj. is almost useless for a necro. It helps very little for soloing with "Tainted Heal" (at least not enough to swap lesser gears with +subj, except maybe if you wear some odd items with -subj.)
    OTOH you need tons of +subj. (50+ at least) to make "Charm Undead" reliable on anything near your level.

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