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    I made level 25 before I started thinking about doing any tradeskilling but now I've decided to give it a try. I kept everything that I harvested while I was leveling and I've got a bank full of harvested items. I started on the tradeskill beginners quest and I can't continue because I don't have any Raw Elm that the recipe is asking for. I've gone out and tried to harvest more but no matter where or what I harvest I can't seem to come up with any raw elm. I also can't find any raw elm for sale anywhere. Any tips on where to get some raw elm?
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    Its "Severed Elm" that you need to look for. I always forget that when I make new crafters :)
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    Thanks, that's really aggravating. I probably have had it all along.
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    il could be a mispelling and you should search for elm lumber or something like that (the "raw" part is dating back from years ago). So you're searching for the common T1 wood that you'll find in any T1 zones (forest ruins, sunken city, darklight wood near neriak, outside gorowyn, starting zone near halas, nursery in Faydark for exemple)

    EDIT : Malki was faster, it's indeed "severed elm"
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    pulpfishin wrote:
    by the way, for future reference, any time you are stuck on a tradeskilling question, try out ... it is the go to place for all things tradeskill.
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    Aurorrae@Unrest wrote:
    Oh? Funny. The only thing I've ever found useful at has been the forums. The main site just isn't updated regularly except for sneak peaks at upcomming content. Then again, I haven't been to that site in a year.
    Usually asking a question here gets you an answer in hours with current information. Sometimes fossiles such as myself throw in useless trivia on how it use to be.
    Like the word "raw" being used because there use to be harvest drops from mobs. I think the gnolls in Splitpaw actually still drop items that can be used in recipes. The mob drops didn't have the same names as harvested items. For instance you could get a "broken cedar bannistar" from Lord Everling a long time ago. The item could be used in any recipe that calls for "raw cedar". The different naming conventions lead to a lot of confusion. When crafting was revamped early in the game, harvest rates were altered and all of these odd items were replaced with the standard harvest on the loot table. Though, some of these "standard" harvests had stacking issues with other harvests of the same name. I believe this was cleared up later. This happened at the same time that all rare items for a tier were given a single name. Rare pelts use to be named for a creature that was common in each zone, so t5 had 5 different rare pelts. When the name consolidation was made, the 5 different pelts were considered different items even though they were all named augmented pelt. They wouldn't stack.
    Ok, enough about crafting raws trivia.
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    somewhere around here there is a spreadsheet with all the harvesting raws broken down by tier and includes the rares as well. I've got a copy of the older one that doesn't include the new stuff from SF but has everything else. If you can track it down, its a nice list of crafting raw materials to have.
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    If you are a harvester and/or crafter these are 2 must have sites:
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    A couple of short & simple tips:
    If you're stuck at 9 or 19, it's because you need to talk to the tradekill coordinator/trainer.
    Mastercrafted gear is pretty much on a par with Legendary gear. Don't accidentally sell it to the vendor; broker if not using.
    Some rares will sell for dirt cheap, or relatively so. Check the broker every now & then for them against what the finished products sell for. If you're kind of new to the game, it can be a good way to get some coin while levelling up.
    You only get a bonus for first-time completion of an item one time (the first time, duh). I find it usefull to go through and make all of that level's common material (Handcrafted) versions once to get the bonus before doing writs. When the recipes are blue, they're worth less XP; likewise with green.
    Advanced Recipe books are, for the most part, are available on the broker for cheap. They drop from mobs. Some are more uncommon, or rare, and will go for plat even at lower end tiers, so ... Domino added a quest once per tier. The payout is one book, that tier, for free. Don't click the wrong reward. ;)

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